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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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flight fright


The Southwest Airlines air emergency had to be scary. Loss of cabin pressure when a hole opens up in the roof at 36,000 feet. I can imagine more than one of the 118 passengers thought they wouldn't live to see tomorrow.

I had a totally unrelated fright this morning when Bailey took off. She flew to the backyard after something caught her eye. We picked up the paper from the front stoop then she ran around the corner so fast that I lost sight of her. It doesn't help that her coloring isn't too unlike the surrounding leaves, twigs and brown grass.

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How many cranes do you see?

counting cranes

If you see four then you're a crane counter, and counters are needed for the Annual Midwest Crane Count. The count this year is Saturday, April 16th, less than one week before Earth Day. I've found this a perfect way to kick off spring and celebrate nature.

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I'm a Butler Bulldog

We surely were underdog bulldogs, but Butler Middle School in Waukesha never made it to the NCAA Final Four.

I'll be spending 16 hours at the polls today so you can vote. So vote!

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Takin' slower walks


Bailey had her female surgery last week. The Humane Society was nice enough to give us a break on the price. They sent home four pain pills, one for each of the next four days. We mixed the first one with banana and she wouldn't go near it. Turns out she likes the taste of the pills and will take it out of your hand. She just doesn't care for banana... yet. We're trying to keep her calm. Not supposed to let her run for ten days. Ever try keeping a puppy from running? At least there's plenty of investigating to do close to home. The smell of the grass, the first bumble bee of the year. . . she likes being outside. What great weekend weather we had!

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Have you hugged the earth today?


Fifty years ago Yuri Gagarin was the first person to orbit earth. This movie was shot from the International Space Station at the same time of day and over the same flight path as Gagarin's.

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no crane no pain

YouTube, Retzer, 8) my favorite things, counting cranes

I neither saw nor heard cranes during yesterday's early morning damp and overcast Annual Midwest Crane Count. Yes, counting was easier, but I really don't think you can have a bad day at Retzer Nature Center.

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