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take your drum and beat it

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Had to wonder if I was doing the right thing, going to Irish Fest last Sunday morning just to see Different Drums late in the day. It was to be their last performance, I'd been following them for years, but weather was chilly with a cold wind off the lake. I saved myself $17.00 at the gate by bringing in groceries for Hunger Task Force around 10:00, and at least another $10.00 by throwing the bike in the car, parking on a distant street and riding in. But Different Drums of Ireland didn't perform for another eight hours and I was in shorts.

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Takin' the Fog for a Walk

Must be pretty foggy at the lake. Last night's opening Summerfest fireworks and last weekend's air show both were cancelled due to foggy conditions. Promoters of first, and last, Rockesha could've used an excuse like that. Instead, after the bands didn't get paid they just left. Fortunately I wasn't one of the many in the audience at any of the shows being short changed. I didn't know any of the 80's bands at Rockesha, and when I go to the Milwaukee Air Show I don't even pay for parking. Why some would pay to see an air show visible for miles along the shore is beyond me. I heard Summerfest had a good crowd, but  "summer" didn't seem to make an appearance. I was told it was very windy and cold. I usually try to avoid Summerfest due to the crowds, but admit the Ferris wheel sounds like fun.

seven-year itch


Today begins year eight of my blogging... if you can call it that. Obvious to my reader, output has declined substantially within the last year. But I'll keep doing this as long as I still have something to say, and as long as WaukeshaNow will have me. I feel there is and will be more things to write about. I seem to have less time now than I did in 2007, but that's a good thing. It means I'm keeping busy. I'm involved in way more things now and learning more now than seven years ago. I'd like to continue sharing what I've learned, done and would like to do.

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Happy 99th

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Today would have been Les Paul's 99th. In celebration, Waukesha's Friday Night Live opened the season with GuitarTown III and live music downtown on nine stages. Weather was great and the crowd really enjoyed wandering the streets. I saw at least two businesses with lines out the doors.

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be the catalyst

art, Carroll

A couple dozen artists, the community and Carroll students past and present took over Maxon Hall on the campus Friday evening. It was my first and last time visiting the old, stone building at the corner of Barstow and College.

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