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What's Happening: Feb 1 to Feb 8

02/05/10- 02/06/10
Milwaukee Rumble

Waukesha County Expo Center; ; 262-896-8490;

02/05/10- 02/07/10
Wisconsin Antique Dealers Association 36th Annual Winter Antique

55 Quality Antique Dealers offer: Furniture; Glass; China; Jewelry; Linens; Silver; Art; Lighting; Pottery; Vintage Prints; Early Folk Art, and More, all with Authenticity Guaranteed. Adults- $6; Children under 15- Free!. Waukesha County Exposition Center- Forum Building; ; 414-510-4441;

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A February of Fun and Love...and a "nip" and "snip" too!

adopt, animals, donate, holidays, rescue, seminars, shelter

At HAWS we're having a heartwarming February with great activities and events – and our annual observance of Spay Day USA!

As part of the Humane Society of the United State (HSUS) national Spay Day USA on February 23, HAWS presents our Cat-“nip” Campaign and Pit “Snip.”  Our Spay-Neuter Initiative Program (SNIP) clinic will offer free spay-neuter services to qualifying Waukesha County residents, focusing on cats/kittens, Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes - the species and breeds found to be most in need of sterilization services in Waukesha County.  Applications for the free surgeries can be obtained at or at our facility.  HAWS also seeks participation and donations from the community:  “Sponsor-A-Spay,” enter the HSUS online photo contest and specify HAWS as your charity of choice, or purchase a special limited edition Spay Day t-shirt from HAWS for $10!

The annual Friends of HAWS Have a Heart Bake Sale will take place on Friday, Feb. 12 from 9am to 5pm and Saturday, 2/13 from 9am to noon. Come to Waukesha State Bank at 100 Bank Street in downtown Waukesha to purchase sweet treats for your valentine – person or pet! Want to become a Friend? Join us at our next monthly meeting on 2/10 at 7pm at HAWS.

The HAWS Mobile Adoption Center has several special stops planned this month.  We will again attend the Great Lakes Pet Expo at State Fair Park THIS Saturday, Feb. 6 from 10am – 6pm.  And, come Wash Your Dog for HAWS at Petlicious Dog Bakery and Pet Spa on Sunday, Feb. 14 from 11am – 3pm. Join us at 2217 Silvernail Road, just off the I94 and Hwy. T interchange.

HAWS Event Calendar: Our free puppy seminar will be held on 2/7, small animal pedicures are offered on 2/10 (at Pet Supplies Plus) and 2/20 (at HAWS), First Aid for Pets is 2/20, and our general HAWS volunteer orientations are scheduled for February 21 and 23.

By the way - looking for the perfect Valentine?  Find your match at HAWS!  Unconditional love can be yours when you adopt a pet...

Official State What?

Satire, Various Topics, Motorcycle, HVAC

In a display why the state legislature needs to be a part time position, a committee approved a measure making Harley Davidson the State motorcycle.

If there were indeed a need to name a state motorcycle, I would vote for Harley Davidson myself. That goes without question, even though Polaris's Victory motorcycles are partly manufactured in Wisconsin too. Never heard of them? Google them, They are relatively new but make full sized Vee Twin cruisers and touring motorcycles.

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What's Happening: Feb 8 to Feb 15

Wee Wonders- "Animal Fiesta"

For parents and grandparents with children ages 2- 4.When winter keeps us indoors come out and meet a few of our staff animals as they brighten up a winter day. Registration required.. Retzer Nature Center; 9:30am- 10:15am; 262-548-7801;

WKC B-O-B Dog Match

Waukesha County Expo Center; ; 262-896-8490;

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Kudos for the Young men!

Last week I attended a funeral for a true matriarch. Grandma was the epitome of a matriarch. She raised 10 children, had 32 grandchildren and 15 Great grandchildren. Her service was on 92nd and Capitol and the Entombment was at Mt. Olivet.

The drive from the church to the cemetery was about an hour. I know that there were at least 45 cars because I was car number 45. When the procession drove on 55th street just south of Lisbon there was a young man dressed in the stereotypical "gang banger" baggy pants and loose fitting clothes. What was amazing was the show of respect this young man had for someone he obviously did not know. This young man took off his hat and stood still until the procession of vehicles past him.This display of respect was duplicated about 10 minutes later in West Allis, when another young man wearing similar apparel stopped exactly as the first man had.

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I Owe I Owe it's off to blog I go

8) my favorite things, full of hot air

I owe a lot of people a debt of gratitude.

Thanks to Jeff at North American Computer for repairing our computer twice in the last couple weeks. The blog is a happy blog. Thanks also to visitors of WaukeshaNOW for their patience while Jeff did his thing.

