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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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just veggin out

What's your favorite vegetable? I'd have to say mine are fresh carrots. I usually buy the one pound bags - the two pounders usually contain roots that are too large. I can't stand woody carrots. Once in a great while I'll try the organic ones to see if there's any difference for the few cents more. Maybe I'm wrong, but I never wash a store bought carrot before eating it raw.

I love the sweet taste of a good carrot and save one from my lunch for the long drive home. I savor the flavor.

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not able to communicate

St. Vincent, dripping blood, St. William, helping

I'm fine, but my computer got hijacked. A hand-me-down from wife, she got it back when hers went down... again. It's the second time this year we sent it in under warranty for the hard drive. Hopefully I'll be back blogging soon.

I've been looking forward to this week for several months. Thursday is the 11th Annual HOPE Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction, and I'm on the auction committee. My job this year is the presentation of live auction items, how they are put on display. Signage was my big concern because I was without my computer in the crucial last week or two. But I don't have a working printer anyway, so it was either hand drawn signs or go to the library.

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Just seems like a strange connection. World Toilet Day and the Great American Smokeout falling on the same day.

it was time

say uncle, 6) when I'm feeling sad

Even though he passed away 30 years ago, my grandfather has been in my thoughts lately. All Souls Day, the day we especially remember those who have left us, was the second of Nov.. His last son, my Uncle Lee, was just buried two weeks ago. And the Milwaukee shop he built, I learned, was sold this week.

It was sad to see the Walker's Point buildings sold. I had worked in them for over 20 years, including a short period while Grandpa did too. The neighborhood was improving and I was becoming more interested in downtown. But I knew it wouldn't last. I just didn't think it would go as fast. One week last fall I heard we were going to move in three years and the following week I heard it would be in three months!

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Hope Center


Thursday's HOPE Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction at Country Springs went very well. Was well attended. Raised a lot of money for Hope Center, the new name for Cooperating Congregations, and it's various programs, especially the meal program.

The bidding seemed down a bit on the silent and live auctions, I saw some items without a bid at all, but there was one item that brought in quite a bit. Something new we tried this year was to auction off "meals". The bidding started at $1000.00, and for that your donation would provide about 333 meals for the needy in Hope Center's dining room. There is more demand than ever for the meal program. Many more children are coming in than before. And now Hope Center will be providing day shelter and meals for the homeless staying at St. Matthias in the winter months.

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my tribute to 50 years of Sound of Music

1) sound of music, 2) raindrops on roses, 3) whiskers on kittens, 4) when the dog bites, 5) when the bee stings, 6) when I'm feeling sad, 7) I simply remember, 8) my favorite things

The Sound of Music opened on Broadway 50 years ago this month at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater. I didn't quite realize, until adulthood, the impact the story had on my parents. I guess my mom, also a mother of eight, pulled inspiration from Maria Von Trapp. Years ago, while Maria was still alive, we stayed at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. The mountainous area reminded the family of the Austrian countryside they left behind. I visited a stone chappel on a hill above the resort that the kids had erected, and the gravesite of a few family members located close to the lodge. My mom wrote to Maria while we were there... and Maria responded. It was a good trip.

Someone forwarded this video. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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CNN Heros

YouTube, 1) sound of music

Managed to catch a portion of the CNN Heros of the Year rebroadcast last night. It's an excellent way to highlight and honor ordinary people doing extraordinary things for others and for good. Carrie Underwood sang an amazing version of her song Change. It's like the song was written for the occasion. She did such a great job that I'd like to share it with you.

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you pick the ending: 2009

I don't make New Year resolutions, but I do like to think back over the previous year and choose the most significant event to have affected me. I've been mentally doing it for at least the last five years. As it turns out I tend to pick positive things and not the negative. I already have one for this year as, with just one month remaining, little is expected to change through December. As usual, it didn't take but a couple seconds of thought -- if it takes longer than that it probably hasn't happened yet!

Without a doubt, the most significant event for me in the last year is our firstborn's high school graduation. He turned out to be a very good kid thanks to Waukesha schools, his friends, relatives, teachers and, of course, his parents. I can't say how proud we are of him.

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see you at C U

1) sound of music

The Carroll University Christmas at Carroll is this coming weekend, 7:30 both nights, and tickets can be purchased in advance, or take a chance at the door. I've been to two of the concerts in the last three years and wouldn't miss it again this weekend. Every one of the great Carroll ensembles performs. I love it because it's the perfect time and place for Christmas. Christmas starts with this concert. The grade school and high school concerts are OK, but nothing comes close to Christmas at Carroll. If you don't believe me, check it out yourself. You'll be glad you did. 

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