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a little kindness goes a long way

dripping blood, St. William

Boy am I glad I had nothing but nice things to say about my job and the people I work with in my last blog post. As I was hoping, an edited version of it was printed in Thursday's WaukeshaNOW section.

I brought a copy in to show people, but I didn't have to. No sooner had I got to work than everyone from my boss's boss to the GM came by to shake hands and congratulate me on a good article. (I saw someone had framed it and put it up for all to see!) It immediately went viral in the company, with copies sent to the president and extra copies purchased or printed offline. It put many people mentioned in a good mood, especially me.

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a 40 Year Climb

1) sound of music

Songs that make you feel old: Stairway to Heaven turned 40 last week.  

... and it prints too!

Inventory was cancelled and I was thrilled. I don't know anyone who enjoys inventory, but when it was called off last weekend my joy was obvious. I had a lot of preparation before this Thursday's HOPE Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction and hadn't started yet.  My main job on the dinner committee is the displays for live auction items, which often don't come in until the last week or two.  

We were having printer issues prior to my getting started on the title / description stands I use for the displays. The black ink cartridge was malfunctioning. Wasn't just low, but not working at all. Fortunately we only have to buy ink once a year or so, because I know you can spend a small fortune on it. After two stores I soon realized I could've spent $60.00 on a black and color set, the less expensive alternative to purchasing separately. It made me wonder if it would be cheaper to buy a low end printer new, which comes supplied with ink.

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Dinner's Over, Meals Continue

helping, Hope Center, Country Springs

HOPE Thanksgiving Dinner  has been served, it was last Thursday night, but still there's still some leftovers to digest.

I could've bought a less expensive printer to help with the auction display; easier to use, but with just the basic features. The printer with all the bells and whistles I was so happy with last week momentarily turned on me! We got a last minute live auction item just before Thursday's dinner. I didn't have all the details on the donation until less than two hours before the dinner. I tried to print a nice descriptive table sign for the donation just a half hour before guests would arrive, but instead of printing the machine just wanted to fax something! Panic attack number one. After much aggravation I finally got it to work, but now I was running out of time to compose live auction cue cards for Todd Scheel, the auctioneer. No doubt in my mind I waited too long to make the cards. Should've had it done days ago. Lesson learned.

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Giving Thanks for a Four Day Weekend

St. Vincent, let us pray, Thanksgiving

I don't always have time to give thanks... if I even knew how to give thanks. There's much to be thankful for this time of year, and always. We live in a great city in a great county in a great state... We're clothed and fed; safe and warm; not wealthy, but somewhat healthy. So many to thank. When was the last time you thanked a farmer or textile worker? We don't spend a lot of time on what we take for granted, but without them? Where would we be without not only doctors, teachers, service men and women, police and firefighters, but construction workers, employers, volunteers, foodservice industry persons, truckers, lawyers?

Every day there's probably dozens of people we could thank if given the chance, but Lincoln was evidently thinking more along the lines of thanking our Father in Heaven when he declared the first Thanksgiving 148 years ago during the Civil War. So, even in times of war there's reason to be thankful? Still safe and protected, thanks be to God.

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