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Common Ground

A homeowner in Waukesha for 20 years, Steve is president of the Waukesha Dog Parks Organization and enjoys motorcycling, fishing and staying on top of politics.

Official State What?

Satire, Various Topics, Motorcycle, HVAC

In a display why the state legislature needs to be a part time position, a committee approved a measure making Harley Davidson the State motorcycle.

If there were indeed a need to name a state motorcycle, I would vote for Harley Davidson myself. That goes without question, even though Polaris's Victory motorcycles are partly manufactured in Wisconsin too. Never heard of them? Google them, They are relatively new but make full sized Vee Twin cruisers and touring motorcycles.

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Enriquez For Mayor


I looked forward to seeing the slate of  mayoral  candidates and have not made a selection until just a few days ago. Mayor Nelson has not been a bad mayor. My contacts with him have been favorable, his door open and he has called me personally to appraise me of an issue that I was involved with when it would have been easy to let it pass. In politics it is often a small thing or a perception that can be favorable or unfavorable to a candidate. In the present political climate, there is an anti-incumbent and anti-liberal movement occurring. Mayor Nelson's open support of the candidate and now president Obama has not worked to his favor. It is time for a change.

Bill Beglinger is the only candidate who is a registered Republican. I too am a Republican. I also like his having been a Waukesha police officer. It implies law and order and discipline. Unfortunately I don't see or know enough else to sway me to favor him.

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General Aviation Takes Another Hit?

Hot Topics, Politics-National

With today's events in Austin Texas, I worry about further restrictions that may be put on general aviation. While there can be no justfication for this horrible act, it does highlight what a mess we've let our tax system become. There is so much that can be discussed about why this happened. I am anxious to see where it all leads. It did make me forget about local issues for a while. Back to that later.

Nelson And Scrima All Wet On Water?

Hot Topics, Obama, Politics-Local, Water Issue

One wants water from Lake Michigan. One wants every quarry and pothole in the ground used as water reservoirs. Two very different extremes, but neither really mattering as it is overlooked that our Aldermen are really the ones who make the decision.

Inspired by reports of how much money it typically costs from the so called stimulus program to create an alleged job, I came up with my own proposal to solve our problem with making DNR and EPA pinheads happy. Oops, that should have been something less sarcastic. Change that to bureaucrats.

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Health-care and Lawnmowers

Economy, Health-care, Obama, Politics-National

A recently settled class action lawsuit against local small engine manufacturer Briggs and Stratton reflects one of the problems with health-care.

But before I discuss that, I must comment on Senator Feingold's listening session held in Whitewater. A newspaper called it a listening session. I thought that they were town-hall meetings. But given that, President Obama's recent health-care summit could also be called a listening session. However, he spoke for more minutes than all of the GOP representatives combined! Some listening session!

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