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My Life With Fathers

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What does the word father conjure up in your mind?  In mine, there are three distinct father experiences and too many words to define them here.  Two of my fathers were a combination of things both good and the not-so-good.  Only the third is perfect.

Father #1 - my biological father was fun when he was around; however, because of his own past and hang-ups, he wasn't such a good dad.  His anger and impatience were volcanic; bubbling just below the surface.  One never knew when he'd erupt.  When he did, it was scary.  By the time I was nine, he'd already vacated our family emotionally and finally, physically.  After my parent's inevitable split, my father moved to California.  During the ensuing years he drifted in and out of my life.  Mostly out.  When I was twenty-eight, he made a more concerted effort to remain.  While I welcomed him in, called him Dad, shared many of the same interests, loved him and prayed for him regularly and am thankful for his re-entering; I'd say the definition of father - at least for him - was loose at best.

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