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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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all bets are off

4) when the dog bites

My last post mentioned my neighbor's German Shepherd harassing Sir Fido, a dog half his size. Yesterday, for the second time, their dog ran into our yard and tried to get a piece of Sir Fido while he was on his rope trying to do his business. Fortunately one of us was there to break it up before Sir Fido could finish him off. As you can see from his picture on my previous post, Mr. Fido is mean and hungry -  he would have made shepherd pie out of that dog.

If I was home and would have broken it up after curses were barked but before fur was flying, I again wouldn't have called the police on my neighbor. But it's an extremely dangerous situation to have a smaller dog on a rope in the yard by himself and have a German Shepherd attack him... for the second time... in his own yard. 

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Waukesha's new 24 hour shelter?

Freeman, J-S

A new, temporary men's shelter has been proposed for opening at St. Matthias Episcopal Church from now through April. Present shelters are overcrowded and this would free up room for families at the Hebron shelters.

Only problem, besides the necessary permit and variance, is the newspapers don't agree on hours of operation.

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gettin high on New Year's Eve

8) my favorite things

Visited the highest point in Waukesha County yesterday. I have the Lapham Peaktures to prove it. I wasn't there very long, just enough to put my state park sticker to one last use, but enjoyed a nice walk on the Ice Age Trail. Also had to see what the weather was like atop the 45 foot observation tower. Cold. Very, very CccccCold.

.Lapham tower.shadow of a tower.

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at least I still have a job

I was reluctant to write about my work for various reasons, but it has been almost two weeks since I blogged . . .

My job had me starting in Racine County a week ago Monday after 22 years in Milwaukee. One of my biggest fears was the 35 mile drive each way. After years of riding the county coach bus to work I wasn't used to driving and didn't want to get used to it. Didn't want to get used to filling up twice a week and didn't want to get used to spending tons of money on vehicle maintenance. 

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breakfast at Sprizzo's



I didn't know whether to congratulate the proprietors of Sprizzo Gallery Caffe or offer sympathy. The grand reopening of the new location was moved to Saturday because of the death of a close family member. The papers weren't mentioning who passed away, but I figured it must be someone related to Karla, the owner. One of the first friendly faces I saw upon entering was that of my friend, the cafe manager. She told me her mom had passed away and I felt like crying. 

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good fences. . .

4) when the dog bites

Since the last time Sir Fido was attacked a couple weeks ago Mrs. Lee has been overly cautious about letting him outside. Even though it was the second time it happened, I still thought it a rarity that we shouldn't have to worry too much about. Then it happened again yesterday. One dog on a short rope being attacked by a much larger dog on the loose.

I walked the German Shepherd back to her home and went back to my shoveling. Two minutes later she was back in our yard. Walking her back this time I realized there was no one outside with her and no working latch on her gate. Her owners were in the house and didn't know anything about this attack or the several others. I told them that I didn't know if the police were called but if they come over the first thing they're going to say is the gate needs a latch.

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finally, something to blog about!

I thought someone might finally be showing me a little appreciation for all the hard work I do. Well, I can dream can't I? Actually, a more likely explanation for the object on the table would be the birthday someone recently celebrated at our home.

This blog really begins last Friday when I was off work. My son had hurt his wrist and we scheduled an MRI for 2:30 that day. Even if the test went an hour or more we'd still have time to partake in the Janbrrrree festivities. I was looking forward to the snow sculpting and chili tasting at Lowell Park.

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