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The Waukesha Civic Theatre, Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide quality live theatre performances and educational opportunities that will enrich, challenge and entertain both participants and audience members.

Who Me? Maybe. . .

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There's a playground game I participated in as a young girl regarding a cookie jar and the question, who stole the cookies.  It was a rhythmic chant that tossed questions, answers and denials between the girls like a volley ball being tossed back and forth over a net.  "Who me?"  "Yes, you."  "It couldn't be."  "Then who?"

Thinking about WCT's current production, An Inspector Calls, by J.B. Priestley got me thinking about that childhood game.  When most of us are confronted with an accusation, our first response is, "Who me?"  At times the answer is a resounding yes; but what if the answer isn't quite that obvious?

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