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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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I resolve to eat more herring...

dripping blood, Polar Plunge, YouTube

I resolve to make better use of landmarks.

I resolve to always use the buddy system where appropriate.

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Wildcard Weekend in Wisconsin

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It's hard to not appreciate the mild winter we've been having while out biking or walking the blog. I'm rarely ever ready for snow, so thinking positive and hoping this will stick around a while. It's so much easier to drive in it and shovel it when there isn't any. 

It's been months since my last hot air post. Ballooning is a seasonal endeavor in Wisconsin, but pilots still get the itch. They're required to fly every so many months to keep licenses current. Besides, it's easier to fly because of the greater temperature differential. It takes less heat to become and stay airborne.

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3 feet of snow expected today


No, I'm not talking about snow for Waukesha, (though it would be nice to at least have some on the ground in time for the Janboree on the 20th.)

It's been reported Cordova, Alaska, has already received 18 feet with three more feet predicted for today. You can be only so well equipped and prepared, but sooner or later you're going to run out of places to store snow when you get more than 18 feet in a year.

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This will be huge!

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Miami; London; Nashville; Los Angeles and Waukesha... we're in good company. Huge news for Waukesha. In today's Freeman, Journal Sentinel, FOX6 Milwaukee and Waukesha Patch you'll see we've been chosen the next Gibson GuitarTown!  Non-profits and charities stand to benefit, but Waukesha's citizens can't lose either. It will attract more people and positive energy downtown and, with luck, they'll stick around long enough to get the Les Paul exhibit built at the Waukesha Museum.

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Kenosha's Carthage College Chorister Kaeppeler Crowned

Miss America

   Wisconsin finally took back the Miss America crown! The last time Miss Wisconsin won was 17 years before the new Miss America was even born. Kenosha native Laura Kaeppeler wowed the judges with her operatic performance of Il Bacio. Her confidence, faith and optimism; her poise, healthy lifestyle and good looks won over judges such as Kris Jenner, whose Kardashian daughters should be so talented. The judges surely appreciated the unusual platform she ran on: promotion of the program to mentor teen children of incarcerated parents, Circles of Support, which she founded after her father was imprisoned for a year when she was 17.

While some contestants didn't have a particular reason for choosing their evening gowns, Miss Kaeppeler fashioned hers after Kate Middleton's wedding dress, only in all black. I thought she looked stunning in the beautiful gown.

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shovel snow for as much as $20.00 an hour

snow job

 Plenty of work at $20.30 an hour, though it's quite the hike to get to the job site. You must have warm clothes and be physically able to do strenuous labor.

So far Valdez, Alaska, has received 27 feet, which is already twice the normal amount for the whole season.  Bring your shovel!

3 days in 3 minutes

Janboree, 8) my favorite things, festival, Retzer, snow job, Waukesha County Museum, YouTube

I added many of my Janboree photos in a short video. I felt the weekend went great thanks to the many sponsors, volunteers, organizers, ice carvers. . . not to mention the cold and snow. Thankfully we had enough snow for sledding and snowshoeing and cold for skating, because everyone was really getting out and enjoying it.

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