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Did You Drink Responsibly?

Drunk Driving

I go through $30 MP3 players like water. Something quickly goes wrong and I try another bargain priced one. Finding out my woes with them, a son bought me a genuine Apple iPod Touch for Christmas. Quite a nice device!

I knew about the many applications available for them and after getting fairly familiar with the device, I surfed on over to shop for applications. I first got the mandatory "carpenter's level" program which serves no purpose other than being "neat". I also found a star chart program which helps me identify stars, constellations and other astronomy information. As most of my dog park visits are at night, I often gaze at the sky while taking a break from hiking around with Kanook.

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cold bath


Followed through with the plan to bathe in Waukesha's future bath water. Had lots of company in the tub, but the hot water wasn't working. As promised, here are the pictures:

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red hot hot dogs

J-S, YouTube, Dad

I love hot dogs, both eating and watching. The Journal Sentinel pointed out a couple good examples within the last few days.

Thursday's, 12/31/09, cover story was done on a hot dog joint I was first taken as a boy by my Dad, probably around the early 1970's. Coney Island has been at Fifth and National in Milwaukee since the 1920's and I'd like my dogs plain and "burnt." My dad liked to order the chili dog sauce by the bowlful.

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Welcome, Archbishop Listecki

St. William, helping

On the tenth day of Christmas, tomorrow the fourth, somewhere ten lords will be leaping, I'll be going back to work, and Most Rev. Jerome Listecki will be installed as the eleventh Archbishop of Milwaukee. It will be the first time I've worked in two weeks, and the first time in 166 years we've had a Polish archbishop in Milwaukee. Another words, we've never had a Polish archbishop.

I've enjoyed my time off. It was fun and relaxing, and I got some things done too. Instead of overwhelming me, Christmas was actually quite nice. My search for the true meaning of Christmas came to a successful conclusion. It's there, just harder to find under the tree or at the mall.

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What's Happening: Jan 4 to Jan 11

01/04/10- 01/30/10
Dolls of the World: Customs, Culture & Celebrations

A colorful and rich exploration of world cultures as seen through a wealth of unique ethnic dolls.Featuring dolls from the Toy Museum of New York as well as the museum’s collection. The exhibit includes a hands-on area. Waukesha County Museum; 10:00a.m.- 4:30 p.m.; 262-521-2859;

01/04/10- 02/16/10
Almont Gallery presents, "Tres Chic”

Wearable & Decorative Art Exhibit. Featured Artists Lynn Gaffey, Katie Holleback along with the art of 17 other artists and artisans. . Almont Gallery- Historic Downtown Waukesha; 262-542-1522;

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A Wonderful New Year to Explore

adopt, animals, donate, humane pets, rescue, shelter

Sophie the cat would like a toy and a house to go with it.To set the mood for today's blog entry, think of Louis Armstrong's song "What a Wonderful World."  Are you ready?  Continue reading!

One day this past summer, when I wasn't at HAWS, I looked out the front window and spied the neighbor’s Golden Retriever playing in their sprinkler.  She jumped back and forth in the spray, took a drink, got water up her nose, sneezed, and went back for more.  All the while her human kids stood giggling at her antics from the front porch.

Dewey the a "doodle" awaits his new home!Now, really, what is better than that picture?  Down economy, tough times or whatever, our pets are still living in the moment and finding the simple joys in life.  THAT’S why we need to press on – and what we tell folks when we speak with them about adopting, volunteering, donating or sponsoring our organization.  Our pets still think we’re rock stars, still believe we are the best, still find the fun in each day.  They are there for us and their role as companion, listener, clown and exercise program has never been more relevant to our emotional well-being than it is right now.

Almay the rabbit is looking for lettuce and love.Now, more than ever, we at HAWS and throughout our community need to be there for all of them!  So let’s make this year a TRUE celebration of pets and their people – and what we give to each other.

Our sincerest thanks for your help, dedication and compassion, and belief in the HAWS cause!  We are more than just a shelter because of you.  C'mon by sometime and see what YOUR support continues to do for us.

By the way - we're having a White Out at HAWS:  adopt any solid white or light colored animal at HAWS throughout the month of January, and the adoption fee is 50% off!  We're here 7 days a week, adoption applications are available both online and at our facility.

