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Pull for Underdog: The Other Guys

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The Other Guys takes a look at life from the perspective of the folks who never seem to get their due in life, those who see themselves as constantly living in the shadow of someone else more appealing to the world. This humorous attempt at exploring those experiences comes through the eyes of staight-laced Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and bad cop wannabe Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg), two New York detectives whose role in their precinct is somewhat akin to a backup infielder on a playoff bound baseball team. The lion's share of the glory for crime fighting is almost always given to P.K. Highsmith and Christopher Danson (Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson, respectively). But when Highsmith and Danson overestimate their own immortality, plunging to their deaths, Gamble and Hoitz struggle against another pair of detectives to fill the void.

In the process Gamble and Hoitz stumble upon a plot by mogul David Ershon (Steve Coogan) to defraud investors. Ershon has lost billions for a client, and the client's henchmen kidnap Ershon (while he's being escorted in Gamble's Prius) to prevent him from fleeing and avoiding the scam he's promised. While the chief discourages Gamble and Hoitz from pursuing the case because the evidence seems shaky, the case beomes a way for them to shame their critics in the precinct and become the department's go-to guys.

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I'm not whining

The Waukesha County Food Pantry opened at their new location on Sentry Drive this week. I lent a hand in the Saturday move. I'm familiar with the place, which is good, because it probably won't be long before I'm there for another reason.

My pay for 40 hours of work is $60.00 less take home than unemployment. By working full time I lose all unemployment. When I interviewed for the job I was told it paid more than when I was offered the job. If I refuse work I also lose all unemployment. Could you live on little more than $300.00 a week?

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working it off

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When I can save money, even if it means working it off . . .

Today I'll be manning the Shamrock Club's booth at the Wisconsin Highland Games at the County Expo Grounds. Look for me if you're there between noon and five. I've always known the Games were there, live just a mile from the Expo, but have never attended. I'm looking forward to seeing the caber toss, dancing, costumes, hearing bagpipes and Irish folk music. . . Volunteering will save me the $8.00 price of admission.

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Beware! Death Is Near Home.

Drunk Driving, Various Topics

An ominous, dark headline, I admit. But it sums up the story. I write this only to try to save you from suffering the fate of my daughter-in-Law and grandchildren, Jennifer Bukosky, Courtney and Sophia. They were coming home from from school.

I often drive out of state for business. Each time that I leave, my wife worries for my safety and tells me to drive safely. Yet, on one motorcycle trip, coming home from Tennessee, the only incident was a near collision on Grandview Boulevard less than a mile from home and the end of the journey.

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Hail to the Chief

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what are you doing at 6:00?

If the weather cooperates the Badgerland Skiers will be performing their last show of the season this afternoon at 6:00 on the Fox at Frame Park. WaukeshaNOW paper reported it starting at 7:00, and I wanted to make sure you were aware of the correction and encourage you to attend the superb show.

We've Been Robbed!

In remembrance of Kris, the Kris Kingstad Memorial Fund has been set in motion. Proceeds will help fund future production costs and possibly contribute to educational scholarship opportunities. For more information, contact John Cramer at Thank you!

On Wednesday, August 25, 2010, a thief; having stalked its prey for months, cloaked itself in darkness and armed with death carried out its mission, and a body, that of Kristine Louise Kingstad, (Kris), was stolen. . .

Waukesha Civic Theatre and many others were robbed!

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weapons as fashion accessories

I should've known, but I couldn't believe the amount of weapons at WI Highland Games 2010. I did have a good time. I tried haggis, heard pipers compete, saw athletic competition and ran into some friends. Obviously the origin of Highland games involve weapons, but I really don't need to know how to wield a mace or throw a battle axe with accuracy.

Seen were people of all ages sporting swords as part of their costume or recently purchased. Plastic swords, decorative, homemade, antique... all manner of swords. I too bought a sword a couple years ago at auction, but my wife wouldn't let me play with it. I gave it away.

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What's Happening: Sep 7 to Sep 13

Caregivers Chat

The Mediterranean Diet-Demo and Discussion, Margaret Pfeiffer, RD.of Prohealth Care. The Caring Place, Waukesha; 4pm-5:30pm; 262-542-6388 or 262-928-2314;

Waterfront Wednesday Concert- Stoneship Eden

This free musical series is held weather permitting. Join each week for a variety to music. Pewaukee Lakefront; 6-9:00pm; 262-695-9735;

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my ticket to history has expired

My ticket, three actually, expired for lack of use yesterday when we missed the big Brewer game. Pitcher Trevor Hoffman made history with his 600th save, the first major-league reliever to do so.

I didn't get home until almost 7:00 and the game started at 7:10. No one here was in the mood to go with me and, not being a big baseball fan, didn't even know Hoffman was going for the record.

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Get It Now to open in Waukesha

Shoppes at Fox River

Get It Now, a division of Rent-A-Center, will open a store soon in the Shoppes at Fox River, on Waukesha's southwest side.

This will be the 23rd store in Wisconsin for Get It Now, an easy-credit operation that sells furniture, appliances, computers and electronics. There are eight Get It Now stores in the Milwaukee metro area, all of them in Milwaukee County.

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decking the walls of City Hall's hall

Waukesha Art Fest on Main Street wasn't the only place to find a good painting. Volunteers showed up in force to spruce up City Hall Saturday. The team pulled it together and got the huge task done in just two days - way ahead of the time expected and, obviously, saving a lot of money.

   The colors, coral and an off-yellow, go pretty good together.

