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A homeowner in Waukesha for 20 years, Steve is president of the Waukesha Dog Parks Organization and enjoys motorcycling, fishing and staying on top of politics.

Morgan Aircraft; Count Me As A Skeptic

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In the news today, Morgan aircraft is planning to build manufacturing headquarters at Sheboygan airport. The airport has committed to doing $3,000,000 in infrastructure work and the state has included $30,000,000 in incentives.

I'm an aviation enthusiast and a pilot myself, but hold on. There hasn't even been a prototype made yet and the design looks extremely questionable! A picture shows, a jet propelled airplane that uses four ducted fans to raise the vehicle vertically and supposedly allow it to land vertically too. This technology is very shaky at best! It has been used for many years as the Moller Flying Car but has not flown any distance and without a safety tether. It is similar to the famous Hawker Harrier Jump Jet.  This jet uses ducted jet engine exhaust to allow vertical takeoff and landing, but has had quite a few accidents and is strictly a military plane requiring intense training.

I see a serious problem with counting on this chicken before the egg has been hatched. Helicopters are the only vertical takeoff and landing vehicle in general aviation. Hovering is the most dangerous part of flying a helicopter, or the Harrier Jet. The Moller Flying Car has not met with success due to the fact that without the engines functioning, it is no more flight worthy than your typical car. In other words, it's going to fall! A helicopter, once some height and forward motion is made, will auto-rotate and able to land under control.

The time that this Morgan jet is hovering and transitioning to enough forward motion to create flying surface control will make it very vulnerable to crash should loss of power occur. Until a prototype is created and successfully tested and blessed by the Federal Aviation Administration, I'd not be spending money like a Washington politician!

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