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Sandy's Stories - Wonderful Walter

adopt, foster, animals, pets, rescue, shelter

Please enjoy another of Sandy's Stories!

Animals are a gift!In my many years of working in animal welfare, I've seen the horrors of animal abuse. It is a constant struggle not to let your heart be broken. One never gets used to seeing abused animals, but one does learn how to deal with the feeling that arises. If you don't, you will never be able to help others!

That very feeling was the one I had when I saw Wonderful Walter, a gray and white 4-year-old cat. There he was, sitting in the back of his cage at HAWS, curled up on a nice fuzzy blanket.  He had been treated for an eye infection, but when it did not heal he was sent out for an x-ray. The x-ray revealed that he had been shot in the right eye with a b.b. gun. Anyone that has ever had anything wrong with their eye knows how painful that can be and can only imagine the severe pain and fear that this cat went through.

The x-ray revealed that the b.b. had traveled inside his body, and was now lodged inside of his cheek. The vet was able to remove it, and the surgery site was stitched shut with dissolvable sutures. We all hoped that Walter would have a rapid recovery.

Walter’s foster home had taken in another foster animal during his surgery leave, and I was only too happy to take Walter to my home as a foster. I already knew in my heart that we would probably be keeping him. 

(When I am around animals there is a feeling that I get about certain ones that I just know were meant for us…I had that feeling with Walter, or as we say at home, "The sucker sign on our foreheads was blinking again!")Walter waits at the snackbar...

When I brought him home I put him in our guest/foster bedroom. He stayed curled up in his basket and would not eat. I finally put canned cat food on a small plate and heated it in the microwave to let the savory juice entice him. It worked - and it wasn't long before he was eating like a champ! However, now we have created a monster: he now regularly sits at our snack bar counter with that cute little face, waiting for me to heat his food in the microwave. There are times during the day that I find him sitting there and, of course, I always give him a taste of his warmed food. Yes, I am spoiling him but isn't that why they are here?  Besides, the time they have with us is always too short.

Walter is the dearest, sweetest little cat with a perfectly marked white and gray face and the cutest tail I have ever seen. It curls over his back like a Husky dog and when he runs it bounces back and forth. He has fit right into our household of other cats and dogs and parakeets. He loves sitting in his basket watching the outside birds and sitting on my husband's lap. 

I cannot ever imagine not having Walter in our family, and I hope that our love and caring will erase the pain that he has endured. We can see he is happy here and that alone makes us feel that in some way we are making a difference - at least to him. 

Oh yes, we ended up adopting Walter so he is a permanent member of our household. Follow-up examinations of his eye confirmed that he is blind in that eye, but it doesn’t stop him!  Thanks again HAWS for giving a little animal a second chance.

By the way - this weekend we have 2 neat fundraising events going on for HAWS!  The Friends of HAWS are holding our annual Have a Heart Bake Sale on Friday and Saturday, the 12th and 13th, hosted by Waukesha State Bank, 100 Bank Street in Waukesha.  Then, join us for the Dog Wash for HAWS at the "spa" part of Petlicious Dog Bakery & Spa, 2217 Silvernail Road (just off I94 and Hwy. T).  Rub-a-dub, all pups in the tub!

Enriquez For Mayor


I looked forward to seeing the slate of  mayoral  candidates and have not made a selection until just a few days ago. Mayor Nelson has not been a bad mayor. My contacts with him have been favorable, his door open and he has called me personally to appraise me of an issue that I was involved with when it would have been easy to let it pass. In politics it is often a small thing or a perception that can be favorable or unfavorable to a candidate. In the present political climate, there is an anti-incumbent and anti-liberal movement occurring. Mayor Nelson's open support of the candidate and now president Obama has not worked to his favor. It is time for a change.

Bill Beglinger is the only candidate who is a registered Republican. I too am a Republican. I also like his having been a Waukesha police officer. It implies law and order and discipline. Unfortunately I don't see or know enough else to sway me to favor him.

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Mayor for Mayor


My prediction for the mayoral primary? One of the winners will be Mayor Nelson. He's done and is doing more for the city than any other mayor. He seems to have been working well with other governments, council members and city staff. Even though I'm not real happy about our assessment, flooding or condition of city streets, I can't hold Mayor Larry personally responsible for the state of the economy or acts of God. Larry is a tireless cheerleader for the city and has a decent plan for it's future.  

Who will his opponent be in April? My guess would be Jeff Scrima. Jeff seems to have a bigger following, especially with younger voters. He's spent a lot on front page Freeman ads and has a decent web site. Jeff has quite a few contemporary, if impractical, ideas. Jeff is dead-set against buying water from Milwaukee, with good reason. I was especially interested in his position on water from the Fox River and quarries, since I take some credit (blame?) for first mentioning it here Feb. 18, 2007. I thought it a good idea at the time, but found no support. Jeff clearly did more investigating than I and thinks it feasable. We must still go through with the Great Lakes application, but it would be nice to have a backup plan.

