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the wedding present

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Had a reunion to go to last night. Didn't feel like I put in my best effort on the committee, was reluctant to go by myself and slow to leave the house. Ten minutes after I should've left, Rod called to go ballooning in the a.m. and wondered if I could crew.

Of course, now the mood changed and I was in a hurry to get to the reunion. I always brighten up when Rod calls, but now I knew I wouldn't be drinking a lot or staying out too late. But then I found out there was free beer and discovered I was having a really great time. I even danced a little.

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Friends; better with age

7) I simply remember, 8) my favorite things

Hoping you were able to pick up your Friendship cake before they were all sold out. Today is International Friendship Day, the 74th annual.  

Today I'm thinking about how great it is to have friends. Last night, my 30 year high school reunion was held at Loft and Chapel. Back in the '70s, when Waukesha North was still new, our class was the first one to go all four years through. Some of us are still around.

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Cash For Clunkers

Economy, Global Warming, Health-care, Hot Topics, Obama, Politics-National, Pollution

If you have access to YouTube, search on Cash For Clunkers.  You will be horrified at what you see. Among dozens of related videos, I watched one where a perfectly good Volvo turbo was drained of oil and the engine ran at redline until it seized. Among the comments were that a person's daughter had one that he gave her for driving while at college. He pointed out that salvage parts will become scarcer and more expensive if older but perfectly fine cars are demolished like this.

Another video was of a car dealer showing perfectly sound pickup trucks that would be great for construction workers and landscapers and the like. Vehicles that run well, are not polluters and are not driven all that much where fuel economy is all that important. But they are off to the crusher. Result is the price of older pickup trucks will rise.

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Cash For Clunkers II

Economy, Global Warming, Hot Topics, Obama, Petroleum, Politics-National

Hey neighbor, I want to buy a new car. Give me $10. Too bad if you don't like it. No, make that $30!

One billion dollars has been spent on the Cash For Clunkers program with another two billion soon to be approved. America's population is a bit over three hundred million so an average household is giving around $30 towards someone getting a Cash For Clunkers rebate. I'm figuring 3 people per household.

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Three For One, But You Paid For It

Economy, Politics-National

The Obama Whitehouse asked for budgeting for one new Gulfstream business jet. The same jet that Congress lambasted GM and Chrysler executives for owning.

The House Appropriations Committee decided to fund three instead, for a total of about $200 Million. The Chairman of the Committee that did this is Wisconsin's own David Obey. His second in command is John Murtha, who brought the pork home to Pennsylvania by creating a huge airport named after him, complete with a manned federal control tower, that has two flights a day from it. It even has a coffee shop. Too bad it doesn't have any customers.

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Memories of Waukesha Tennis: Mike Cahill's Monster Serve

Waukesha is a tried and true tennis town, and dedicated racket sports cities breed superior talent. Consequently, it is natural that great players like Mike Cahill and others hatched here.

In our city, you don't have to walk, bike or drive too far to find a court in which to hone your game. There are scores of available courts throughout the city, and one spectacular public tennis venue -- the Woyahn Tennis Complex in Heyer Park. (This 50 acre park, in my opinion, is one of the hidden gems of Waukesha.)

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Common Ground Needed In Healthcare Bill

Health-care, Hot Topics, Politics-National

Things are getting near violent out there! Some “Common Ground” is needed with the discussion of H.R. 3200, commonly known as the Healthcare Bill. It doesn’t have a name on the cover of the Bill, but is described as;

“ To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending, and for other purposes.”

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Nashotah Dog Exercise Area Unofficially Open

Dog Parks

As was hoped for a few years ago, the Dog Exercise areas at Nashotah County Park are about to be officially opened on September 9th. This will give county residents another place to let their dog run off-leash within a secure fenced and gated area.

It has both a large and small dog area, as does Minooka Park, but in this case the large dog area is mostly open and flat in contrast to Minooka's hilly landscape with many trees and bushes. Presently it has all the fencing and gates installed along with clean-up station and receptacles. Some more work is in progress and signs say it may be closed from time to time for construction, so until September 9th, it may be closed from time to time.

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Mark Benson Sentencing Comments

Drunk Driving

On behalf of the Bukosky Family, I'd like to thank all of those that have been supportive during this difficult time. I'll not rehash that which is so widely available on the Internet about the case. Instead, I'd like to offer some thoughts that I have that have not been discussed much.

SUV's have been demonized by people. For my discussion any truck chassis based vehicle will be an SUV. This includes your standard half ton pick-up truck. Many people drive these large vehicles because they believe them to be safer than small cars. Indeed, that is true. Jenn's car was a Honda Accord. It has a good safety rating, but these tests are for when the vehicle hits another object. Mark Benson's vehicle was a Cadillac Escalade which is a rebadged Chevy Suburban. It and the Ford Excursion are the two largest vehicles you can buy before stepping into commercial sized trucks.

