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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

Join Waukesha resident Brien Lee and his blog, Sir Fido, as they explore the city and report on the interesting things they find.

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Weekend in Waukesha II?

 My mom's birthday got me thinking about this year's Harley 110th Anniversary.

Saturday I wandered the same streets looking for that special gift that once were open only to cycles and thousands of pedestrians. Sounds of loud music competed with Milwaukee Iron four-strokes as hordes of concert-goers gathered at Cutler Park for the free concerts Labor Day Weekend five years ago.

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Waukesha's population explosion after the storm

snow job, YouTube

If rain is snowman blood, then many of the thousand or so snowmen, women and monsters added to Waukesha lawns in the last few days are in desperate danger of bleeding out. Last I checked it was 37 and raining.

photo credit: James LaPaz via Waukesha Patch

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you can spend $15.00, or ...

Waukesha was featured in MPTV's Around the Corner With John McGivern this week. The rainy President's Day premier at the Civic Theater was standing room only with overflow in the hallway.

John McGivern and John Gurda were here last summer to talk history and interview residents and business owners. With less than half an hour to work with I thought they did a fair job of highlighting Waukesha's past and present. More time could've been spent on GuitarTown, but all in all I thought the end result was something positive and good for the city.

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thankfully, my flight was nothing like that

full of hot air

Well, I was going to mention my interesting Sunday morning hot air balloon flight.  I heard on the radio that 19 people perished this morning from a propane explosion in a balloon over Luxor, Egypt. I was having second thoughts about saying anything.

It'll take a while to sort out what happened.  One person said the drop line knocked the valve off the tank, which would be highly unlikely. The pilot jumped out and survives, so maybe that'll help get answers.

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