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They Still Think Taxes Are The Solution

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No society has taxed itself into prosperity. In Saturday's Journal editorial page, the Journal's editors choose an editorial cartoon that implied that if you believe this to be true, you have either no brains or a lack of them. You see, that statement is one made by Rush Limbaugh in one of his 35 undeniable truths. Some seem outrageous, to liberals, but when thought through, there is truth to each one.

So having had the Journal editors, in a broad way, say that I don't have a brain, please consider that with my blathering.

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What's Happening: Nov 2 to Nov 9

11/05/09- 11/08/09
Duck Hunter Shoots Angel (UW-Waukesha)

Mitch Albom's tender comedy, Duck Hunter Shoots Angel, is about a tabloid journalist searching for two Alabama hunters who believe they shot a celestial being.Directed by Steve Decker. Lunt-Fontanne Theatre: Fine Arts Center on the UW-Waukesha campus at 1500 N. University Dr.; ; 262-521-5494;

Hidden Jewels and Gifts Show

For those with a passion for jewelry the show has multiple artist's pieces to keep or give. River's End Gallery, Historic Downtown Waukesha; 4pm-6pm; 262-896-8875;

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just veggin out

What's your favorite vegetable? I'd have to say mine are fresh carrots. I usually buy the one pound bags - the two pounders usually contain roots that are too large. I can't stand woody carrots. Once in a great while I'll try the organic ones to see if there's any difference for the few cents more. Maybe I'm wrong, but I never wash a store bought carrot before eating it raw.

I love the sweet taste of a good carrot and save one from my lunch for the long drive home. I savor the flavor.

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Some Thoughts On Election Process


Ever since Ross Perot played the spoiler and cost George H. Bush the presidential election to William Clinton, I've marveled that we allow more than two candidates on the final election ballot. Clinton won with 43% of the vote.

I believe that the people deserve an election where the winner wins by greater than 50%. Former President Clinton was elected with less than that, with the popular belief that had Ross Perot not been on the ballot, Bush would have won easily.

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Proposed Drunken Driving Laws Aren't Enough

Drunk Driving

The poll at the top of the WaukeshaNow page currently has 74% of the respondents saying the proposed changes in drunken driving laws don't go far enough.

While I have not made it a crusade as other family members have, I have contacted my representative with my ideas. Those didn't seem to get any consideration. My proposals are of a proactive nature as I don't believe anyone intends to drive impaired. In our culture, it is very easy to happen. A good old American having a few beers with the guys or a couple enjoying some wine or cocktails on a night out certainly is part of our culture. Unfortunately each drink brings less good judgement and soon it is a into the car and disaster may happen.

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What's Happening: Nov 9 to Nov 16

11/13/09- 11/15/09
Bridal Show

Waukesha County Expo Center; ; 262-896-8490;

11/13/09- 11/15/09
Rocco Memorial Gun Show

Waukesha County Expo Center; ; 262-896-8490;

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Books Without Borders

One of the main premises of Waukesha's BIG READ is that community reading builds community spirit. When engaging in this years' programs and events we create tangible benefits for ourselves and Waukesha, but we also positively impact military men & women far away from home.

Ernest Hemingway's "A Farewell To Arms" is in the spotlight this year. People all over the city are reading and discussing this exciting, classic book set during World War I. The Waukesha Public Library and the BIG READ Steering Committee members chose this title because it was very discussable and had many tie-in opportunities.

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Does Waukesha have an ally in the 2 main WI Gubernatorial Candidates?

Community, Observations, County News

It was announced today that Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will be running for Governor of Wisconsin. He will probably be pitted against current Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker.
Will this be good for Waukesha?

First - An overview assessment. The State of Wisconsin is financially in a "world of hurt". A November 13th USA Today article lists Wisconsin as a "Top Ten" State facing financial ruin. Our local newspapers, pundits, and radio stations are filled with stories on current and projected shortfalls in the State budget. Daily, there are stories (with 2 notable exceptions - Thank you Mercury Marine and Republic Airlines!) about businesses cutting back; laying-off; closing; moving operations out of State; and unemployment rising Statewide. This week Anheuser Busch announced a 45 person layoff  (out of a 60 person workforce) in Manitowoc. In addition to losing 45 well-paid jobs, Manitowoc is now in imminent danger of losing its' largest utility consumer. Couple this with GM in Janesville, Harley in Milwaukee, and too many more to mention, and the real world is not bright in the immediate Wisconsin future.

