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Mayor Larry Nelson is logical and only qualified choice for 2010

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First - I live in the Town of Brookfield and cannot vote for a Waukesha Mayor - but I have many vested interests in the City of Waukesha where the results of this Mayoral contest will have an impact. Now...on to my endorsement for the next Mayor of Waukesha....

Municipal Water - Let's get the water issue behind us...Like the majority of citizens, I assume that when I turn on the shower or use a sink - clean water will flow. The requirement for radium-free water for Waukesha has generated hundreds and hundreds of hours of study, debate, and decision-making on the parts of dozens of educated professionals. They all agree: after 2 years of study - Waukesha needs Lake Michigan water. Candidate Scrima starts with quarry water as a new viable source, and plays on people's fears and egos by telling voters Waukesha will be beholding to Milwaukee...Except - Scrima flips in the 2 weeks prior to the elections and acknowledges Milwaukee water could be the correct source. And Except - Many of Scrima's biggest donors are water treatment businesses who have donated almost $3,000 to his campaign -  and who would personally profit from any Non-Lake Michigan water source. WATER ADVANTAGE - NELSON

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Waukesha schools, teachers starting arbitration

Waukesha schools, teachers, collective bargaining

The Education Association of Waukesha, which represents teachers and other certified staff in the Waukesha School District, has filed for arbitration, the district has announced.

The action comes after the union and Waukesha School Board were not able to agree on several issues relating to the teachers' 2009-'11 contract, including changes to the salary schedule, health insurance and early retirement. The dispute between the two sides also failed to be resolved by the help of a mediator from the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission.

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Think Nationally, Vote Locally


I wrote before the Mayoral primary elections that I promoted Darryl Enriquez for Mayor, but held an interest in Jeff Scrima. Now that the race has been narrowed to Jeff Scrima and Larry Nelson, a hard decision needs to be made. I’ve decided to support Jeff Scrima and I hope that you will consider my reasons.

Not the most important reason, but one none the less, is our Mayor Nelson’s gregarious personality. In the debate before the primary where he was one of two winners, I attended the debate at the Civic Theater hosted by WTMJ personality Jeff Wagner. I did not know who Larry Nelson was, latter finding that he had been a teacher to both of my boys, but was disgusted with his gleeful refusal to follow the debate rules on time and held the microphone, going beyond finishing his point, and grinning that he is getting away with it while Jeff Wagner tried to politely regain control of the debate.

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Son Rise

let us pray, St. William

Easter greetings from children on Western Ave.

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What's Happening: Apr 5 to Apr 12

Comedy Tonight

Local comedy and improv artists. Waukesha Civic Theatre; 8:00 pm; 262-547-0708;

04/09/01- 04/11/10
NCTTA Championships- Hands On Table Clinic

Check out champion table tennis players while learning a bit more of the sport through table tennis clinics and demonstrations. Participants will have a change to win many of the door prizes given away throughout the event.. Center Court Sports Complex; ; 850-445-0780;

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A New Day has Dawned

As we wake up to dark skies and cold winds, misty rains and a raging river, the political face of Waukesha has seen a dramatic change.

After four years as our city leader, Mayor Larry Nelson was defeated in last night’s election by newcomer Jeff Scrima.

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A Political Paradigm Shift?

Politics-Local, Politics-National

While Tuesday’s election wasn’t a 7.0 on the Richter scale of political earthquakes, it was a tremor warning of big things in the future.

So called high speed rail was dealt a blow by the results of the Brookfield and Oconomowoc mayoral race. It was a message by The People that they don’t want it. The gubernatorial race is over for the Democrats and will be a race between Walker and Neumann.

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Plan for a Great Waukesha Summer!

Community, Community Happenings, Observations

With Spring poking its' head out, it is time to look forward to Summer and all the Waukesha area has to offer.

Start with it's lakes. If you have or know someone who has a boat - use our area lakes. They are a tremendous natural resource, and there is nothing more restful than letting a light breeze drift you across the water. Fishing, skiing, wakeboarding, twilight cruises....Hmmmm - The Best! Plan your time accordingly: Most lakes are fairly busy after 11am on weekends. Get out on a weekday and you will have large expanses of open water and serenity.

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thanks for voting


Someone didn't expect the numbers to be so high yesterday. Started the day with just three voting booths and ended the day running out of paper ballots in the 9th Ward. We had maybe a 30 percent turn out among the approximately 2700 registered voters in the 4th District.

We had steady business for the great crew of poll workers, again expertly lead by Chris, the 16 hours I helped at Hawthorne. It's always good to see the neighbors after months of winter. Especially nice when you don't have to go to them, they come to you.

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I don't know

Retzer, helping, J-S, Dad, counting cranes, 8) my favorite things

I don't know why someone would choose opening day of the Brewer game over his job, but a guy from work did just that. He'd purchased the ticket but didn't adhere to the conditions to get the day off. He had a choice to keep his job. He chose the game. What I didn't know is he had to sell his ticket because he needed the money. Ironic.

I don't know why we'd hire a young guy with no experience in the field to manage our department. Lasted 2 months. Two people down, we now have two and a half people to do the same amount of work we couldn't keep up with before because of cutbacks. Today felt like more work was left undone than got done. Yet another thing to do: get used to it.

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chance of meatballs?


Food was flying Wednesday night in Waukesha. I don't know if you can tell anything about the health of a city by the food it discards, but the only things missing from this menue were McNuggets and a side of fries. I get a kick out of the Freeman's Police Blotter and the oftentime strange calls our police department gets. Wednesday's Blotter contained three consecutive food-related entries:

    10:21 p.m. – A person in the 300 block of North Greenfield Avenue reported a milk shake being thrown at a back window and a side mirror also was broken.

