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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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priceless & free

Carroll, 1) sound of music, 8) my favorite things, YouTube

It changed me.

A small paragraph in last Thursday's Freeman caught my eye. Mollie Stone, an expert in South African music, would join choirs from Carroll, Waukesha's North, South and West High Schools and Muskego High for a free concert the next night at 7:00. All I knew about the performance was most of the choirs I already appreciate so much were performing together... and it was FREE!

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more guitar for les

1) sound of music, 7) I simply remember, 8) my favorite things, art, GuitarTown, Les is more

A couple days after Les died two and a half years ago I posted a photo of what I felt his monument should look like. It wasn't a suggestion he be laid to rest in Meier Festival Park where the photo was taken though.

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crane / grain refrain

counting cranes, J-S

I've wanted to blog about last year's ridiculously complicated ultralight-led crane migration begun last October. One delay after another in their journey and the young endangered whooping cranes haven't moved from Alabama more than just a few miles since before Christmas. It's the first time in the eleven years of Operation Migration that the whoopers didn't reach their Florida wintering destination.


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Rhubarb Red and the power of music to heal

1) sound of music, 8) my favorite things, 7) I simply remember, art, Freeman, , Friday Night Live, GuitarTown, Les is more, YouTube

There's been no shortage of controversy to stir up emotion lately... recalls, street closure, mayoral antics... Interesting Sound Off in Thursday's Freeman.  Makes me want to sound off myself.

We at least agree on this: the ten-foot guitars should be further spaced and not placed on Main Street alone, it will be amazing to see, and will help downtown for years to come.

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response to Scott's comment

Les is more, J-S

I was ready to concede to Scott's comment on my Feb. 4th post. "Historical records" can't be wrong when it comes to describing the location of Les' boyhood home, can they? Even though I said in my post "as I understand it," Scott almost proved me wrong. Maybe Les had more than one boyhood home?

I've no doubt Scott's historical record is correct. My own Google search shows Les' boyhood home at 320 W St. Paul, which makes my suggestion of a guitar location near the Springs Artisan Village even more appropriate.

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feline kinda blue lately

3) whiskers on kittens, 6) when I'm feeling sad, 7) I simply remember, 8) my favorite things, let us pray

We lost a good friend and family member yesterday. He truly was the best companion. No other cat I've known, or even could imagine, comes close to the warmth and joy he shared with all who knew him.

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my last Pepe post


I almost never wrote about Pepé when he was alive and now I'm blogging about him for the last time, but I still had some things to say.

He was a good cat because all he ever brought was joy and love and never grief.

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Nothing great really happened

1) sound of music, 7) I simply remember, art, GuitarTown, Hope Center, helping, let us pray, snow job, St. Vincent, St. William, Waukesha County Fair, YouTube

Suffering from a touch of blogarrhea. This could get messy.

Snowicide. How else to describe this Hulu video: The Way I See It

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la ├▒apa

J-S, lagniappe

An extra day to be thankful for. An extra blog post for readers who managed to slog through the last four years. An extra opportunity to do something nice for someone today? An extra day to tell a friend how much their appreciated.

My day started off right. I called to inquire about my Journal Sentinel renewal. Were there any promotions I could take advantage of? Richard immediately offered me over $50.00 off my 6-month subscription! 

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