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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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when fish fly

There was a little three paragraph article in Friday's Journal Sentinel. Seems pharmaceuticals in Lake Michigan are an emerging health threat. While the current concentrations are too low to worry about now, not enough is known about the various chemical combinations and at what point they become unsafe. 

Caffeine, estrogen and cotinine, a tobacco byproduct, have been found in small concentrations, as have anticonvulsants and mood stabilizers. These chemicals have been known to cause cancer, small size and intersexuality in fish.

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art and music

1) sound of music, art

Thought I could afford $3.00 for a ticket to Waukesha North's Talent Show 2010. Bring something for Waukesha Food Pantry and knock a dollar off. I brought two cans and paid only a dollar to get in.

It was a talent show and I expected variety. Even though every entrant was musical, it wasn't a bad thing. Eleven acts, I heard ten, and only one needing a lot more work.  I was hoping to see some of the same decent groups I enjoyed during Janboree Jam and wasn't disappointed.

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peace and percussion

1) sound of music, 8) my favorite things, YouTube

Once again the entertainment was spectacular at the Irish Cultural Heritage Center's Milwaukee Irish Parade Afterparty. For one thin dollar I was treated to some of the best Irish entertainment this side of the Mississippi. Have yet to see the parade though, billed as the largest parade of any kind in the state and the first Irish parade to be held outside the original 13 colonies. The parade was started in 1843, before even Milwaukee was a city and Wisconsin a state.

I planned my trip around the headliner band, Different Drums of Ireland. Their goal is to do more than just make loud rhythmic sounds by beating on objects. Their focus seems as much about making the audience happy as it is bringing about peace through their playing.

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La Fheile Padraig Sona

1) sound of music, 8) my favorite things, YouTube, St. Patrick

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1) sound of music, 2) raindrops on roses, 3) whiskers on kittens, 4) when the dog bites, 5) when the bee stings, 6) when I'm feeling sad, 7) I simply remember, 8) my favorite things, art, Carroll, counting cranes, Culver's, Dad, dripping blood, festival, Freeman, full of hot air, helping, J-S, Les is more, let us pray, politics, Retzer, say uncle, Sprizzo, St. Patrick, St. Vincent, St. William, Tim, UWW, YouTube

It's not that I don't love each one of you, it's just that I wouldn't come right out and say it like this. By using quotation marks in the title I'm able to avoid any emotional connection.

It makes me wonder what kind of a person would drive a car with "I LUV U" plates, as seen heading west on I-94 between Brookfield and Waukesha Friday night. It also makes me smile.

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I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

If you're always in a hurry I'll save you time right now by telling you there's no need to read any further.

I spend just about every day rushing. Rush to get ready for work. Thirty-five mile drive in rush hour traffic. Chase my tail all day long and rush home, often heading to an evening meeting or something. I enjoy keeping somewhat busy, but lately have such little down time that I end up overscheduling that too.

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recycling, branches, shot, TV

I'll be heading off to Milwaukee Lutheran in just a bit to watch Nick put the shot at a varsity track meet, but before I go I want to mention a couple things.

Where are all the branches? An elderly long-needle pine in our yard, but close to the lot line and street, lost a couple dozen long, thick branches in the first large, wet snowfall of winter last year. I was planning on cutting them up and putting them by the street for the annual branch pick up. Last night there was no sign of them at all. Nothing. Family said a chipper was seen grinding it all up. Who paid for it? Our neighbor? A big thank you! Wasn't looking forward to all the sap.

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60 cents a pound!

I normally wouldn't use this blog to help advertise someone's household goods for sale, so this is a first.

I met Venessa through an ad she left at the grocery store listing 20 items she's needing to part with. She has decided to move closer to family after being diagnosed with a serious illness. I didn't especially need anything or have the money, but sometimes know people who could use something... Plus, I'm always interested in bargains. Maybe a hidden treasure.

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my wish for Waukesha


Seeing as today is my birthday I'm hoping one wish will come true. My wish is for what's best for Waukesha. If the best thing for Waukesha is an inexperienced mayor who has many ideas, ideas that don't hold water so to speak, then that is my wish. Just don't expect to see a "Scrima For Mayor" sign on the front lawn. 

I've been to two of the debates and read most of what was written in the papers. To me the difference is night and day. Scrima has promised everything but a pizza for every citizen, all while lowering taxes. If it were possible to lower taxes while repairing infrastructure and maintaining the same level of services I'm sure it would have happened long ago. Or maybe, as Scrima would have it, we hire a full time grant writer.

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