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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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not walkin the blog

Been too busy driving further, working harder, longer and for less pay to take blog for regular walks lately. Just as well, Sir Fido got his hair cut and doesn't want to spend a lot of time out in these temps anyway. I put in around 70 hours last week, including Saturday and Sunday, with no extra pay for the overtime. If I sound like I'm complaining it's only because all last week I was also fighting a cold. With all the layoffs I've seen of people more capable than me, I'm just happy to have a job - any job.

I've been taking the freeway lately because the frost heaving on Hwy. K was giving me a headache driving on it. So I don't quite mind so much leaving early and staying late if it helps to avoid rush hour traffic.

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dry spell

I'd like to be writing more, but with being gone between 12 and 15 hours daily for my "8" hour job there just isn't the time. Don't have the time and not much more than just the work to write about. Fortunate to not be one of the many laid off, but so much busier having less people to do the work. In my line of business, with supply and vendor problems related to the economy, we're required to do more with less.

This economic situation will make us more efficient, less wasteful. It can't last forever, and when it turns around we will be more productive and, I hope, more compassionate and helpful toward one another. 

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working vacation


Seems I can't get enough of work, even working on my day off. Worked the polls yesterday 6:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., (yes, there was an election Tuesday). Getting paid was never as much fun. 

Even working can seem like a vacation if it's less stressful than your regular job. With only one position up for election, and 154 voters in thirteen hours, this was a very low-stress job. We made jokes about being bombarded by long lines the one or two times we had 4 people at once!  The three of us handled three wards without being too slow or too busy. It was a good break from November's presidential, and without that stress I felt we did a better job keeping track of everything. 

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what to do Sunday at 2:00?

1) sound of music, Carroll, Freeman

The test was multiple choice and I have a feeling I passed. Often, it seems, plays in Waukesha fall on the same weekend. Today four plays in the city were ending their runs, all at 2:00, and I hadn't seen any of them. Waukesha Civic Theatre was performing Wit, North's Northstar Players presented Antigone, West's West End Players performed Little Shop of Horrors and Carroll University's Carroll Players offered "Proof".

Not to be outdone, St. John's Northwestern Military Academy was hosting their 33rd Annual Military School Band Festival this weekend, with entrants from around the country. The military school concert and jazz bands were scheduled to perform for free at, you guessed it, 2:00 Sunday.

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moon wax

8) my favorite things, J-S

I caught our moon waxing Venus tonight around 8:00. The young moon was only 8.89% full tonight, 15.95% full Saturday. It waxes it's way up to full by March 10th.

I've always had a thing for moon-planet alignments. It happens rarely, so this time I wanted to catch the image to preserve it. Trees and houses blocked most of the views from my house and I didn't feel like heading out to the country away from city lights. This photo was taken from the sidewalk in front of the house.

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double red

dripping blood

Was off today and yesterday, planned around the kids' school vacation. Today I made an appointment to donate a double dose of red cells at the BloodCenter of Wisconsin. As probably mentioned earlier, I like doing double red because the donation interval is 16 instead of 8 weeks. It means less trips to donate.

The donation went well, but the best part was the two free tickets offered to me for the Auto Show. Today was the last day they were valid, which was OK because I had off and the kids had off.

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