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You had to be there


Happy 239 years of Independence!

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Voter I.D.

Even though it's been four years since Act 23 was signed requiring showing a photo I.D. at the polls, we've never actually had an election in Waukesha requiring it... until last week. I'm sure most of you probably missed it. We were lucky if we had 5% turnout for the one race primary. Even though I was at the polls from the time it opened to the time it closed, I didn't even bother voting.

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Earth Week Finale Today


Tons of free Earth Week activities all day long at Retzer Nature Center today. Don't believe what you read in the Freeman about $4.00 / person and going until only 3:00 p.m.. Not true.

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Losing Count at 40

counting cranes

So many cranes were calling from so many different areas around my site during the 40th Annual Midwest Crane Count that I easily lost count. A good problem to have. There have been years when my total was spot on for what was at the site over the two hour period... because only one, two, or even no cranes were observed. I much prefer the former.

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crane hunters need not apply

counting cranes

I was going to write about the upcoming 40th Annual Midwest Crane Count, how I'm looking forward to the quiet time before and just after sunrise April 18th. Was going to mention the need for more counters, as many as who would be willing to get up at 5:00 on a Saturday morning, and ask if you'd consider joining us. Was going to mention the 35 sites still available throughout Waukesha County...

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