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A Healthy Body

Natural Balance Therapy has a team of therapists that has been providing therapeutic treatments to residents, in all stages of life, in southeast Wisconsin for the past ten years, helping them return to a pain-free, active lifestyle. We seek to help people understand their bodies and what is causing their pain and discomfort, as well as teach them what they can do to help themselves heal. Natural Balance Therapy is known for giving people in chronic pain hope and long-lasting results.

Turn To The Right

The Role of the Brain in Authentic Healing
Information regarding the brain can be complicated. After all, the physical brain is a complex organ. However, as it applies to authentic healing, the physical brain is only a small portion for consideration. The mind (or consciousness), functioning within the brain and potentially throughout the fascia, plays a major role in healing.
Physically, the brain is divided by two hemispheres, left and right. Both sides can function independently while also functioning simultaneously. Each side of the brain processes distinctly different information. The characteristics of thought each side handles are listed in the table below:

Thoughts Emotions
Rational Intuitive
Logical Feeling
Facts Imagination
Words Symbols
Detail-oriented Creative
Forms strategies           Presents possibilities
Analyzes pieces Analyzes whole picture

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Straight and Tall?

posture, health, low back pain, pelvic balance, wellness, upper back pain

Quick question - how's your posture?

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Balancing Act: Are Your Hips Aligned?

fascia, leg length, low back pain, myofascial release, pain, pelvic balance, wellness

Are your hips 'square'? Do they face forward evenly, without rolling, tilting, or shifting? Or do you feel like one or both is just a little off of neutral position? A balanced pelvis is a vital component to starting and maintaining improvement in other symptom patterns.

As a therapist, one of the first areas I check on my clients is at the hips, evaluating the position of the pelvis. Many clients that are coming in for seemingly unrelated complaints will often ask why this is so important.
The pelvic floor is the foundation of our whole body – if there is a distortion or dysfunction in the alignment of the hips, its effects are noticed in many other areas. A shift in the position of the hips affects our posture, our gait, our digestive function, and travels up the length of the spine to produce compensating shifts in the shoulders and neck, even the bones of the skull.
Because of the way the fascia is connected throughout the body, a shift in the pelvis can produce varied symptoms just about anywhere in the body. Dysfunction in the balance of the hips can lead to any of the following:

  •  low back pain
  •  knee, foot or ankle pain
  •  limited range of motion in the legs or hips
  •  rib compression, rotation, or restricted breathing
  •  neck pain or headaches

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Is Something Getting On Your Nerves?

fascia, wellness, pain, neural manipulation

In sessions with my clients, I’ve been using neural manipulation for a number of years now. Neural Manipulation (or NM) is the practice of using gentle manipulation to find and free restrictions in the nerves. This allows the nerves to regain mobility and restore their ability to communicate with the brain.
Did you know that nerves are actually composed of between 50% to 80% fascia? Because of the way fascia is interconnected, in order to function optimally, nerves must be able to move freely within their surroundings.
Before I started learning NM, I had the belief that neural problems were mostly caused by surrounding tissues creating entrapment or even compression of the nerve. Since then I’ve come to understand that nerves can have internal fascial restrictions as well!
Your nerves supply all the information that the brain uses to control your body; the brain protects this information at all costs. Often, the chronic muscle spasm that we experience that just won’t respond to therapy that is focusing on the muscle is actually due to a nerve restriction causing the brain to create a protective spasm.
Clients seek neural manipulation for a variety of disorders affecting different systems of the body. These disorders can include:

  • Neuralgia or nerve pain
  • Neuritis or inflamed nerve
  • Paralysis and neuropathy
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Post-zoster pain or Shingles
  • Dura mater tension
  • Bell’s palsy or facial paralysis
  • Sciatica

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A Healthier Holiday?

holiday, health, wellness

If visions of sugarplums take you to nightmares of scales, or if a brandied eggnog is followed by disrupted sleep, or if holiday gatherings leave you with a headache of epic proportions, your body might be trying to tell you something.

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