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A Healthy Body

Natural Balance Therapy has a team of therapists that has been providing therapeutic treatments to residents, in all stages of life, in southeast Wisconsin for the past ten years, helping them return to a pain-free, active lifestyle. We seek to help people understand their bodies and what is causing their pain and discomfort, as well as teach them what they can do to help themselves heal. Natural Balance Therapy is known for giving people in chronic pain hope and long-lasting results.

Get In Touch With Your Inner Emperor!

winter, walking, wellness

No, not Napoleon Bonaparte – we want to help you access your inner Emperor Penguin! The weather change this past week has reminded us that it's never too early to start planning for winter weather – and thinking about ways to keep ourselves safe and healthy through the coming season.

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Bodywork For TMJ Disorders

myofascial release, wellness, dental work, craniosacral therapy, TMJ, TMJD

Clicking or popping noises, locking or grating sensations, pain or stiffness in and around the jaw and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can all be symptoms of TMJ dysfunction. Many people also experience headaches, neck pain, or earaches. Bodywork, and particularly the whole-body approach of myofascial release, can be very effective in helping to rebalance the TMJ and the entire cranial vault to reduce or eliminate symptoms.

Because the jaw spans the midline of the body, it is often a place where misalignments between the left and right sides of the body show up - the symptomatic end link in a chain of tension and restriction. A seemingly minor strain or injury can produce a chronic holding or bracing pattern on one side of the body. This holding pattern may lead to secondary or compensatory changes in alignment elsewhere in the body, above or below the original location. These changes can then affect the soft tissues in the neck and shoulders, creating lines of pull that subtly distort the positioning of the bones of the skull, altering the jaw's position and producing the associated symptoms.

With myofascial release therapy, we assess the whole body, looking not just at the direct region of the jaw, but widening our treatment to include other misalignments or soft tissue restrictions and tensions that we notice. As we rebalance these other areas, we often find that the symptoms in the jaw are greatly reduced. In particular, we frequently see a connection with the alignment of the hips - the pelvis serves as a foundation for the entire body, and restrictions and twists here often produce tensions that pull the entire length of the spine to the bones of the skull.

TMJD, like many other symptomatic complexes, can often have several different factors that contribute to its development. In my practice, I have found that myofascial release, with its broad, whole-body approach, is a highly effective method of addressing multiple causes to relieve these symptoms and restore full function.

Do You Yoga?

health, myofascial release, pain, repetitive strain injury, RSI, wellness, yoga

The Benefits of Silence

silence, meditation, mindfulness, wellness

Part of having a healthy body is having a healthy mind. In previous posts, we've talked about mindfulness, meditation, and 'tuning in' to our bodies and our feelings. But how do we get there? One often-forgotten element of this process is the importance of silence. Thanks to modern technology, we find ourselves able to enjoy almost instant access to a world of information and communication everywhere we go. We can gather the sights, sounds, and people of our lives into a host of portable devices, connecting us in moments. We are enriched by the ability to find answers to questions, contact friends and family, and relive favorite experiences - or are we pressured by that same connectedness? Is what we really need to ‘unplug’ in order to rest, regain energy, and be involved in creative endeavor? In an increasingly noisy world, the idea of intended ‘silence’ is one that has gained new appeal for many people. The idea of a meditative silence has a long history - Greek philosophers, Christian monks, and Hindu and Buddhist traditions all emphasize silence as a path to wisdom, peace, and enlightenment.

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Planning Surgery? Think About Planning Bodywork, Too!

health, lymph, surgery, wellness, scar tissue, scars, lymph drainage therapy, surgical recovery

Do you have a surgical procedure scheduled? Did you know that receiving manual therapy could be an important part of your pre-op or post-op plan?

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