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Stifel exec comments on schools' investment lawsuit

lawsuits, school finance

Ronald Kruszewski, board chairman and CEO of Stifel Financial Corp. and Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., Inc., faced some questions in a television interview last week about the ongoing lawsuit in Milwaukee County circuit court regarding $200 million of risky investments his firm helped sell to five Wisconsin school districts in 2006.

Stifel was sued by the five districts, as was the Royal Bank of Canada, for allegedly misleading school officials into believing their investments were safe. The investments have since lost most of their value and the districts are doubtful they will receive much money back when the investments mature in 2013.

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What's Happening: Feb 15 to Feb 22

Waukesha Creative Arts League

Critique by award-winning Cedarburg artist Patrice Herbst.. Waukesha Goodwill Industries; 6:30pm;

02/17/10- 03/31/10
Almont Gallery presents “The Spirit Incarnate”

A Portrait Exhibit featuring Artists are Chuck Weber, Dint Sweitzer & Mike Pintar along with 16 other fine artists and artisans. Opening Reception (Get Lucky”Art Crawl) March 6th 4-10pm. Almont Gallery- Historic Downtown Waukesha; ; 262-542-1522;

02/19/10- 02/21/10
Dancing at Lughnasa

Drama performed by the Carroll Players.. Otteson Theatre; 262-524-7303;

Rotary Pancake Day

Waukesha County Expo Center; ; 262-896-8490;

Glass Up Your Walls Art Show and RSVP Reception

Glass Up Your Walls is the major Wisconsin glass art extravananza. Gathered the top Wisconsin glass artists for a 4-week exhibit begining with an "invitation only" artist reception on Saturday, February 20, 2010 from 4pm-9pm. River's End Gallery, Historic Downtown Waukesha; 04pm-09pm; 262-896-8875;

Kettle Moraine Curling Club Open House

The Kettle Moraine Curling Club will be hosting three FREE open houses.  Invite friends, family and neighbors and try the great sport of curling!. Hartland; 1pm- 4pm;

Winter Wildlife on Snowshoes

Join a Retzer naturalist as you trek the trails in the silent world of wildlife.. Retzer Nature Center; 9am- 11am; 262-548-7801;

02/20/10- 02/21/10
WJCAA Men's/Women's Conference Tournament

Basketball. UW - Waukesha; ; 262-521-5206;

Penguin Ice Open

Volleyball. Center Court; ; 262-970-9943;

02/21/10- 03/20/10
Installation Project with Recycled Materials art exhibit

Faculty/student photography exhibition of found objects. Humphrey Memorial Chapel and Art Center; ; 262-524-7195;

02/21/10- 03/20/10
T.L. Solein, oil paintings

Professional artist exhibits oil paintings. Humphrey Memorial Chapel and Art Center; 262-524-7195;

*top things to do in February*

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Hang Up and Drive

Writer’s note: I wrote this blog a few weeks ago and debated posting it, but something changed my mind. I was one of four cars at a light yesterday, and when it changed to green, no one moved. The guy ahead of me was on the phone, the guy next to him was on the phone, and the guy next to me was sending a text message.This is getting silly…

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Madison official complains about Waukesha virtual school cost

virtual schools, Waukesha, Madison, legislators

A Capital Times blog post from earlier this week highlights complaints from one Madison School Board member about the discrepancy between the amount of state aid his district receives and how much Waukesha's virtual school gets.

Board member Ed Hughes says his district receives about $3,400 per student from the state, while virtual schools (like all schools in the state) get more than $6,000 for each Madison student they enroll through the state's open enrollment program. In addition, he pointed to a recent report by the Legislative Audit Bureau that found that Waukesha spent only $5,558 per child at its iQ Academy in 2007-'08, resulting in about a $500 per-pupil profit for the district.

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SIT, STAY...and Get Your Paintbrush Waggin!

animals, fundraiser, awareness, shelter, rescue, pets

Barnaby would like to do some finger, er, PAW painting...HAWS and the Waukesha County Museum are holding a Student Art Showcase open to anyone, Kindergarten through Post High School.

Original artwork must show one of the following values we learn from our pets: Joy and Laughter, Friendship, Love and Kindness, Loyalty or Nurturing.  Notes our Executive Director, Lynn Olenik: “We often stress the importance of core values for our youth, and our pets demonstrate these values on a daily basis.  We can learn so much from our pets!”

