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What's Happening: Aug 1 to Aug 8

08/01/11- 08/05/11
Fantastic Inventors Museum Explorers Summer Camp

Waukesha is home to many great inventors from the past, present and future! All campers will join this important group of people by not only exploring inventions from our history, but also creating inventions for the next generation. - Waukesha County Museum, 262 521-2859,

Badgerland Water Ski Show

Weekly Event! Located at Frame Park on the Fox River, check out the Badgerland Water Ski Show as they practice to compete again at nationals in 2011- placed 6th overall in 2010! FREE Ski show begins at 7pm each week.- Frame Park, Downtown Waukesha, 262-542-0330,

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FFNL and El Rey

As expected the weather and crowds were great for Friday's fun. El Rey and the Nightbeats is one of the few bands people dance to and they were taking advantage. Broadway was totally and pleasantly clogged, as it was last year, and people were climbing every tree and lamp post just to get a glimpse of them. Well, maybe not that last part, but they're popular.

They've been around 54 years; that's four years longer than the Beach Boys! A nice touch to their varied set was, when it was through, each band member said something in appreciation to the crowd. They are from the Waukesha area and are always happy to see so many people enjoying themselves.

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This and That

While enjoying a root beer at Bodway’s Live Music Grille the other night, George from Waukesha Tattoo reminded me that I haven’t blogged since April. Oops. So here is a quick look at some of the most recent things happening in beautiful downtown Waukesha…

The mural on the Couri Insurance building is coming along splendidly. Artist Chris Vincent has been braving incredible heat (from both Mother Nature and from those who don’t like the mural) over the past few weeks and it looks like it may be nearing completion. After years of staring at a gray wall, it’s really nice to see such a beautiful painting in its place.

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Pure Imaginations - A Collective Effort

For more information go to We'd love to see you at the theatre!

I've seen both renditions of the Willy Wonka films.  They're a fun ride through the fantastical; and there's no doubt one needs a good imagination to enjoy the tale; hence, my not being able to wrap my own imagination around this being a stage production.  I mean there's a chocolate river and the girl who blows up like a blueberry and a lot of scenes that require not only pure imagination but a great deal of thoughtful creativity.  And, they did it!

With the collective and wonderful imaginations of John Cramer, (Director), Sallie Burkard, (Costume Designer), Michael Talaska, (Scenic Designer/Master Carpenter/Properties Designer), Aaron Schmidt, (Lighting/Sound Designer), Anthony Mackie, (Wig Master), David Bonofiglio, (Music Director), Katie Danner, (Stage Manager) and the entire run crew and cast - it's being done and done well at the Waukesha Civic Theatre.  Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka is running one more weekend, August 12-14, 2011.  It's an enjoyable production;one you and your family will love.

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What's Happening: August 8 to August 15

Lunch and Learn Program, "The Magic of Owen Gromme"

This month will feature a presentation from the Milwaukee Public Museum as the head taxidermist shares how Gromme created various bird exhibits during his 43 years working at the museum.  I- Waukesha County Museum, 262 521-2859,

Badgerland Water Ski Show

Frame Park, Historic Downtown Waukesha. 6:30pm

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Waukesha water use below projections

The City of Waukesha's water use declined for the fifth consecutive year in 2010 to an average daily demand of 6.69 million gallons a day, records show.

Actual demand was 1.21 million gallons a day less than the 2010 estimate included in the city's request for Great Lakes water.

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more FFNL

I enjoyed Darry's latest on the Downtown Waukesha situation. Freeman Friday Night Live continues to be the best thing to bring people downtown since Weekend in Waukesha a few years back. The difference, I've noticed, is FFNL attracts mostly people from the local area who would most benefit from a thriving downtown. While Harley's Weekend in Waukesha was great fun, temporarily good for the economy and a great way to get word out about our fair city, my guess is the majority of our guests may not return until another Harley event, if then.

Last Friday I was situated at the bottleneck between the Potter's Shop demonstration booth and the Steaming Cup stage where the Front Porch Boys were entertaining. There were so many strollers; couples, singles and the four-wheeled kind, that foot traffic often would have to wait their turn to pass. Figured if I stood there long enough eventually most FFNL goers would eventually walk past. The weather was great, but people watching was even better.

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Stifel buys notes related to Wisconsin schools' lawsuit

Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., OPEB, investments

Stifel Financial Corp. announced today that it finalized a deal to purchase $162.5 million in notes from DEPFA Bank, the same bank that the trusts of five Wisconsin school districts borrowed from to purchase risky investments from Stifel that later failed.

Stifel is facing a lawsuit in Milwaukee County Circuit Court from the school districts, which claim the brokerage firm and the Royal Bank of Canada misled them about the nature of the investments.

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Convention Center? Not So Fast!

I attend several convention/conferences every year. Some of the most recent were at the huge JW Marriott in Indianapolis, freshly opened and built for next years superbowl. The most recent was at a Hilton in the Chicago area and previously at many across the nation from Georgia, Florida to Arizona and Nevada. I was even to two held down the road at the Marriott across from American TV. Kind of feel like blurting out Johnny Cash's song, "I've Been Everywhere".

The point is that I know a little about attending events at such places and had this in mind when word came out of a proposal for what is being called a convention center at the intersection of North and Barstow. My first reaction was that I'd not miss the Hardee's nor antique stores on the property, but I questioned the location in general.