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It Always Feels Like...

It’s official.

Big Brother is keeping a watchful eye on downtown Waukesha.

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Vaya Con Dios Les Paul

Les is more, YouTube, let us pray, 1) sound of music, 6) when I'm feeling sad, 7) I simply remember, 8) my favorite things

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Health-Care - Less Emotion Please!


People are searching for answers about HR 3200 that won't be found in town-hall meetings. Are we learning any more about peoples feelings than what the polls show? Over half the country is opposed to the health-care bill from the House.  That figure shows independents who voted for Obama are having second thoughts, though I don't think things would be any different if Hillary Clinton had won.

I believe that all of this emotion just might be a good thing. It has prevented a slamming though on a deadline bill that is so vague that Congressmen admit they don't know what is in it.  I think some further government involvement in health-care is inevitable. Let do it right and not be hasty about it!

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the women of Irishfest

1) sound of music, 8) my favorite things, festival, YouTube

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If Les is buried in Waukesha

Les is more

A suggestion for the monument;


Unintended Consequences Of CARS

Economy, Hot Topics, Obama, Petroleum

Rick Frazier is director of the car donation program for The Military Order Of The Purple Heart. As other nonprofit charitable organizations do, such as the popular Rawhide Ranch charity, they count on car and truck donations for income. Rick said that immediately upon the government Cash For Clunkers program, their donations dropped. During my travels I will hear other charities such as the American Lung Association, Volunteers Of America and Kars For Kids looking for car donations. I think it safe to say that they are seeing their income fall too.

It is ironic that the government has this feel good program that takes money from the wallets of everyone and then the poor and other worthy people and organizations are hurt by it. Does anyone doubt that a dollar given to a good charity organization does more good than a dollar administered by the federal government?

Harley Davidson - Some Urgency Please!

Economy, Hot Topics, Motorcycle, Politics-Local, Politics-National

The Business Journal reports that should the York Pennsylvania Harley Davidson factory close, probably hinging on union concessions, that they are presently scouting for a new locations in Tennessee, Kentucky or Indiana.

If this doesn't sound an alarm and a wake-up call, then Wisconsin is hopeless. Lock the door and the last business out please turn off the lights. Certainly our political climate has lost it's lights long ago!

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Les Paul's 'Discovery World' Event & Waukesha's Challenge

 It was very generous of Milwaukee's 'Discovery World Museum' staff to open up their tribute exhibition to Les Paul today, and to hold a public visitation & tribute.

To pay honor to his death, and to spark interest in his life, the comprehensive musical history showcase (Les Paul's House Of Sound), which is located on their "technology floor,' was totally FREE to all comers today. I hope alot of you were there, but if you weren't able to attend this exciting event, here are a few of my thoughts and opinions: it was a hugely successful happening, the Milwaukee site/museum is beautiful with the lakefront providing the backdrop, a huge variety of people attended the event, and Waukesha was well represented -- Dan Vrakas, our County Executive showed up, as did countless others from our city & region. 

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The kids are going back to college...And I miss them already...


Seems like it was just May and we were looking towards our 2 youngest coming home from college. Areas in the lower level were cleaned out for their transient belongings which follow them from UW LaCrosse and back again. Bedrooms were freshened, fresh foodstuffs were stockpiled into pantries, and we looked forward to their arrival.

BANG! They hit home and everyone reverts to their established behavior, patterns, and always-shifting familial alliances. I mentally plan "cooperative" tasks including getting the cottage Summer-ready; fishing with my son; taking the kids out to dinner; making the annual family Eagle River trek in July; and many other small events which have been meaningful over the years.  Well...

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a new use for sunflowers

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Dangerous Appointments

Hot Topics, Obama, Politics-National

Sometimes I feel badly not concentrating on local topics. Oh I've been tempted about things like rebuilding the zoo interchange and light rail, high speed rail or whatever people wanting to move forward to the past want. It's about forcing us to live as they wish and not as we want to live. It's about forcing us to pay for their desires even if we want no part of them. But all of that pales to the bigger picture.

You see, people who enabled the big experiment in government are having a change in heart. To those in government who are part of the big experiment, they see the shift in their support and are lighting fires as fast as they can get away with it. Rhetoric about transparency in government clashes with forcing radical changes through either under the table or so fast that we don't know what happened until it's too late.  President Obama wanted an August deadline to get HR3200 passd. Fortunately enough questions and uncertainties were raised to hold it up until that which he wanted hidden finally became known to the people. Don't let them fool you. The Republicans cannot hold up voting or passing the bill. The Democrats have enough members in Congress to force it though. Fortunately, enough Democrats have hesitated, be it reasons of self interest come election time or for more noble reasons.

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