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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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Stars shining in Friday night's rain

YouTube, 1) sound of music, 2) raindrops on roses, 8) my favorite things

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...and, if necessary, use words

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 Attended mass today in what is probably the most beautiful, modern Catholic church in Waukesha County: St. Jerome's, Oconomowoc. The occasion was a quarterly breakfast meeting of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Before I even entered the church I was surprised by the lovely entrance, garden and landscaping. The entry doors were a good 12 feet tall and balanced to take no extra effort to open. The holy water font is a three foot diameter sculptured bronze sphere with the water gently overflowing it's top and cascading down it's side.

Finding a seat with my friends, I took in the beauty of the surroundings while waiting for the service to start. Knowing that a church is but a building, I closed my eyes imagining what a blind person would experience of God in such welcoming place for the sighted. My first thought was the music. A woman at a grand piano was effortlessly playing a complicated piece before the start of mass. At her conclusion the deserved applause, as is usual during mass, was absent. In a few moments, after the opening hymn, we were introduced to the piano player. She was raised in Lithuania before moving to Milwaukee and is now St. Jerome's new music director. She got her well-deserved applause.

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a tropical staycation

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not another big fish story


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H2 oh oh


The timing wasn't exactly "perfect". Today's mention in the Freeman and Journal Sentinel of Waukesha's 20 year, $100 million plus, estimate of purchasing Lake Michigan water from Milwaukee happened to coincide with mention of Milwaukee's request for a 36% water rate increase for suburbs purchasing water.   

The Journal Sentinel:

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gracias Culver's Vista Grande


Thank you so much Culver's on Grandview, and to the other local Culver's as well. For all you do in supporting local charities, clubs, schools and groups, you're appreciated. Thank you so much for your active role in helping our kids and causes raise much-needed funds. 

I'm often reminded of new causes Culver's is donating to. When my kids were in grade school, and even now, a percentage of profits on particular days were donated back to the school thus helping the school and the restaurant by encouraging more families to dine out on those days.

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a grand view of recycling

helping, St. Vincent

It's often hard to keep the appliances functioning around here with the amount of use some of them get. We have two clothes driers because the one that was too new to toss can still be used for parts. It seems every drier we've owned has eventually squeeked and shrieked. I try to fix it temporarily with lithium grease on the roller axles. It works for a while, but I'd begun checking store bulletin boards and thrift stores for a replacement.

A friend recently asked me to look at her leaking washing machine. Was able to replace the dangerous cord end and free up a frozen pulley, but the leak was coming from the drum seal and I didn't feel like attempting it.

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full of hot air, 8) my favorite things

A funny thing happened on the way to work this morning: a detour to crew.

My good friend, Ken, master of the skies, defier of gravity, guardian of the flame...  also performs wedding ceremonies. While many were beginning the day's rat race, a few were celebrating a new union: The Miles family.

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