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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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Fourth Fireworks With Friends and Family, Fabulous.

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embracing freedom

In honor of the Fourth of July start to the 96th Tour de France, and Lance Armstrong's return after a four year retirement, I began the day Saturday with a bike ride to Wales on the Glacial Drumlin Trail.  Though I was by no means the only one on the trail this gorgeous morning, there was no peloton and I wasn't racing.

Somewhere along the way I stopped to photograph a hawk on it's perch. A sparrow must have known the hawk was eyeing it's nest, because the sparrow attacked the hawk... and won. This is the first time I've seen the sparrow draw a hawk off it's perch and practically land on it's back as the prey chased the predator. The best part was something I always miss when witnessed from inside a car: the huge hawk's screech. It was a phenomenally loud sound I'd never heard in the wild. The hawk was being led away by a bird much smaller than herself and she let everyone know she didn't care for it. My imagination let me hear a bald eagle's screech as it echoed through the Badlands of South Dakota. Not a bad thing on Independence Day, and not what I expected out of my bike ride.

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RE / UNITED and it feels so good

full of hot air

I was ready to crew again. Made sure to mention I was off work a couple days in the event something came up. The opportunity arose bright and early this morning and eagerly did I work, without pay, on a rare day off. It was the best of vacation days.

The gentleman flying the United Van Lines balloon was in Illinois for an event and stopped here for a public relations flight or two. His full time job is as a hot air balloon pilot, and he occasionally inflates the huge van-shaped one I remember seeing about 9 years ago at the County Fair.  

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who is this building?

Anyone know who this building is or where he can be found?

the view north of Northview

The morning walk took us to the community gardens over by the County Huber facility on Northview Road. The plantings are coming along nicely in full exposure of the sun. There's quite a variety of flowers, herbs and vegetables. You can just as easily find plots planted by 4-H groups, families stretching their food budget, or even those who have set up little retreats with lawn chairs and ornaments, bird baths and houses. 

From the gardens, there's a path that guides us north through mature oaks, long weeds and thick mosquitos. The wide, mowed path leads to a large, manicured opening with a memorial as it's focal point. It's the memorial for the old poor house cemetery which used to be located nearby a hundred years ago. It's a beautiful memorial in a secluded spot. The old cemetery probably never looked so good. 

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Waukesha County Fair -ly interesting

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thanks for the guest photos!

full of hot air, festival

Wind Dancer and United

Wind Dancer taking a closer look at the Fox

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Fair's fare fair


Spent one dollar for a great time opening day Wednesday at the fair. Spent another five after parking on the street Sunday. The discount ticket got me in for the truck pulls and I came back later for REO Speedwagon.

By some stroke of luck my son Nick scored a job as a stagehand during the fair. He was operating one of the four large spotlights for the REO concert when I was there. By helping out he was able to meet famous people, get some free stuff, watch the bands up close, and get paid for it!  He was also able to furnish me with a reserved seating wrist band.

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a real cluster f....

full of hot air, 8) my favorite things

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for YouTube to enjoy!


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good/bad weekend for flights


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