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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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Kobe sliders

Mom stopped in by me the other day and offered a ride home. Curious timing, I'd just used my last bus ticket that morning and hadn't bought more because they were out. Because she hadn't seen inside the new hotel yet, we wandered the block and a half to the Iron Horse after I was done with work at 5:00.

I wanted to tell her all about it, but kept quiet when told we could hook up with an official tour. The hotel rooms themselves were something I didn't get to see during my brief previous tour, so I was anxious to get started. We sat at the bar sipping a couple drinks, trying to be patient. She thought it still smelled too strongly of varnish. I said if they just allowed smoking, after a while no one would notice the varnish.

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Ginger's bowl


Late for The Fall Crawl, I thought all the good Artful Bowls might be taken. With 500 bowls at the start, there were still plenty of beautiful ones to choose from. Mine was lovingly made and signed by Ginger from Waukesha South.

Community members create all these wonderful works of pottery which are sold to raise money for Art Links, a studio serving adults with disabilities (many of the bowls were made by them). After purchase the bowls are filled with a soup choice or, new this year, ice cream donated by local restaurants. Though it would have been nice to be lured into a variety of shops with the offer of different soups or ice creams at each, I can see where it might've been a little messy or expensive. I enjoyed one warm bowl of vegetable and took advantage of the complimentary bowl wash.

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taking the long way home

2) raindrops on roses, 6) when I'm feeling sad

Tonight I missed my first bus heading back to Waukesha by just a minute. I spent a few minutes in the Grand Ave. Mall waiting for the next one to arrive. It was raining and I haven't been there in a while. I missed the next one by a minute or two because I stayed in the mall too long. There is a third choice for me, the last one of the night going to my stop, but not arriving for another hour. I waited.

I arrived home two and a half hours after I left work 20 miles away. I was gone from home 13 hours today for an 8-1/2 hour workday.

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D'oh! a deer

6) when I'm feeling sad

The good news is I've gone 17,345 days without hitting a deer. Bad news is the streak ended this morning.

I drove through Pebble Valley today, which I never do, because I had the time, which I never have. I opened at work today so left a little early to make sure to catch the bus. I always take Northview to Meadowbrook but had a couple extra minutes to take the scenic route. Unfortunately for the deer and the Toyota, the scenic route includes lots of pretty wildlife. If you live around Pebble Valley Park and heard tires screech around 6:30 and a gunshot around 7:00 you have me to thank.

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false advertising

Having just hit a deer Friday, the ad seemed to speak to me; Another Wisconsin Season Begins    Oh Deer! Did One Just Hit You?   A large buck pictured to the left of the wording; Come to Goff's For: Free Drive Thru Estimates, Extended hours, Insurance Claim Assistance, Prompt Delivery

I didn't have a problem with the ad until I drove to two of the closest Goff's locations after work to find both closed at the normal time. Called next day to learn hours haven't been extended at all. "We have a lot of ads out there." They didn't know which ad I was referring to.

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a colorfall day

8) my favorite things, full of hot air

The Wisconsin Balloon Group's annual picnic was Saturday afternoon, and I was invited.

I crewed for one of five balloons launching from a driving range in Richfield that morning. I enjoyed it a lot because the weather was great, if cool, and colors are spectacular this time of year, even for crew members. I was very pleasantly surprised to see a familiar couple there for a ride.

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more b'loon pics

full of hot air

.more pictures from my fantastic balloon flight last Saturday.

plenty of landing spots in Jackson.a tired tarp.

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see the snow?

2) raindrops on roses, 8) my favorite things

A little snow cloud passed over Waukesha around 2:30 this afternoon. I couldn't believe it. More peletized than flaky because it was well above freezing, but definitely snow and not hail or sleet. It was white but not solid. It didn't stick or last long and was soon replaced by light rain, but it made me wonder. Are we in for a long winter?

How was your week? Mine seemed generous. People were unusually generous toward me. A coworker friend gave us Halloween candy after I took a desk to his house after work. Another coworker gave me a denim patch to repair the new pair of jeans I ripped on a sharp corner while moving the desk. A different coworker gave me a jar of peanut butter he got from one of his customers -- a five pound jar of peanut butter!

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lots of shots then blood

dripping blood, St. William

If you're over 50, pregnant, a healthcare worker, or in a high risk group you can get your flu shot at St. William this weekend. Anyone concerned about their health can get a shot. And while you're there check out the huge Annual Craft Fair where over 50 exhibitors will be demonstrating and displaying their unique and beautiful wares. (Bring your appetite for the bakery and hot, juicy, turkey sandwiches.)

The Fall Blood Drive at St. William will be Monday, Nov. 10th, from 3:30 to 7:30 in the Parish Hall. We really need your help with this one. Every 2 seconds someone needs blood. 17 year olds can donate (or 16 with permission.) No upper age limit to donate. If you get a flu shot you can still donate, there is no waiting period. Call Kathy at 547-2763 x203 with questions.

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don't be the one


During the last presidential elections Waukesha County was known for what?

Highest percentage of electors voting Republican?

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