    10:38 p.m. – A vehicle in the 1800 block of Chapman Drive was pelted with eggs.The damage was minor.

    10:44 p.m. – A woman in the 1400 block of South West Avenue reported 16 ounces of ketchup being thrown at her door.

Impossible to tell if Wednesday's double coupon day had anything to do with this, or maybe a fast food junkie was getting rid of evidence? 

Lucky, Mee


There were so many dogs during today's opening at the Waukesha County Museum of Mary Ludington's The Nature of Dogs photography exhibit. It was so unique and unusual to see, everyone having such a great time, that I felt I should have brought one too. Tried to borrow one of several HAWS had brought for adoption, but settled for their mascot, Lucky, instead.

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one more vote

full of hot air

Waukesha's own WindDancer Balloon Promotions was nominated, and is in the running for, Milwaukee area's best hot air balloon company, WISN's A-List. Friends Ken and Kay Walter are competing against last year's winner, Lake Geneva Balloon Company. You've seen them in city parades. You've seen them floating overhead. Now you can vote and put them on the A-List.

Enjoy these hot air balloon challenges while you decide. Splash and Dash     Bull's Eye   thanks for voting

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What's Happening: Apr 13 to Apr 19

Caregivers Chat

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Techniques to use when Caring for Memory Impaired Adults, Mitzi Walsh, LPN. The Caring Place, Waukesha; 4pm-5:30pm; 262-542-6388 or 262-928-2314;

04/15/10- 04/18/10
Juliet Interpreted through Art student exhibition, mixed media

Student artists explore Juliet with ideas related to the word, the literary figure and the feminine perspective. Inspired by the Carroll Players performance of "Juliet," otteson Theatre lobby; 262-524-7195;

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the CORE team

Waukesha West's Academic Decathlon team isn't the only team going to championships this month. CORE 2062, a little known science and technology team from all three Waukesha public high schools, leaves for nationals tomorrow to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. After successfully negotiating the obstacles at the Minnesota 10.000 Lakes Regionals, CORE 2062 hopes to steer their robot through the course, lift, score, kick... and win.  The competition will be stiff: 500 robots from around the world. Good luck team!

General Description

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We Request the Honor of Your Presence...

For more information, please go to And stay tuned because WCT's uproarious, upcoming show Kitchen Witches, is sponsoring its Kitchen Quickies recipe contest & you're invited to participate. Details coming soon!

With my own children having been out of high school for nearly a decade and myself obviously longer, I don't know if prom is such a big deal anymore; however, 'back in the day' the words, "Will you go to prom with me?" were the words nearly every girl dreamed about, obsessed over and longed to hear via the boy she had a crush on.  With the school gymnasium or commons transformed into a magical place, it was as if for one night, the princesses in all the fairy tales were alive and they were you.  And of course the boy who asked you was Prince Charming - well, sometimes.

For the young man, these words were often difficult to voice.  Some young men spoke the words confidently, but I have my suspicion they were the exception.  Most of the guys were shake-in-their-boots nervous.  And there were even some who sent a scout, (i.e. a friend of the girl he liked) to see how the invitation would be received.  If the scout returned with a negative report, the young man could save himself the embarrassment and total humiliation and not bother to ask the question at all. 

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The Yearly Tax Rant

Hot Topics, Economy, Huckabee, Obama, Politics-National

It has been determined that in the recently years, less and less people pay personal income tax. It is now that 47% of the population no longer pay income taxes. Does that mean we’ve become a poorer nation? No. It is the result of tax credits and continued loopholes that allow a person living very well to pay no taxes, besides those with little income and meager resources.

It has correctly been pointed out that everyone still pays taxes. Everyone buys things that have the sales tax. Every property owner pays property tax and renters pay for that through their rent. So, nobody has a completely free ride.

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What's Happening: Apr 19 to Apr 26

Carroll Jazz Ensemble Concert

Students perform a jazz concert.. Shattuck Music Center; 7:30 p.m.; 262-524-7182

Junior Girl Scout Pet Care Open House

Explore the Nature of Dogs special exhibit and the personalities of various dog breeds with the photographer, Mary Ludington, who uses her medium to capture the true nature of dogs, their beauty, character, and spirit. Visit the HAWS Mobile Adoption unit.. Waukesha County Museum; 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.; 262 521 2859;

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What's Happening: Apr 26 to May 3

04/27/10- 05/22/10
Wisconsin Regional Art Program (WRAP) exhibit

Regional art exhibit and educational workship as a part of the 2010 Program. Sponsored by Waukesha Creative Arts League. Oconomowoc Arts Center; 262-965-3101;

"Luminescense" Concert

This concert by the Waukesha Area Symphonic Band features Sabrina Pruszka, clarinet, winner of the 2010 Converto Competition. Presented through WASB's charitable project Waukesha Works for People.. Carroll University; 7:30pm; 262-370-6129;

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Kitchen Quickies - Really, it's a contest!

For more information, please go to We'd love to have you join us!

I don't know about you, but there's nothing like the word - CONTEST - to get my competitive juices flowing, the reason I don't gamble!  I'm a sucker for them.  So, how about you?  Think you have what it takes to compete in the kitchen?  Enter our cooking contest and see if you can handle the heat.

With WCT's upcoming naughty-but-nice show, The Kitchen Witches, running April 30 - May 16, we're calling all cooks and beckoning all bakers to submit recipes for the segment in the show entitled, Kitchen Quickies.  Though it sounds a bit - risque' - we, the cast and crew swear this is legit and for the most part, rated no worse than PG-13.

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