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they made the right call

Freeman, 1) sound of music, 8) my favorite things, Friday Night Live, Spring City Grass

It's pretty much been left to the discretion of Waukesha Police whether to close Main Street, Clinton, South, Broadway, etc. for live music in Waukesha. The weather was nice for the first Freeman Friday Night Live of the year and music lovers came. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, didn't appear to be any trouble. What I noticed most were the families with small children. I'm having a hard time picturing as many baby strollers and toddlers if they would've had to negotiate crowded sidewalks. 

It's not the first time Downtown streets were closed to vehicles, so once again it felt very relaxing to be able to walk without worry down the middle of the Main Street. There's several sides to the road closure issue. My perspective wouldn't be the same as if I lived or worked downtown but I think, at least this one time, that street closures were by far the best thing to do. This well-advertised opening night of the series, eight stages of live entertainment, with weather that couldn't be beat, introduced a lot of new people to the great downtown we have.

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Found: Weapons of Mass Distraction

Race for the Cure, helping

I got up early Saturday to drive to Madison for theSusan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I was to set up the RE/MAX cold air inflatable, a little advertising for a national sponsor of the race. As long as I drove all that way and had to be there I might as well volunteer my time... and get the free volunteer t-shirt.

After setting up the inflatable I bounced from job to job; first helping with shuttle buses, then photographers, setting up chairs, and finally just taking down banners.

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Les Google More Fun

Les is more, 1) sound of music

What a great way to celebrate Les Paul's 96th birthday! Today only you can play electric guitar with your mouse on Google's homepage. Record and play it back. It's pretty amusing. I think Les would like what I recorded for him.

graduation day

1) sound of music, 7) I simply remember, 8) my favorite things, YouTube, Waukesha North

I'd like to congratulate all high school seniors graduating this spring; great job! Congratulations to our youngest, Nick, as he graduates Waukesha North in just a few hours, and to all his North forever friends and special friend from Pewaukee High, Emily.

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old man's pride

8) my favorite things, 1) sound of music, Waukesha North, YouTube

I had 112 decibels of pride for my son's graduation. Sorry if you temporarily lost your hearing.

Nick's graduation meant more to me than you'll ever know. Had to have air horns to celebrate when they announced his name, but they were sold out at Walmart. I asked three sales associates for help; one even called around to another store. Fortunately, the associate referred me to the boating place across the street where I was able to purchase a couple of the biggest, loudest horns in Waukesha. 

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If You Love to Read, get rid of your TV

UWW, festival, 1) sound of music

Thrilled to see Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books return for a second year at UW-Waukesha. This free event was a huge success last year and I loved it. As before there's a huge variety of authors to meet and listen to, food, music, exhibits...

A special added feature this year allows you to send your old televisions away for good. Electronics will be collected for recycling this Saturday 10:00 to 2:00 in Parking Lot 6 at UWW. 

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The Answer My Friend Is Bloggin' In The Wind

full of hot air, 8) my favorite things, 7) I simply remember

The last five years of Bloggin' the Walk has been fairly therapeutic for me.  Five years ago my weekend Journal Sentinel delivery job ended. As an independent contractor I loved the freedom, responsibility and challenge. I enjoyed the physical part of the job, meeting people at the Waukesha stores I delivered to, being outdoors in all kinds of weather, pressure of delivering on deadline, being the first to read the headlines, the nightime quiet, moon, stars, planets...

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remembering Dad

Father's Day 2005 also fell on the 19th. Gone six years now, Dad didn't quite make it. He passed the Thursday before.

It happened rather sudden. I wasn't prepared or ready to say goodbye. If I'd known then...

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veto vetoed


The mayor's water negotiation team veto was overturned at last night's council meeting. It was 9:00 by the time the last of the public commenters was heard and I was tired, so I didn't see the veto vote.

The Freeman and Waukesha Patch reported it pretty well, but one question remained.  If two-thirds of the fifteen alderpersons are needed to override a veto why wouldn't one of them show up to vote? Which alderman wasn't present? I found Laurel Walker's article a little more complete.

Festival of Books

UWW, festival

Before leaving for the Southeast WI Festival of Books last Saturday I loaded the Toyota to overflowing with old TVs, a radio, printer, computer and a couple monitors. (I wish people would quit leaving things here.) The free electronics recycling event at UWW coinciding with the book festival was very popular and at times there were lines of cars. Thank you to everyone helping and volunteering on this. Apologies and thanks to Barbara Reinhart who was there helping out, but who's photo in today's printed version of WaukeshaNOW was miscaptioned. 

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Snapshots . . .

. . . from a picture perfect weekend.

 Good times were rolling, along with the good weather, in Downtown Waukesha for the year's fourth installment of Freeman Friday Night Live. Spring City Grass was jammin' 'till nearly 9:00 with crowd favorites such as Orange Blossom Special. Guest vocalist Cheryl Knutson concluded the evening's wonderful performance with a lively tune.

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Oh sheet

You know those blue sheets they used to include in your license renewal to let you know your car is due for emissions and the hours? They don't do those any more.

I've had the notice for two months and waited until the last minute to send in payment. It's due tomorrow. Oh, the Toyota has to be tested this year? I didn't think they still tested 13 year old cars.

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