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Common Ground

A homeowner in Waukesha for 20 years, Steve is president of the Waukesha Dog Parks Organization and enjoys motorcycling, fishing and staying on top of politics.

A Leap Forward In Car Safety

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A Waukesha Aviation Champion Passes

This last weekend was another Wings Over Waukesha air show. Special this year, not only at the air show, was honoring pilots from WWII.  I was saddened today while glancing at the obituaries to see that Fred Flood has passed away. Most aviation people in the county who have been around for a while or at least remember when Aero Park Airport graced Lisbon and Lannon roads, knew Fred. Also many Amateur (ham) Radio operators knew Fred, (W9WAW) from his television/video experimentation before we all took television for granted.

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July 4th

July 4th, known as Independence Day, has been the celebration of our revolution. Our revolution was the forcible separation of ties with British Crown rule. One of the most famous events before blood was shed was the Boston Tea Party which was a demonstration against taxation without representation. One thing lead to another and on July 4th 1776 a group of Colony leaders penned The Declaration of Independence from England. 

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Fair questions for local candidates

Show me a campaign flyer for a local candidate that doesn't say that they are for lower taxes and I'll probably faint. Recently in the news was a public official who ran as a conservative in a conservative area. They were found to have signed a Walker recall form and in a way to try to hide the fact who they really were. A wolf in sheep's clothing. They pulled one over on the voters. Then there are various local officials that were found to have signed the form. Yes, their right to do so, but it is our right to vet these people who want to represent us.

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On Geocaching and Sugar Gliders

I've been Geocaching since it's creation and many people are aware of what it is. Simply put, things are hidden, GPS coordinates are posted for where they are and the challenge is to find the item.

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