Shepherd and Flock

St. William, let us pray



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free cell phones? how would you vote?

Free cell phones were on my mind this week. Met someone who owns a free government issued phone. She had heard about it on TV, qualified, and now has proof that the program works. I talked to her on it.

I was supposed to meet with a couple this week at their new apartment in Waukesha to maybe help them with furnishings through St. Vincent de Paul. I never did meet with them because they don't have a phone. The apartment they moved to has a locked entrance with the intercom dependent on having a phone.

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What's Happening: Jan 11 to Jan 18

Wee Wonders- Sounds of Nature

For parents and grandparents with children ages 2- 4. Winter is a great time to get out and listen for the sounds that make up this crisp season. Dress for the weather.. Retzer Nature Center; 9:30am- 10:15am; 262-548-7801;

01/15/10- 01/16/10
Rocco Memorial Gun Show

Waukesha County Expo Center; ; 262-896-8490;

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Two Waukesha schools (and 18 others) qualify for state competition

Waukesha County, competition, Waukesha West High School, Waukesha South High School

Waukesha South High School will join perennial favorite Waukesha West High School in sending a team to the state Academic Decathlon competition in Madison this year.

The two teams are among 20 statewide, including six total from Waukesha County, whose performances at regional competitions held throughout the state on Friday earned them spots in the March battle of wits.

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Outsmarting Alzheimer's Disease: A New Place For Mom

My mother is battling Alzheimer's Disease. This blog piece is about two kids taking a calculated risk, hoping that relocating mom to a more intimate, family-based 'residential assisted care house' will improve her contentment and provide dignity in her final years of life.

In 2000, our family took a financial plunge. We paid an 'endowment' higher than the price of a new Subaru to assure that our mom would have a reserved spot at a desirable senior living facility from age 82 - 102. Our wish was that she'd have many good healthy years living independently throughout her 80's -- she moved in and this first wish came true. We also knew our mother would ultimately end up physically worn down, so we envisioned her spending her sunset years in this particular large-scale nursing care facility, alongside her acquaintances from church and childhood.

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"Fitness Unleashed!"

adopt, animals, pets, rescue, shelter

C'mon, keep up!A book titled Fitness Unleased - A Dog and Owner's Guide to Losing Weight and Gaining Health Together found it's way to HAWS.  I was immediately interested, being the advocate I am for the Four-Footed-and-Furry exercise partner.  Hey, having a dog to walk helps you keep that same-old, same-old New Year's Resolution!  This book agrees, and is a great tool to get you both started on a new fitness routine.

For the record, I do walk the walk on this topic - literally.  My husband, myself and our 2 dogs are daily evening walkers, and on weekends I also join their twice-daily walking schedule.  (Monday thru Thursday the a.m. walk is done at 5:30 - not for me!  But I'm happy to go at the more SANE hour of 8am Friday - Sunday....)

At times, we get the strangest looks - especially when all 4 of us are bundled up beyond recognition and still out there moving.  During snow storms, rain and frigid spells we especially like to look around and ask "Where IS everybody?!?!"  (The putting on of the dog booties is a worthwhile hassle, trust us!)

Don't get me wrong, I don't always enjoy this routine.  Many days our 9-year-old greyhound and I are of the same mind:  seriously, the couch looks a lot better right now!  But we definitely notice we are all Benny is up for a few laps...more stiff if we don't go, and that extra cookie isn't so guilt-inducing once we've done a lap or 2.  (This is the part where I tell you to ADOPT 4 PAWS FROM HAWS or, if that's not an option, BECOME A VOLUNTEER DOG WALKER!)

"Having" to walk the dog can be very motivating.  Our primary source of that these days is our 12-year-old fuzzy mutt - a HAWS alumni.  We've always suspected she's part Border Collie; she's always ready to go (dog owners, you all know what it's like having to spell certain words - we can't even say anything that RHYMES with "walk" without her running to get her leash).  Lately, tho, her after-walk routine has us shaking our heads in amazement.  She'll give us about 5 minutes to settle in after returning from our nightly exercise before...grabbing her favorite squeaky toy and running up and down the hall with it.  Even better if one of us stands at either end of the hall way so it becomes a game of keepaway!

