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Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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Not much going on to celebrate the Cinco-Sesqui, it's the 150th anniversary of the Mexican Army conquering French in the Battle of Puebla 5/5/1862, but lots going on here anyway.

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you work 16 hours, what do you get?


Put in sixteen hours at the polls yesterday helping make sure your vote counted. If you'd been an observer at District 8 polls in the City of Waukesha yesterday you would've seen 13 hours of smooth and trouble-free operation by six of Waukesha's most dedicated poll workers book-ended by strange incidents at the 7:00 a.m. opening and 8:00 p.m. close.

One of our first voters in the morning had an overvoted ballot that for some reason wouldn't spit back out, but would get stuck in the machine. We had to open up the ballot box twice to free the ballot all while people late for work stood waiting to use the machine.

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GuitarTown details


Spread the word.  Two and a half weeks to go.

Should be learning soon locations for the 10 foot guitar sculptures. Seven of them are being delivered this week to the body shop for clear coating.

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Tom Noll says goodbye

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I tagged along for the ride as Waukesha artist Tom Noll said goodbye to the baby he has fed and nurtured these last several months. "The Founder" has kept him awake many late nights, but it was time to turn him loose and trust you've raised him right.

I was very fortunate to have met Mike K. at Tom's. He let me shoot video from his back seat and kept me safe. A dozen or more loud Harleys paraded around Waukesha before delivering the sculpture to Marshall Auto Body for clear coating. The weather was perfect cycling weather, but broke while we were at Marshall's looking at the four other sculptures. As you know it poured rain and wind last night, so we were fortunate to have made it just in time.

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10' from action

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Thanks to Toyota, was able to squeeze into the nearest spot to Waukesha Civic Theater's rear entrance when the rest of parking lot was filled. Thanks to front row seats was literally ten feet from the action, and with Miss Saigon there is a lot of action.

With only four shows remaining, your chances are dwindling to attend quite possibly the best musical you'll ever see. I was blown away. I knew a little about it, just what I recently read, but nothing prepared me for the spectacle. You can't get this kind of action at the movies.

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Waukesha Historic Preservation Weekend

Even though it could've been advertised a little better, I felt that last weekend's historic homes and springs open houses were well-attended. It's been upwards of five years since the last Historic Weekend, so I jumped at the chance to tour a few restored homes and buildings around Waukesha and maybe learn more about our history.

Two full pages of events and open houses spread over two days offered me the chance to see for the first time 100+ year old homes, buildings and springs. It's obvious that hosting Historic Preservation Events like this one generates interest and appreciation in the community.

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Les than a week away

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GuitarTown unveiling is this week. I'm still encountering lots of Waukesha citizens who know nothing, or next to nothing, about it even though it's been in the news for months. There's probably not too much that can be done about that now, if they don't follow Waukesha news... Maybe they'll see the sculptures around Downtown in the coming months, but it does reinforce my belief that at least one of the ten foot guitars should be placed closer to one of the main roads bypassing downtown, North Street or St. Paul, to draw interest and for more visibility.

I started blogging on WaukeshaNOW six years ago in June 2006. A year and a half of my first posts were deleted quite some time ago when the blogging platform had changes. This week, to anticipate the GuitarTown unveiling, I'll be reposting three of those lost posts and two additional - all related to Les Paul.

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It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to - original posting date of April 4, 2007

Les is more

The hinted at May concert by Les Paul is now finalized and I'm so sad.  I would love to attend the May 10th concert at Milwaukee Marriott West but I won't be able to spare $300.00 for a ticket.  I'm trying to come up with ideas to get in the door but so far all I've got is begging, volunteering, or dressing up like a young Les and winning the look-alike contest to meet him.  I'm open to suggestions, donations or invitations.

The concert is a major fundraiser for the Les Paul exhibit at the Waukesha County Museum, "The Les Paul Experience."  Ticket information is available at

I was this close to meeting Les Paul - original posting date April 21, 2007

Les is more

As mentioned earlier, I'm thinking of ways to see Les when he's in town May 10th, and was tempted to enter the look-alike contest.  The winner gets to meet Les on the stage.  Well, I came this close to winning the contest.  You might say I was the runner up.  (Maybe the first two finishers could meet him.)  I almost won because there was only one contestant, and for a while we wondered if even he would show up.  While we were waiting I asked if there was an age limit and there wasn't, so...  I was beat out by a kid named Shane Furrer, 9, who happens to be the son of Waukesha alderman Paul Furrer.  I'm happy for him, he looked pretty good. When his only other competition was me, then it really was an easy win.  And I actually helped him win - I tied his tie for him.

More for Les - original posting date of May 10, 2007

Les is more

"Thank you, God, for Les Paul, a child of the universe."                 Les Paul and me

"Most people can't go a day without seeing or hearing something played, said or invented by Les Paul."

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not Les Paul's Les Paul

1) sound of music, 8) my favorite things, art, Friday Night Live, Friday Night Live, GuitarTown, Les is more

Three "Racing Gibbys," or whatever you want to call them, made the rounds during Monday's Memorial Day Parade. They were handing out fliers for this weekend's GuitarTown festivities and generating interest.  I noticed the one most similar to a Les Paul Gibson is left-handed. Les was a righty.


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Les Paul concert... continued - original posting date of June 22, 2008

Les is more

The theater was packed - even the $500.00 seats appeared to be sold out. The Pabst is absolutely beautiful and, even though it's older than Les, he'd never played there before Saturday. The stage had a relaxed and comfortable feel to it. Several people sat at pub tables and chairs around the perimeter giving the setting a jazz club atmosphere. The tuxedoed gentlemen falling off his stool just added to the realism of the bar scene.

Les played many decent tunes accompanied by three other men, but he could have played tiddlywinks and we would have applauded. The three hour program was kept interesting with new introductions every few songs, and with stories about him and by him. One of the first introductions was quite auspicious because he represented the future to Les' past. An eight year old boy played guitar beautifully with Les and even sang a blues tune. By our tickets, we were all contributing to the new "House of Sound" educational exhibit, and by this young man we knew we were doing the right thing. It didn't take much imagination to think of this boy as young Les as he played beside the 93 year old. Les was eight when he began playing an instrument.

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flipped off by Les Paul - original posting date June 22, 2008

Les is more

Les Paul flips me off. Really flips me off! Have to forgive him though; I think at 93 he's entitled to be a little crotchety. After all, we deserved it. We were clapping too much and giving him standing ovations. I really don't think anyone took offense at his one-finger salute - anyone who knows Les understands his brand of humor. Besides, with badly arthritic hands, it hardly even qualified as a "bird".

I could make this story short and just say, "heard some old guy play guitar and tell stories at the Pabst Theater last night", and direct you to read the concert review at jsonline. But that wouldn't be any fun.

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