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Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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both eyes on the road

I can finally take one eye off the rear view mirror and back to the road in front where it belongs. Feb. 29th was an extra day... an extra day to get pulled over. Finally.

I haven't been hiding the fact I've been driving on expired plates. Car didn't pass emissions. I could've registered it in a neighboring county, one not requiring testing. I've been honest about it. I was rewarded, not with a ticket, but a 5 day. I now have 4 more days to get it fixed, pass emissions and registered. (I hope they don't count weekends)

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Yesterday I was given a five day warning to register the car. If it was just a matter of paying the fee it wouldn't be a problem, but only five days to repair the car so it passes emissions, test it and register it?

Wasn't sure what the problem was, but had an idea. Fortunate to have a son who chose auto mechanics for a career and had a spare vehicle for me to drive while he worked on it.

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perfect 10

art, 8) my favorite things, counting cranes, Frame Park, Freeman, Riverwalk, Hope Center, J-S, St. William, Waukesha Civic Theater, Waukesha County Fair, Waukesha Tattoo, YouTube

Ten days to winter's end. Today's weather was a perfect 10. This post is about 10 ten things, and it's been 10 days since my last post.

First, I received another check last week. I knew Discovery Channel wanted to use the same Waukesha County Fair video I mentioned here Feb. 28th, but it's been many months since I faxed back the release. I didn't forget about it, just wasn't spending it till I saw it. Lets just say that receiving an unexpected $100.00 check really made my day.

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goin' green

bailey, Retzer

Plenty o' green on St. Pat's. The unbelievably perfect weather was obviously something to bain sult as an saol. I have a strong connection to the day that has nothing to do with green beer -  just call me Patrick, it's my middle name - and I immediately recognized upon waking what a truly beautiful day it was. 

This St. Pat's follows a winter so mild we never even got the snow blower out or needed the new bag of salt. I feel safe now, the remaining days will be in the 70s, but there were plenty who thought I'd jinx it by mentioning the mild winter during winter. 

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idol chatter

Waukesha North, St. William, 1) sound of music

I enjoyed my first Waukesha Idol last weekend at North. Was watching for any surprises and found plenty in the incredible talent of the students. Though the competition was open through high school age, several of the ten to twelve year olds demonstrated surprising skill for their age. All these kids have a bright future, maybe not all in music, but I admire the discipline of practice and the courage to perform in front of a full auditorium. Several students get extra points for accompanying themselves with piano or guitar.

An incredible amout of planning goes into this Interact Club fundraiser for their international charity, but even with planning things happen. There was much difficulty with technology, not an uncommon occurance in the R. G. Hein Auditorium. Most of the time it was just finding the right stand to fit the mic, but occasionally it was hard to find a working mic.  One contestant competing on video couldn't be seen because no one could figure out a way to tap the audio from the laptop.

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