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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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good and not so good

It's been about 3 weeks. I've been busy and distracted. Didn't feel like blogging when anything I would write about the Waukesha area would pale in comparison to news coming from the state, nation and world. There's been a lot happening and I've been busy just trying to keep up. I would've liked to travel to Madison to get caught up for a few minutes in all the history in the making. I wasn't thrilled with the way things went down, but who am I? I didn't even vote!

We finally got some health insurance here after being uninsured since October. It took many months of paperwork, unanswered calls and unreturned messages, but we're happy we finally got something. We'll need it for just a few short months. We'll leave BadgerCare either when our youngest turns 19, when I find a different job offering family coverage, or when Governor Walker gets his hands on it.

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going stir crazy

1) sound of music, 2) raindrops on roses, 3) whiskers on kittens, 4) when the dog bites, 5) when the bee stings, 6) when I'm feeling sad, 7) I simply remember, 8) my favorite things, bailey

Was invited to try a new restaurant last night for a friend's birthday. Stir Crazy is an Asian restaurant bordering Brookfield Square on the north at Bluemound. Had a bit of a wait due to the time of day and them not taking reservations, though twas a good time to meet the folks and friends. For my selection I chose the Market Bar. Market Bar is like a salad bar for the wok. You first order a protein and select rice or noodles at the table and receive two bowls. You fill one of the bowls with vegetables, legumes and fruit and the other with sauce. Hand the bowls to a wok chef and they cook it up with the protein right in front of you while you wait. I had shrimp, garlic ginger sauce and brown rice and my wok was delicious and filling without being too hot or spicy. I didn't do anything for St. Pat's day, so I washed it all down with a couple bottles of Guinness. 

The fun thing for me was seeing these guys go to work a few inches away from propane burners similar to a hot air balloon's. People informed me that on occasion, when no one is waiting in line, they'll hit the gong, turn down the lights and turn up the burners. I would've loved to see it. I imagine it's similar to hot air ballooning night glows where they sometimes fire in sequence or on cue. I wonder if they can add more oxygen to the flame to make it glow brighter like the pilots can?

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What's Jay Walt Up To?

It'll be interesting to see Jay's next WaukeshaNOW blog post. I've noticed he's all over the news lately as the main person involved inincorporating the Town of Brookfield into a village. It looks like a sound plan. He's interested in maintaining the feel of the Town of Brookfield and didn't want to risk the Cities of Brookfield or Waukesha annexing it now that Von Maur and the huge tax base a new shopping mall in the area of the old Marcus Westpoint and old Menards will bring with it. More than four square miles is needed so a portion of the Town of Waukesha would be added to the village.

It looks good on paper and I wish him luck. Not everyone is on board and a lot of hoops have to be jumped through. It'll be interesting to see how this develops.

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a day to look forward to

Today's the day, and I'm not talking opening of baseball season. 50 years ago Mom went into labor to bring me into this world. I still have the utmost respect for her. I've learned a lot. Been through much.

How will I be celebrating? I'll be working 9 hours doing a job I enjoy with people I like who like me at a good place right here close to home in Waukesha. After work I will be donating blood at the St. William's Blood Drive because there is little I'd rather do to celebrate than to help others. I have a St. Vincent home visit to help people after the donation.

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