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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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ain't gonna study war no more

1) sound of music, 2) raindrops on roses, 6) when I'm feeling sad, 7) I simply remember, let us pray, YouTube

Down by the riverside the Memorial Day services were as good as ever. A good crowd turned out after a raincloud had passed through earlier in the morning. 

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Friday night in Waukesha

1) sound of music, 8) my favorite things, Freeman

 Last Friday was great, but last night was even better.

A week ago we took the RE/MAX balloon to Burlington for a windy flight late in the day. Trust me, the chase was exciting. Ken did manage to fly right over the Chocolate Festival but, getting late and still quite windy, he needed someone on the ground when he came down. Unfortunately we were on the wrong side of the tracks when a freight train ran through town! Fortunately everything did work out, so we packed up and made it back to the local realtor's party before the fireworks started.

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thunder bay

I was fishing by Pewaukee Lake yesterday when lightning struck across the way. The crack of thunder echoed loudly around the lake with no buildings or trees to absorb it. Someone behind me exclaimed "thunder bay", so I'm borrowing it because it makes a good blog title.

I spent both days trying to catch something from Pewaukee Lake. It was free fishing weekend for those too cheap or unemployed to get a license. I had a can of crawlers I dug from the garden and a huge box of lures, but still couldn't catch a darn thing in two days. The water was weedy but everyone but me, it seemed, were at least catching panfish.

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10 to 1, had some fun

YouTube, Retzer, counting cranes, 8) my favorite things

 I joined the Friends of Vernon Marsh and the DNR for a nice canoe trip down the Fox River through the marsh today. From 10:00 in the morning till 1:00 this afternoon we enjoyed overcast yet cool, dry and calm weather for this first river outing of the Friends group. The DNR provided seaworthy matching canoes and a way for us to get back to our vehicles. Saw or heard a few of the more common birds, and some not so common ones. Saw snowy egrets, yellow-headed blackbirds and a cormorant, among others.

We learned about the management of the marsh. There are separate flowages separated by dikes. Drawdowns and northern pike, as well as "carp catchers" help keep the undesirable fish from preservation areas. Huge snapping turtles sometimes get caught in the carp catchers and have to be freed. There are several ways to control cattails: burning after a water drawdown, or spraying with chemicals from a helicopter. There were DNR representatives out on the marsh at 5:30 this morning counting and recording birds for conservation purposes. . .

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Pure Color

YouTube, art, contest, Clinton Street Gallery

Yesterday I had the pleasure of helping a friend set up her first ever gallery exhibit. Ryan Peters' Clinton Street Gallery on Waukesha's Main Street is in a prime spot.

Located between The Steaming Cup and The Clarke Hotel, the Clinton Street Gallery's new location has much more space, natural lighting, and traffic than the old place a block to the south. I love the taller ceilings and clean look of the walls and floor.

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I almost hate to admit this, but...


Which national president got three times as much front page coverage in today's Journal Sentinel than Obama's first Oval Office address to the nation?

Feds raided the Outlaws' clubhouse yesterday morning arresting the U.S. leader of the gang. Or so they say. "Milwaukee Jack" doesn't admit to being it's president. 

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the incessant chirping is over

We couldn't believe it. Unplugged it, took the battery out, and it still chirped.

It's been a while since we'd been over there; months probably. The low battery chirping was active then, and was still going strong when we visited yesterday. How did they sleep with that noise?

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Festival of Books

festival, UWW, Freeman, John Schoenknecht

The second and last day of the first Southeast Wisconsin Festival Of Books is today. Just blocks from home at the UW Waukesha campus, I made a couple trips yesterday by bike, got only mildly wet when the storm came through.

It's too bad you can't TiVo a book. With 100 artists and authors, sometimes interesting programs overlap. Today, throughout the day, you would have your choice between hour-long programs at seven separate areas on the campus. Certainly you can bounce between them; check them out for a few minutes. Forty authors, panels or readings for adults, not counting a full Children's Festival schedule, food, music and exhibits.

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this is where it all began

full of hot air, festival, 8) my favorite things, 7) I simply remember

This is a copy of the email I sent Ken Walter with WindDancer Balloon Promotions four years ago, Saturday, 6/17/2006.

Don't know if you got email I sent using my Roadrunner account because I have such bad luck using it but I'm interested in helping out July 21st - 23rd. I heard about the need for a flight crew in Waukesha This Week! and I'm available if needed. Let me know.
Brien Lee


He was looking for ground/chase crew to help with the Waukesha County Fair balloon rally. My weekend job with the Journal Sentinel had ended, my blog had just begun and I was looking for something fun to be involved with.

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In Like A Lion

2) raindrops on roses, 5) when the bee stings, 7) I simply remember

Summer's here and so are the mosquitoes. Thankfully, too many of the buggers are Waukesha's big complaint and not injury or loss of property from last night's storm.

After watching an hour or two of continuous storm coverage I wondered if it were just a tad overblown, so to speak. The technology and the science interests me though, so I kept watching. Wondered what they'd have to talk about once the storm moved over the lake.

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the "New Day In Waukesha" fund


I'm glad I waited to comment on the mayor finally returning half his salary to the city. James Wigderson said it way better than I ever could have. Read the blog here.



The Police Blotter from today's Waukesha Freeman: 10:57 a.m. - A woman in the 1900 block of Dixie Drive reported a man stealing a bag of dirty diapers from her garbage last week.

What could they possibly have been thinking? Imagine this happening in Waukesha! Just hope it doesn't happen again; Waiting a week to report it to police. . .

muggy and buggy

3) whiskers on kittens, 8) my favorite things, UWW

Very humid takin' the blog for a walk tonight. Had a good vantage point for sunset up by the University. 

Wind's Over Waukesha

full of hot air, Carroll

WindDancer flew over Waukesha last night. Borrowed some of Ken Walter's photos for you to enjoy. Thanks Ken.

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1) sound of music, festival, Freeman, St. Vincent, YouTube

If you were bored, then I really feel sorry for you. Seems the only things not going on this last weekend were an Art Crawl and the County Fair. Even the weather was interesting.

Started by enjoying a nice evening outside Martha Merrill's, along with a few dozen others, listening to a favorite Friday Night Live group; Spring City Grass.

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