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not the dumbest thing I've done this year

I made the wise decision this year to not jump in what was passing for Lake Michigan. I did however make an appearance under the guise of testing out my new Canon. Even though clear water was between 50 and 100 yards from shore, apparently it takes more than that to stop the foolish hardy souls from trying to find enough water to baptize the New Year's, baby.

Nice thing about having the shoreline 100 yards out is there's no waves... and today they were enormous! Bad thing, for Polar Bears, is they had to trudge through deep, shoe-stealing slush just to get to a patch of cleared area bearly big enough for one or two Bears to get their heads wet.

Usually there's a big wave of Polar Bears entering at noon when the horn blows, but this year the only waves were 75 yards to the east. Not the same "auroras" entering as other years, and stomping through knee-high slush is a delicate operation not to be hurried (unless you're wet and windchill is well below zero, as it was today!)

I stopped at the Cool Fool Kite Festival at Veterans Park before heading out of downtown Milwaukee. I was able to try out the fabric kite I picked up at a thrift store a couple months ago. The thing looks pretty good and flies good too, though wind was too strong and I had to pack it in early.

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