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not able to communicate

St. Vincent, dripping blood, St. William, helping

I'm fine, but my computer got hijacked. A hand-me-down from wife, she got it back when hers went down... again. It's the second time this year we sent it in under warranty for the hard drive. Hopefully I'll be back blogging soon.

I've been looking forward to this week for several months. Thursday is the 11th Annual HOPE Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction, and I'm on the auction committee. My job this year is the presentation of live auction items, how they are put on display. Signage was my big concern because I was without my computer in the crucial last week or two. But I don't have a working printer anyway, so it was either hand drawn signs or go to the library.

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Why No Jobs?


Today's Journal Crossroads saddens me. The letters from readers who have lost their jobs all have a common thread. The older you are, the harder it is to find a job. Being younger with children and being thrust into unemployment is no picnic either. Or, just being young and looking for any work. Being jobless is horrible, no matter what your age and situation.

I don't have a solution. But I do have an observation. Residential construction and remodeling is down. One of the manufacturers of a product that I am involved with has introduced a lower cost product for the construction market. It is made, for the most part, in China and Mexico where as the entire product line was once made in America. It is a story repeated many times by other industries. Draw you own conclusions.

What's Happening: Nov 16 to Nov 23

The Caring Place, Inc./ Caregiver Chat Positive Ways to De-Stress Our Lives

Back Massage, Aroma Therapy, and More Try out these relaxing techniques and learn how to de-stress. The Caring Place, 810 N. East Ave; 4-5:30pm; 262-542-6388 or 282-928-2314;

Christmas Tree Lighting
The tree lighting will be on the Main Street Plaza at 6PM.  Everything is set....the tree will be going up this week thanks to Bryce Styza Properties and Waukesha Floral, the Waukesha Choral Union coming to lead the carols, Pastor Mike Murphy from James Place/Elmbrook Church will share some thoughts and Lori Luther, Waukesha City Administrator, will welcome in the season and conduct the countdown.  Santa will break from his busy schedule to make an appearance as well!  The weather report looks great but chilly, so we will provide free hot cocoa to warm you, courtesy of the WDBA/Silver Bells and Coffee n' Beans.
Bring non perishables and/or cash for the Salvation Army warm your hearts!

Country Music Through the Decades

Country Music Through the Decades is The Mary Beth Anthony Band’s tribute to the great variety of songs from our genre over the last 60 years. Tickets are $10 cash at the door. A portion of every ticket sale will go to the Women's Center of Waukesha.. Carroll University's Shattuck Auditorium; 7:30pm-10pm; ;

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The Blind And The Elephant

Global Warming

One rule of life that seldom fails is; "Follow The Money". I am speaking of climate change. I am also speaking of what is called the "Scientific Method". I fear many of the followers of the politics of climate change use the logic spoken of in the stories of the blind describing an elephant. Indeed, many so-called experts have a myopic vision of the reasons for climate change, coming to conclusions based on a small portion of the elephant rather than seeing the whole picture. Others, as in follow the money, have their own self-interests in mind in selectively choosing data which ends up in more government grants to fund further research. Diane Sawyer recently interviewed Al Gore, asking him about possibly being the first "green" billionaire. His reply was that he invested in green technologies and put his money where his mouth is. It seems to me that manipulating the politics of "green" and alleged global warming is an "Inconvenient Truth" when it come to him and others. Follow the money.

I have a news article that can be used to dispute global warming and possibly be proof that we have global cooling. Could an ice age be coming?

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Just seems like a strange connection. World Toilet Day and the Great American Smokeout falling on the same day.

it was time

say uncle, 6) when I'm feeling sad

Even though he passed away 30 years ago, my grandfather has been in my thoughts lately. All Souls Day, the day we especially remember those who have left us, was the second of Nov.. His last son, my Uncle Lee, was just buried two weeks ago. And the Milwaukee shop he built, I learned, was sold this week.

