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drinking plenty of water

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With the day off I finally have a little blog time. With being so busy with work, averaging 10 hour days last week and 8 on Saturday...  and with the heat I've been too worn out to write. 

Waukesha did finally get a few brief drops of rain yesterday! Obviously not enough to make a difference in the long-running drought, but at least it's something.

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I don't know what we heard last night, but it sounded like fireworks at the Expo Center.

Waukesha's fireworks on the fourth were stopped a few minutes after they began when wind direction changed and grass fires broke out. If it was reschuduled to Saturday no one told me and I'd bet I'm not the only one.

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the Gig has landed

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Summerfest's 45th year is in the history books. Was waiting until today to go when everyone could get in free between noon and three. The weather was great today, finally cooled off and was quite bearable. Never did make it though. Didn't see anyone playing I had to see. There's always another year.

Didn't make it to Friday Night Live either. Weather continued hot, and I had enough hot after 10 hours at work. I did however make it to one of the most entertaining gigs after work... and it was air conditioned!

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flew 'n crew

full of hot air

Had an uneventful weekend... until Sunday that is.

Was supposed to self-install U-verse internet and phone Friday after work, but it wasn't cooperating. Was instructed to begin installation after 8:00 p.m., but when that didn't work was told we had to wait up to 12 hours more!

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I want to know what multi-tasking is

1) sound of music, Waukesha County Fair

I will survive Friday through the process of elimination. Since it's impossible to be everywhere I'd like, as much as I'd like to try, have to try for the rare event / events that may never happen again.

Waukesha North's Chamber Choir will be singing I Want to Know What Love Is with Foreigner at the County Fair Friday. I would be a fool to miss that, as I'd never get a better chance.

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Meow Meow, Ow Ow


Back in June when I saw how the GuitarTown sculptures were mounted I commented here how flimsy the mounting looked. I didn't say it then, but anyone with an electric saw or bolt cutter could probably get through the pipe or padlock before anyone noticed. The pipe is small and apparently not hardened steel and the padlock is on the small side considering the value of what it's protecting.

Gene Evans' Meow Meow, Moon, Meow at Waukesha County Museum is the first, and hopefully last, ten-foot sculpture to be cut from it's mount. Fortunately, it wasn't also stolen. This is an opportunity to improve the mount for this and all other outdoor-displayed sculptures. If nothing is done and it happens again?

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no complaining it's raining

Waukesha County Fair

I doubt there was much complaining about rain cutting short opening day of the County Fair. Kind of ironic: a severe storm during a severe drought on the fair's first day. I see it as a good sign, but we could've used it a while ago.

While agriculture has changed considerably in the last 170 years, it's still a main focus of the fair. Thanks to the opening day rain, conversation will no longer be dominated by talk of dry, hard fields and stunted crops. Did it come in time? Was there enough to make a difference?

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Waukesha North Choir Backs Up Foreigner

Waukesha North, Waukesha County Fair, 1) sound of music

Was able to squeeze a lot into two days, and not just from getting up at 4:10 a.m..

With the County Fair and Waterford's 2nd Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival there was more than one highlight to the weekend.

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fair weather fan

full of hot air, Waterford Hot Air Balloon Festival

I'm a fan of fair weather, and weather for the fair was very fair indeed, but Waukesha County Fair wasn't the only event benefiting from light breezes, sunny skies and mild temps. Out of a possible four launch opportunities for balloons during the Waterford Hot Air Balloon Festival they flew four times, and balloons don't usually launch unless the weather is really nice.

I crewed the three times I traveled to Waterford, driving the chase vehicle.

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. . . of the day

quote of the day: "We learn the rope of life by untying it's knots"  Jean Toomer

motto of the day: "Citius, Altius, Fortius"  {Faster, Higher, Stronger}

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