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Kobe sliders

Mom stopped in by me the other day and offered a ride home. Curious timing, I'd just used my last bus ticket that morning and hadn't bought more because they were out. Because she hadn't seen inside the new hotel yet, we wandered the block and a half to the Iron Horse after I was done with work at 5:00.

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The Great Spirit's money problems

let us pray

I've been to the Congregation of the Great Spirit a couple times since I documented my first visit here almost two years ago. I think about them every time I'm running late for mass, which is 9 times out of 10, because their service doesn't begin until everyone gets there. Something mine should consider.

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Hotel's finally open!

The boutique hotel is open. A little late for Harley's 105th, but getting the tax credits and rehabbing a 100+ year old building took more than planned. Parking has been tight the last few months but the wait's finally over.

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a golden delicious Saturday for Retzer's festival

8) my favorite things, festival, helping, Retzer

The weather was Prima. Thousands of happy people came to Retzer Nature Center to celebrate the apple harvest with a Royal Gala... or a Honey Crisp, Cortland or Molly's Delicious.

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defending your right to make a difference

helping, politics

I spent 16 hours in a library a week ago and didn't pick up a single book... For you.

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