Student artists are encouraged to choose one of the values, and be creative!  Artwork should be either 8"X10" or 11"X14" and use media such as watercolors, photography, and the like.  Further details can be found on the entry form on the HAWS website.  Entries must be received at HAWS on or before Monday, March 15, 2010.  The winners of the Student Art Showcase will be announced at by Monday, March 29, 2010.

The “top dog” from each age (K-4th, 5th-8th, high school and post high school) and each value category will be chosen.  The winners will receive a ribbon, as well as having their artwork framed and displayed at the Waukesha Museum during The Nature of Dogs exhibit, which is being showcased April 10 - June 12.  After the museum exhibit, the artwork will return to HAWS where it will be permanently displayed throughout the newly remodeled shelter!

For further details, an entry form or more information, visit or email  The entry form must be included with the artwork when it is delivered to HAWS.

By the way - HAWS and the Museum will be offering many fun activities throughout the run of The Nature of Dogs - stay tuned for all the details!

General Aviation Takes Another Hit?

Hot Topics, Politics-National

With today's events in Austin Texas, I worry about further restrictions that may be put on general aviation. While there can be no justfication for this horrible act, it does highlight what a mess we've let our tax system become. There is so much that can be discussed about why this happened. I am anxious to see where it all leads. It did make me forget about local issues for a while. Back to that later.

Nelson And Scrima All Wet On Water?

Hot Topics, Obama, Politics-Local, Water Issue

One wants water from Lake Michigan. One wants every quarry and pothole in the ground used as water reservoirs. Two very different extremes, but neither really mattering as it is overlooked that our Aldermen are really the ones who make the decision.

Inspired by reports of how much money it typically costs from the so called stimulus program to create an alleged job, I came up with my own proposal to solve our problem with making DNR and EPA pinheads happy. Oops, that should have been something less sarcastic. Change that to bureaucrats.

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L'chai-im, l'chai-im, to life!

1) sound of music, 8) my favorite things, YouTube

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What's Happening: Feb 22 to Mar 1

Kettle Moraine Curling Club Open House

The Kettle Moraine Curling Club will be hosting three FREE open houses. Invite friends, family and neighbors and try the great sport of curling!. Hartland; 6pm- 9pm;

02/26/10- 02/28/10
Hometown Publications Home & Garden Show

Waukesha County Expo Center; ; 262-896-8490;

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Calling all Adorable Pets!!!

adopt, animals, spay, neuter, donate, fundraiser, humane, pets, rescue, shelter

Wendell is ready to hang out in YOUR home - let's raid the fridge!Do you have the world’s most adorable pet?  You can help HAWS, and commemorate Spay Day USA while showing off YOUR superstar!

Here's How:
Enter your pet's picture in the Humane Society of the US online photo contest, which they're running especially for Spay Day, and specify HAWS as your charity of choice.  Then, ask everyone you know to vote for your pet:  each vote translates into a $1 donation to help HAWS spay and neuter even more pets.  (Even if you don’t have pet or don’t want to enter, you can still make a difference by voting for one the pets benefiting HAWS.)

Fufu would like a nice salad - let's do lunch!Today, February 23rd, is Spay Day 2010 - the annual event sponsored by the Humane Society of the US (HSUS) to focus on the continuing importance of spay/neuter for our companion animals.

For the rest of this week our Spay-Neuter Initiative Program (SNIP) clinic is running a "Spay Day special" - providing free spays or neuters for the pets of Waukesha County residents that qualify for the program.  Program information can be obtained by calling the SNIP clinic at 262-542-8851, x109 or by stopping by HAWS - you can check out our newly remodeled shelter while your here!

To balance the cost of SNIP services, we're also “sniffing out” donations from the community. Notes Lynn Olenik, our E.D.:  “With the support we receive from our community for our SNIP clinic, we are able to save countless lives.”

Goofy needs you to help out the HAWS cause!Anyone can “Sponsor-A-Spay” - just choose the type of surgery and the amount you'd like to contribute.  Donations can be mailed to the shelter or done online quickly and easily through Paypal, using the DONATE button on our SNIP webpage.

By the way - Our Mobile Adoption Center has big plans for the month of does our entire shelter!  Save the date:  our annual Get Lucky Adoptathon is coming up on March 13th at HAWS.

Health-care and Lawnmowers

Economy, Health-care, Obama, Politics-National

A recently settled class action lawsuit against local small engine manufacturer Briggs and Stratton reflects one of the problems with health-care.

But before I discuss that, I must comment on Senator Feingold's listening session held in Whitewater. A newspaper called it a listening session. I thought that they were town-hall meetings. But given that, President Obama's recent health-care summit could also be called a listening session. However, he spoke for more minutes than all of the GOP representatives combined! Some listening session!

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