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A homeowner in Waukesha for 20 years, Steve is president of the Waukesha Dog Parks Organization and enjoys motorcycling, fishing and staying on top of politics.

Sid Did It

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The 1994 Pontiac that we bought brand new had seen better days. Now was the time to think about replacing it. We concentrated our searching on East Moreland and as Pat drove the Pontiac the most, she set the criteria on what features it must have. Mainly, air conditioned, good in the snow and easy to park. Oh, good gas economy too.

We found just the car. It was one of those that you fell in love with and knew that you won't find one better than it. It doesn't matter what brand or model it is. The ideal car is different for each individual.

One of the nice touches on the car was pin-striping down the side of it. The salesman said that it wasn't factory but done locally. After we closed the deal and took possession of it, I checked the gas filler cap. Above it I noticed tiny writing between the pin-striping lines. It said, "Sid Did It".

Monday while talking with co-workers, I mentioned the car, of course, and also the pin-stiping and the "Sid Did It". One of them knew about it immediately. "Sid's been around for many years doing that", he said. Later I Googled "Sid Did It". There were many results and conversations about his work. "Sid's been doing pin-striping for over 30 years", said one. "He does it all free-hand. He'll look at the car, determine what color is best used and paint the two stripes entirely by hand. Then he'll write in his signature, Sid Did It" 

It makes the car look pretty neat and is a great conversation maker. Nice job Sid. Thanks!

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