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The Next Chapter

Kathy has been Executive Director of Interfaith Senior Programs since 2001. A native of Wisconsin, she lives in Waukesha with her husband Jim Durnil, and has two sons. Kathy can be seen often at local libraries, book stores, coffee houses, and just all over Waukesha enjoying the local businesses.

A New Chapter in Christmas Shopping

A few days ago my husband and I were discussing Christmas shopping, and it brought back memories of an earlier chapter in our lives.  

 When our two children were young, they asked for the typical gifts at Christmas - trucks, building blocks, stuffed animals, any type of toy that would shoot Nerf darts, and so on.  

Now those two children, both boys, are age 14 and 20, so their lists largely consist of money, money, and small electronic items that cost a lot of money.  They email or text message to me with links to websites that showcase the desired items. ( I believe that this is supposed to make the shopping experience easier for me.)  Certainly it's less work to shop through a computer, but I it's not nearly as much fun as buying those wonderful large toys, then bringing them home and trying to figure out where to hide them until Christmas Eve.

One pleasant change that this new chapter brings is that those same two boys ask me what my husband and I would like for Christmas.  Last year the older son even shopped at a local boutique that is all things pink and girly, and found a very pretty necklace for me, and younger son has chosen some very thoughtful cards.

So, although they grow up and we leave behind some of the fun, the new chapters bring gifts, too.  And the gift of having young men who are generous and compassionate is pretty wonderful.

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