(I think in the dog-to-human-years comparison, a 12-year-old dog is equivalent to a 65-year-old human.  We're not there yet, and she is NOT going to show us up.)  But, really, we just got home....

To summarize, there is yet another role a pet can play in your life - personal trainer.  Just don't teach them how to use a whistle.

By the way - in JanuaryFebruary we have several dog-centered seminars and classes.  Check out our Events Calendar for puppy and dog events (play and exercise are a big part!), along with lots of other fun things to do at HAWS!

The Mean, Green, WHA Machine!

 (Includes 2012 underground goverment hiding bunker.)

“Green and sustainable.”

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What's Happening: Jan 18 to Jan 25

Nature Sprouts- Scent-sational Skunks!

Discover scent-sational skunks! What do you suppose they're up to in the middle of January? Registration required.. Retzer Nature Center; 10am- 11am; 1pm-2pm; 262-548-7801;

01/20/10- 01/23/10
Safro Auto Sale

Waukesha County Expo Center; ; 262-896-8490;

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Best Beer Destinations

With the fire this week at Pizza Man in Milwaukee there have been a huge number of memories flooding in.  That gave me an idea.  Have readers send me their favorite Wisconsin beer destinations.  This can be your favorite spot to get a beer, favorite brewery tour or favorite festival.  In the comments please give me your favorites and I will compile and list on a later post.

Now is the time for some great spring seasonal beers to be hitting the shelves soon including Leinenkugels 1888 Bock, Sam Adams Noble Pils, and Sierra Nevada's Golden Bock.

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How do Waukesha Political Priorities measure up against the Nation's?

Community, Community Happenings, Observations

Waukesha's upcoming Mayoral primary election has 4 candidates - each with their own platform and agenda for the future of their City. After reading about their concerns, it is obvious they care about the Community they live in. A full-time vs part-time Mayor differentiates one of the candidates. The ongoing "Waukesha Water/Radium" issue shows differences of opinion on the plan and urgency of this looming challenge. There are other items and areas where the candidates differ and agree including job development, retaining businesses, housing, etc...

But - They all are committed to Waukesha and the years ahead!

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Geothermal And Heat Pumps

Global Warming, HVAC, Petroleum, Pollution

Sunday's Home Section of the Journal was the last straw. As I told fellow blogger, Curt Otto , I am going to write a blog about Geothermal Heat. I need to because it is apparently greatly misunderstood as are heat pumps, also called "Hybrid Heat".

Today I read the implication that Geothermal heat was free. Nothing is totally free, but lets establish that the writer is implying that Geothermal heat is much less expensive than traditional means of heating the home such as burning natural gas, fuel oil or even pure resistive electric heat.

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What's Happening: Jan 25 to Feb 1

Winter Wildlife on Snowshoes

Join a Retzer naturalist as you trek the trails in the silent world of wildlife.. Retzer Nature Center; 1pm- 3pm; 262-548-7801;

*Top Things to Do*

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i Had Fun

Carroll, 1) sound of music, 1) sound of music, 8) my favorite things, festival, YouTube

The name of one of the many great bands at JanBoree Jam said it all. I loved i Had Fun, but Colour, On My Way and Lifeline Called Comet all earned my applause. High Five Heroes earned more than a high five... I ordered one of their soon to be released CDs. Nine bands for eight bucks? What a deal! I really can't say enough about the talent and energy we experienced at North H.S. Saturday night.

i Had FunHigh Five Heroes

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Water Saving Remodel

Water Issue, Economy, Big Box vs Mom and Pop Stores, Product report

Our home was built in the 1960's, I believe. I would like to have seen it when it was finished. I know it has been remodeled at least once since then before we bought it. Now after over 20 years of ownership, we remodeled the bathroom and a little of the kitchen. Also, after 38 years of marriage and two washing machines, we bought a high tech front loading washing machine. Our second washer, a Kenmore, as was our first, was still working but some things showed deterioration and I try not to wait till things fail entirely. To protect all of this from hard water minerals, we also installed a new water softener.

A result of all of these purchases was a little shot of money into the economy and hopefully helping some people in their job security along the way. Labor was obtained from within the county. Most materials were purchased from a big box store, but it is headquartered in the state and many of their stores, including the one locally, have heating and air conditioning equipment bought from the company that I work for.

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