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in lieu of

St. Vincent, 1) sound of music, Badgerland Skiers

Haven't hopped down the bloggin' trail lately. Last couple weeks have been more notable for what I didn't do than what I've done.

Didn't go to State Fair or Air and Water Show in Milwaukee. Didn't attend latest Art Crawl or Friday Night Live. Didn't go to Bluesfest; haven't even been to one Badgerland Water Ski show this year. Didn't chase any balloons at the Hartford Hot Air Balloon Rally this last weekend or go to the Waukesha Old Car Club show at Frame Park . . .

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What's Happening: Aug 15 to Aug 22

"Modus Operandi"- An art exhibit of unique manners of painting.

An art exhibit featuring the paintings of Dana Larson and Marilee Shepard. Show runs from Aug 16th to Sept 30th. - 342 W. Main Street, Waukesha WI 53186, 262-542-1522,

Badgerland Water Ski Show

Weekly Event! Located at Frame Park on the Fox River, check out the Badgerland Water Ski Show as they practice to compete again at nationals in 2011- placed 6th overall in 2010! FREE Ski show begins at 7pm each week.- Frame Park, Downtown Waukesha,

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Deep Fried Art

For starters, I’m glad the State Fair is over. I went three times this year and consumed enough fried food to give a horse a heart attack. Fried Snickers, fried Oreos, fried deep fried fries (made the last one up). I did not try the deep fried butter- I believe that crosses a thin line between eating bad and eating stupid. Maybe I’ll try it next year.

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One For The Funny And Two To Go

Badgerland Skiers, Frame Park

Finally saw my first Badgerland Water Ski show of the season last night after admitting I hadn't been to any. What a riot! The weather and crowds were great, skiing superb as always on the crystal clear waters of the Fox River.

Two things really amazed me. First, Steve, the new announcer, is great. He's got a routine you shouldn't miss. It's hilarious! He does a little doubles act on skis that you'd never expect and have to see to believe.

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Three To Get Ready...

Badgerland Skiers, Frame Park

I stand corrected.

Last post mentioned two Badgerland ski shows left this season. In fact there are three if you include Labor Day Monday's show, which I was reminded about. In order to squeeze every last bit of sunlight out of a swiftly-dwindling summer this last show of the year will begin at 6:00 and end at 7:30.

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facebook reunion

Crabby Joe's, Barefoot 'n' Bluejeans, reunion, Waukesha North, 1) sound of music, 7) I simply remember, Friday Night Live

If you've been on facebook you know how easy it is to connect. You can easily set up groups and events without expense or difficulty. Users have no problem connecting with others with a common interest or history. Finding old friends connected to facebook is as easy as typing their names, looking  through others' list of friends, or responding to friends suggested to you by facebook or other users.

The Waukesha North group I'm in makes it a lot easier to gather or share news among those who have the common interest, history and friends.

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What's Happening: Aug 22 to Aug 29

Badgerland Water Ski Show

Weekly Event! Located at Frame Park on the Fox River, check out the Badgerland Water Ski Show as they practice to compete again at nationals in 2011- placed 6th overall in 2010! FREE Ski show begins at 7pm each week.- Frame Park, Downtown Waukesha,

Market on the Hill

Weekly farmers market held rain or shine. - Queen of Apostles- 449 W. Wisconsin Ave., 262-695-9735,

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slippery when wet

Mother Goose would never have allowed this.

Jack Spratt had a spat with his woman in the shower. A clean fight? While doing their part to conserve Waukesha's precious resource, police broke down the door and wrestled Jack to the floor. But Jack, covered in Irish Spring (or was it Dial) slipped out of their grasp wearing nothing but a smile.

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On the List- Recalling Ducks, Dragonflys, and Eggs

While on a road trip to Madison today, I passed the time taking an unofficial survey. I counted how many people were driving with a cell phone held to their ear. On average, out of every 10 cars I passed, 4 of them were talking on the phone in this manner. And out of 50 cars, 5 were sending text messages- one in a construction zone. Didn’t Wisconsin pass a law…?

I have a technical question… can I buy a dozen eggs in a “10 items or less” checkout line?

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Everyone's got a little Irish Fest in 'em

1) sound of music, 8) my favorite things, festival, YouTube, let us pray

What a pleasure it is to visit Milwaukee's lakefront on a beautiful August morning for the largest outdoor mass in America followed by a day enjoying America's largest Irish music and culture festival.

Every year I enjoy it more than the last. The woman signing for hearing impaired gave me food for thought while I waited for the mass to start. There are many ways to enjoy the largest music festival in America. . . even if you can't hear it. Obviously, fantastic sights are all around. The taste and aroma of Irish food and drink surrounds you, the feel of cool lake breezes on your skin. . .

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What's Happening: Aug 29 to Sept 6

Speaker Series, "The Life of Owen Gromme"

Owen Gromme was an artist, outdoors man, museum man, and much more.  Michael Mentzer, co-author of The World of Owen Gromme and contributor to the exhibit, will share fascinating stories of a man passionate about the natural world,- Waukesha County Museum, 262 521-2859,

Badgerland Water Ski Show

Last regular show of the season! Located at Frame Park on the Fox River, check out the Badgerland Water Ski at Frame Park, Downtown Waukesha,

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