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Curt is Chicago native - but don't hold that against him. After stops in Madison and California, he moved to Waukesha in 2004 to open a downtown business.

Just as Expected

Are you really listening, or are you just waiting for your turn to talk?

-Robert Montgomery

Monday night’s License and Ordinance meeting went just as expected. While the typical L&O meeting consists of a few nervous bartenders looking to get licensed and maybe a crowd of one or two people, it was standing room only at city hall.

And even though the chairman of the committee kindly reminded everyone that the discussion of the ordinance was to remain on the topic of street closures in the city of Waukesha and not about the future of a certain “Friday Night Live” event in our downtown, his words fell on deaf ears.

I would estimate that 80 percent of those who spoke either didn’t listen or didn’t care.

The discussion was all about FNL and it confuses me why so many people seemed to simply miss the boat last night.

The City of Waukesha has a population of almost 70,000 people and encompasses just short of 22 square miles.

It isn’t just the “downtown”.

But even though they were politely reminded, many of those who spoke last night were only concerned about a certain 3 block stretch of our fair city. Some almost wept in frustration, others wore buttons that said “Save Friday Night Live”, and still others shouted from the crowd, clapped and cheered, like it was some sort of pep rally.

I was most disappointed when I saw a few of our downtown business leaders stand in front of the microphone and make accusations of secret meetings to shut down FNL and covert plans to undermine the event.

That’s about the time I tuned out. Intelligent conversation had left the building.

I will say that it was great to see some old friends and acquaintances at Monday's meeting that I have lost touch with over the years. So all in all, the night wasn’t a complete loss. And there were a few people who stood up and made great points- both pro and con- regarding the ordinance.

Narrow minds have thrusted us into the mess we have regarding street closures. I feel some folks downtown truly need a reality check.

Whether you want to close Prospect Avenue for a block party or Bluemound Road for street race, certain protocol regarding set up, restrooms, security, and clean up, should be followed across the board. That’s simply how things are done in a city.

And to think I missed a new episode of “Pawn Stars” last night to go to that meeting. I really need to get a DVR. Or a life.

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