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Takin' the Blog for a Walk

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The good news is I'll have more time to Take the Blog for a Walk

6) when I'm feeling sad, let us pray, St. Vincent, Workforce

The bad news is I lost my job of 24 years.

Was looking forward to the 40th anniversary of Earth Day if for no other reason than to spend the day thinking about nature and the environment. It was a beautiful day. I just wish they would've picked a different day to let me go, though probably no day is better than another when it comes to that.

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still praying

let us pray, Workforce

As today is the National Day of Prayer, and exactly two weeks since I lost my job, thought I'd offer up a few.

For the families of those killed by senseless acts of violence, tornados, earthquakes, floods, mine disasters. . .

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I love my wife

Dad, say uncle

Twenty years ago today I married the love of my life, Tammy. We settled in the city we loved, Waukesha, and raised two babies into fine young men. Naturally every day wasn't warm and sunny, and probably will never be, but together we persevered. Our differences made us stronger. 

Today I'm remembering those at our wedding who have gone before us. My Uncle Lee who officiated the wedding ceremony. My dear Aunt Margaret, who I would not see again. And, of course, my dad who did so much to prepare me for that day and the days to follow.

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I had a hammer


It's been a while, at least it seems that way. I'm still without a computer and write whenever I can borrow one, as long as it's not in the middle of the night. I bought a used one cheap to have as a spare and had to put it into service two weeks later when the mother board or whatever went on the one we've had nothing but trouble with. For a while I was very happy with the used machine. It was at the start of my job search and had all the office programs and a nice printer with it. But it lasted only two weeks and can't be fixed. It was homemade and had no Microsoft license but did have 6 hard drives! It was probably the mother board too, but it just wasn't worth the expense to find out without the license. North American Computer once again took very good care of me even though I'm still computerless.

I helped with the Postal Service Annual Food Drive a couple weeks ago. I sorted bottles, boxes and cans at future home of Waukesha Food Pantry on Sentry Drive and liked it so much I offered to help more. Last week I worked two days at the Food Pantry's current North Street location and loved it. If my fellow volunteers' years of service are any indication, it more than likely won't be my last time there. Lots of good people there doing good work.

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Ride of Silence

Participated in the annual Ride of Silence in Waukesha, a bicycle ride to remember those killed or injured while riding a bike. Around the world, with over 300 rides in the U.S. alone, groups head out with no sound but for clicks of shoes locking into pedals and shifting of gears. They all leave at the same time, 7:00 p.m. local, so there is a connection to the bigger picture.

The ride was ideal for me, slow and short. No more than 12 mph we were told, and about 8 miles throughout the city of Waukesha. There was one other person without a helmet, but her tricycle couldn't keep up with the rest of us.

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open for business

Moxie, Waukesha Tattoo, art

Two neighboring businesses on West Main held Grand Openings yesterday and I was happy to help celebrate. Moxie Beauty Lounge and Waukesha Tattoo Company @ Galleria Edge complement each other. They both can color your skin and totally relax you, though in different ways.

Obviously Waukesha Tattoo uses ink to hide, highlight or add features, but also has the facilities to send you to another realm through the tips of accupuncture needles. I'll be the last person in Waukesha to get a tattoo, but I really love the looks and people of Waukesha Tattoo. Also, I could be talked into accupuncture. . . if the price is right. 

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