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Governor Scott Walker declares state of emergency! Storm system covering two thirds of the country from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Computer forecast is for 10.2" of snow by Wednesday noon.

This blizzard won't seem the same. If I'm not out experiencing it, driving in it, it'll feel different. Myself and many others were sent home early today and are off tomorrow. As much as I'd love to see the predicted 25 foot waves and tons of spray at Milwaukee's lakefront, I'll probably just stay inside where it's warm and cozy.

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Bailey's 6


Six pounds. Bailey saw the vet today for shots and a check up. We tried a different vet and it turns out if was the same one she visited before we got her. We tried Gentle Care Veterinary Hospital on Hwy. 59 on the recommendation of a relative. As I was describing how we came about the pup the vet basically finished my sentence.

Dr. Elliot was very good with Bailey and answered my questions including how I should be playing with her so she doesn't bite, how big she'll eventually get and the benefits of spaying. Bailey also was very good and got her nails clipped and a rabies shot.

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In Waukesha, snowplows lead the way for fire trucks

It's no surprise that driving has been tough during this blizzard, with powerful winds creating whiteout conditions at times and slippery roads.

But how tough was it? In the City of Waukesha, fire department trucks were having difficulty responding to calls, with some getting stuck temporarily, said Police Capt. Dennis Angle.

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Pair charged in 2009 fatal overdose

After a long night of partying with vodka, Red Bull, Xanax and marijuana, Mallory Feldmann and her friends decided to finish it off with some Oxycontin about five in the morning.

They slept till noon. Except for Feldmann, 22,  of Greendale, who never woke up.

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Remember to clear around hydrants, furnace vents, Waukesha chief says


Waukesha — Once you’ve moved the mountains from your driveways and sidewalks, don’t forget to clear out the fire hydrants near your house, reminds Waukesha Fire Department Batallian Chief Joe Hoffman.

Some may be buried beneath drifts and deposits from snow plows.

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State of State Address


In case you missed it. Governor Walker's first State of the State speech yesterday, 2/1.

Filled Waukesha shelter to remain open

Blizzard; homeless

Waukesha — Waukesha’s emergency overnight shelter for men, which was filled to capacity Tuesday night, will remain open Wednesday, shelter coordinator Tammy Scott said.

The shelter, which opened an hour earlier Tuesday night because of blizzard conditions, at 6 p.m., housed 35 men overnight, Scott said. The facility at Northview Road and Grandview Blvd. will remain open until 7 a.m. Thursday, as of now.

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Groundblog Day

It's like a holiday. Everyone off work and school for Groundhog Day. I could get used to this.

I don't know about this blizzard. It blew a lot and left drifts at night, but was all but over before we turned on the set for several more hours of wall to wall coverage this morning. Racine and Kenosha got hit, so if the constant weather reporting did anything it made us glad we weren't there.

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Alone at Last?

For more information go to We'd love to see you at the theatre!

When my husband and I established our "nest" in 1977, it was full from the start; one of those package deal things.  "Buy" one, get two free.  Along the way two more boys arrived.  The oldest two came and went depending, but the youngest two were constants.  Other than an occasional church camp week, high school event or sleepover, alone time was rare, quite sporadic and greatly coveted.  So, when our youngest left home, we rejoiced - greatly!  Think Hallelujah Chorus.

The first three boys flew off and weathered their setbacks rather well and stayed out of the nest.  Our youngest; however, has returned three times!  When I left home, I would've had to be clapped in irons to return and actually live under my parents' roof again.  Same with my husband; so what went wrong with this kid?

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M & I Bank Executives receive million dollar payouts while tens of thousands suffer...

Observations, County News, Community

Are you kidding me?!

M & I today announced “bonuses” for its’ top executives totaling almost $65 million!!

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I Wish I was Making this Up.

As a construction manager, my typical work day takes me many places. Recently, I was at a job site in a city that will remain nameless in a state I will not identify.

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Happy New Year.

Even though she wasn't born in the Year of the Rabbit, Mom celebrated her birthday yesterday, Chinese New Year. I wasn't born in Year of the Rabbit either, though I did wonder if this year would bring me luck. After all, rabbits have four feet don't they?

We did get two days worth of newspaper yesterday so I was very happy. Lucky? Not so sure. Thursday I received the Walmart gift card every employee of the week gets. Lucky? Getting there. We also got two days of mail yesterday. Very Lucky! One letter was the check I never expected to see from the rights to my YouTube video of last year's Waukesha County Fair. Now I have the money to join new friends for a New Year's celebration at Peking House tomorrow! This Year of the Rabbit is off to a good start. 

snow cheese

Discovered at a home on Grandview across from Lowell School. Nice artwork!

