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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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I probably shouldn't mention this, but . . .

Probably shouldn't mention Waukesha North's Varsity football game against Arrowhead being televised live tonight on Channel 24. It will probably be an embarassing blowout. I feel sorry for Arrowhead.

It's also Parent Night where the seniors and their parents are all introduced before the game.

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outside the box

Boxing Day is typically Dec. 26; we don't observe the occasion here -- it's more common in Canada and England. It's been boxing day of a different sort lately. Inventory at the warehouse meant weekend and overtime hours moving, counting and opening boxes. The count went well and we enjoyed being treated to Rochester Deli sandwiches and pasta salad Friday and Papa John's pizza Saturday... after bakery and bagels in the mornings. It's nice to feel we are appreciated.

Probably be working again today to help get things put away and ready for business Monday. I'll transport some of the close to 800 pallets we brought down from the racks for counting. These skids were spread throughout the 110,000 square foot warehouse and need to be moved back to the aisles so reach trucks can put them back up in the racks. My best work is done when there's a clear goal and time frame.

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I need a dog?

The cat probably thought he was going to the vet.

I often used to take the dog along in the car for company, and he loved it. I wasn't about to open the window so Pepé could stick his head out sniffing the air, but thought he could handle a short trip to Illinois with me Thursday morning.

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Got a Clue.

I don't know "who done it," but I have a clue. I went downtown Saturday to see what all the fuss was about. Someone blew a hole in a wall at North American Computer and stole three secret chip codes.

It could have been any number of characters wandering Waukesha for the third Live Clue Adventure. I wasn't playing the game and didn't stick around for the results, but had great fun none-the-less. It looked like everyone was having fun. The weather was great and the game was something different a family or friends could do on a fall Saturday afternoon without much else going on.

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I'm just blown away

There is absolutely nothing more overhyped in the news right now than the wind. There is talk of it being similar to the storm of 1998, which I remember as being a much different system - a derecho having strong but very brief winds. Or even of the storm that sank the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Either way, I hope all the leaves blow into the neighbors' yards.

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