It was sad to see the Walker's Point buildings sold. I had worked in them for over 20 years, including a short period while Grandpa did too. The neighborhood was improving and I was becoming more interested in downtown. But I knew it wouldn't last. I just didn't think it would go as fast. One week last fall I heard we were going to move in three years and the following week I heard it would be in three months!

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Dreary Day, Dreary Times

Various Topics

I have about two weeks of vacation to use up by the end of the year. I took Wednesday and Thursday off, mainly to get in some end of year and insurance benefits in. A visit to Doctor Shane Solberg on Sunset resulted in a set of TRI-focal glasses but no important changes in the interior of the eyes over the last year, or so. A visit to Doctor Barsamian, down the road on Sunset, also seems to have resulted in a no news is good news check-up. My Dad had false teeth many years before my present age so I guess fluoride and flossing do work.

The latest leaf pick up was made Tuesday in my area. Some people seem to think that the city workers have time to handle big branches piled on top of the leaves. They don't! I'd say the pick up and the road cleaning the next day went pretty well all considered.

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Hope Center


Thursday's HOPE Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction at Country Springs went very well. Was well attended. Raised a lot of money for Hope Center, the new name for Cooperating Congregations, and it's various programs, especially the meal program.

The bidding seemed down a bit on the silent and live auctions, I saw some items without a bid at all, but there was one item that brought in quite a bit. Something new we tried this year was to auction off "meals". The bidding started at $1000.00, and for that your donation would provide about 333 meals for the needy in Hope Center's dining room. There is more demand than ever for the meal program. Many more children are coming in than before. And now Hope Center will be providing day shelter and meals for the homeless staying at St. Matthias in the winter months.

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What's Happening: Nov 23 to Nov 30

11/25/09- 01/02/10
Country Christmas
The area's largest outdoor Christmas light show.  Country Springs Hotel; 262-547-0201 or

11/26/09- 12/31/09
Almont Gallery "The Art of the Gift" Exhibit

Annual Holiday Show featuring art for giving. Opening reception is December 5th from 4 to 10pm.. 342 W Main St., Historic Downtown Waukesha; M-Thur 10am to 6pm Fri 10am to 8pm, Sat 10am to 4pm Sun 12 to 4pm; 262-542-1522;

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Freedom of Information = Freedom From Lies

Global Warming

We have laws concerning freedom of information from public offices that the media use frequently to break big stories. What has been called the biggest news since scientists believed the earth was flat, is found in batches of messages retrieved from a British University and can be viewed here. In it are messages which show that data to support MAN MADE global warming, and global warming in general have been falsified in order to support the claims of people, both scientists and politicians, and to continue the funding of research and political change based on those lies.

Follow the money.

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my tribute to 50 years of Sound of Music

1) sound of music, 2) raindrops on roses, 3) whiskers on kittens, 4) when the dog bites, 5) when the bee stings, 6) when I'm feeling sad, 7) I simply remember, 8) my favorite things

The Sound of Music opened on Broadway 50 years ago this month at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater. I didn't quite realize, until adulthood, the impact the story had on my parents. I guess my mom, also a mother of eight, pulled inspiration from Maria Von Trapp. Years ago, while Maria was still alive, we stayed at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. The mountainous area reminded the family of the Austrian countryside they left behind. I visited a stone chappel on a hill above the resort that the kids had erected, and the gravesite of a few family members located close to the lodge. My mom wrote to Maria while we were there... and Maria responded. It was a good trip.

Someone forwarded this video. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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What's Happening: Nov 30 to Dec 7

12/01/09- 01/02/10
Country Christmas

Areas largest outdoor Christmas light show. Country Springs Hotel; ; 262-547-0201;

Midnight Magic

Townwide festival featuring Christmas parade, craft show, music and entertainment, pictures with Santa, horse drawn carriage rides, historic trolley rides, fireworks, shopping until Midnight and more! . Mukwonago ; 10am-Midnight ; 262-363-7758;

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