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Shareholders Are Not The Problem

Hot Topics, Economy, Motorcycle

In Sunday's Crossroads, Jack Norman writes a good piece questioning the Harley Davidson union/relocation controversy. I take exception to one claim. It is that "the benefits are mostly going to shareholders instead of the broader economy".

There is some truth to that. HOG, the Harley Davidson stock name, is paying a 1.5% yield as a dividend. Stocks that pay dividends are making money. One of the wealthiest companies, Apple, pays no dividend. It plows all of the profits back into the company's research and development to create the next iPad or iPhone. Harley could keep that dividend and instead use it for their R&D or for the workers. By the way, a 1.5% dividend yield is not extravagant as they go, but for a company whining about hard times, it does raise valid questions.

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Where Art Thou Art?

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I saw many familiar faces while manning the WPR booth at Waukesha Art Fest yesterday. I greeted them at the booth or spotted them from a distance. The clouds parted, the sun came out, had as much fun as last year. 

Katie Madsen, Mimi Notestein and Chuck Quirmbach from WHAD were in town for Art Fest.

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What's Happening: Sep 13 to Sep 20

09/14/10- 10/11/10
Shirley Hansen, watercolor paintings

Watercolor painting exhibition with reception on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009, from 10 a.m.-noon.. Humphrey Memorial Chapel and Art Cente; ; 262-524-7195;

09/16/10- 09/18/10

Weissgerber's Gasthaus; ; 262-544-4460;

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Flipped: Junior High Romance Worth Seeing

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Flipped is the latest offering from director Rob Reiner documening both sides of a romance which begins in childhood and lurches through junior high. Bryce Loski (Callan McAuliffe) and Juli Baker (Madeline Carroll) begin their relationship as grade schoolers when Bryce moves in with his family across the street from Juli. Juli instantly falls in love, the way a only a schoolgirl can, but Bryce is completely uninterested. His dislike  for her seems to stem from his father Steven's (Anothony Edwards) bigoted attitudes toward most people who appear to be different from the norm. Though his mother Patsy (Rebecca De Mornay) presents mild challenges to Steven's biases, Bryce tends to follow along the way most boys do. Juli's undying affection for Bryce is unaffected by his spurning until she finaly catches him throwing away one of many dozen eggs she has given to his family from her hens. Bryce throws the eggs away because his father has cinvinced everyone that either an embryo will fall out of one of the eggs, or that they will get salmonella from eating them.

Bryce's grandfather Chet (John Mahoney), a recent widower who moved in with the Loski's, is skeptical of Steven's bigotry and befriends Juli. As he helps fix up the Bakers' yard (another subject of Steven's criticism) he finds that Juli is "the one that got away" from Bryce. He challenges Bryce to rethink some of what his dad has said about Juli and the Bakers. Bryce eventually realizes what a quality individual Juli is, but it may be too late. For her part, Juli gets to the point where she cannot see why she ever had an interest in Bryce. When Bryce puts himself up for auction at a school fundraiser, Juli bids on another young man (in whom she has no interest), while Bryce is bid upon by the most popular girl in school (in whom he has no interest). Bryce's mother finally decides to invite the Baker family over in an attempt to confront her husband's bigotry more than anything else. But Juli kindly informs Bryce that she never wants to speak to him again. The audience wonders whether or not they will ever come to like each other at the same time.

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Prepare for a Flood...

WCT is located at 264 W. Main Street, (Downtown), Waukesha, WI. Please go to for more information. We'd love to have you join us!

We've had a lot of water this past summer, haven't we?  Torrential downpours, in fact; some more some less.  Some had a water park in their own back yards whether they wanted one or not.  Some had swimming pools in their basements.  Ugh!

It brought back a particularly unpleasant memory.  Years ago, when my husband was off to job training; and of course these things typically happen to us wives when the husbands are gone; we had a similar summer and during one of the downpours, our basement flooded.  In its wake was backed up sewage and a new, large bag of dry dog food floating with its contents spilling and mixing with. . .well, you know.  Suffice it to say, I was not happy and while I was forced to deal with the clean up, I wasn't very gracious about it.

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What's Happening: Sep 20 to Sep 27

Freeman Friday Night Live

Freeman Friday Night Live Music Festival is live music rain or shine on seven stages throughout the downtown every Friday. The schedule of performers changes weekly. Historic Downtown Waukesha; 6:30pm-8:30pm; 262-547-1060;

09/24/10- 09/26/10

Stop by the Expo for Bier, Food and Music for an authentic German Oktoberfest. Waukesha County Expo; ; 262-896-8490;

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What's Happening: Sept 27 to Oct 4

09/27/10- 11/06/10
A.C.T. Fall Session

WCT's Theatre Arts Education Program. Waukesha Civic Theatre; Varies; 262-547-0708;

10/01/10- 10/02/10
Wisconsin Feargrounds

Waukesha County Expo;

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A daughter is engaged - And I feel like the "Father of the Bride..."

Family, Observations

Sunday, August 22'nd, my oldest daughter Kelly accepted an offer of marriage from her (now) fiancée Chris Hoesly.

It was staged brilliantly - We had a picnic with families and friends at Okauchee Lake. The day was picture-perfect gorgeous! Chris asked me earlier in the week if I would be complicit in the execution (not a good word when dealing with marriages?) of his plans and I agreed. He purchased a beautiful ring and wanted to provide Kelly and all in attendance with a memorable presentation. His request to me was to have 8 people on our pontoon and slowly cruise by the property at a prearranged time.

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