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Curiosity Saved This Cat

This is one heck of a feel good story. You may have read the abbreviated version in the Freeman about the Janesville man's rescue from a snow bank. The Journal Sentinel's story is more complete.

It didn't surprise me that Joe would go for the paper at five in the morning with a blizzard still howling, though the paper probably wasn't even there. What did surprise me is a neighbor seeing a dark speck in the snow, by chance, and being curious enough about it to get out binoculars. We should all have neighbors watching out for us like that.

this feast was HOT!

Waukesha Tattoo

Celebrated the New Year with good friends at Peking House last evening. I hadn't been eager to try the restaurant but, being just a mile from the house and having gone past it literally hundreds of times, figured it was about time. I found a warm, authentic decor and staff that made me laugh. The dining area is divided in two areas. We had a large room to ourselves, our table filling roughly half. With high ceilings and windows, beautifully shellacked wood tables and semi formal place settings, we settled in with hot tea and Chinese beer while we waited for everyone to arrive.

For one reason or another roughly half the expected guests either couldn't make it or already ate. Though it would have been nice to finally meet some of the interesting people I heard would be attending, the extra room they left at table would soon be needed for platters and bowls of food.

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What's Happening: Feb 7 to Feb 14

02/07/11- 06/06/11
Memories of World War II

Almost two hundred reporters and photographers fanned out around the globe to cover WWII for The Associated Press. The best of these images make up for important exhibition.- Waukesha County Museum, 262-521-2859,

Lunch & Learn

Join Pat Gardner, Waukesha South High School history teacher, who compiled Chords of Memory, a book of oral histories conducted by her students of local immigrant families. $8 registration fee includes lunch, talk, tour, and admission to museum.- Waukesha County Museum, (262) 521-2859.

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What's Happening: Feb 14 to Feb 21

Love, Candy: A Valentine's Day Cabaret

Join Candace Decker as she takes you on a journey of love lost, love found and everything in between as she weaves tales of laughter and tears through song.- UW-Waukesha, Lunt Fontanne Theatre, 262-521-5212,

"In and Out of the Box"- Color art exhibit

Almont Gallery presents "In and Out of the Box" A exhibit featuring the works of Lynn Gaffey, Connie Pelzak and Jeffery Homar; Opening Reception March 5th 4-10pm; Show runs Feb 16th to March 31st- 342 West Main St. Waukesha 53186, 262-542-1522,

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What's Happening: Feb 21 to Feb 28

02/25/11- 02/27/11
Alone Together

Delightfully wise and witty, this is the story of a middle-aged couple whose children have finally left the nest. They are alone together at last... but not for long!- Waukesha Civic Theatre, 262-547-0708,

02/25/11- 02/27/11
Hometown Publications Home, Lawn and Garden Show

Admission $5 at the door, Friday admission discount coupon available on line. Fri 3-8pm, Saturday 9-6pm, Sunday 10-4pm. Free parking Concessions Available- Waukesha County Expo Center, 262-896-8490,

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What's Happening: Feb 28 to Mar 07

Heavenly Light

Wisconsin Philharmonic presents the promise to stir your soul with the "heavenly light" of Gustav Mahler's beloved 4th Symphony.- St. Luke's Lutheran Church, 262-547-1858,

03/01/11- 06/06/11
Memories of World War II

Almost two hundred reporters and photographers fanned out around the globe to cover WWII for The Associated Press. The best of these images make up for important exhibition. Waukesha County Museum, 262-521-2859,

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The Queen is in the Building - Patsy Cline Live! Today, Tomorrow and Forever

Box Office hours are Tues. - Fri., 12:00-5:00 p.m. in addition to being open two hours prior to any current production. Call: 547-0708 to purchase tickets or visit, for more information. We'd love to see you at the theatre!

I was six-years-old when the legendary Patsy Cline, age 30 and at the height of her incredible career, perished in a plane crash.  While I heard her name, her songs, because my parents loved her music and because I'd seen a movie about her life; I didn't fully realize how wonderful and acclaimed this woman was - and still is - until this past week.  Anticipating this show, I read all about her on fan web sites and on Wikipedia.  It was information well-worth reading.  In lieu of Waukesha Civic Theatre's upcoming show, Patsy Cline Live! Today, Tomorrow and Forever, March 4-6, 2011, I hope you'll do the same. It'll make this show even sweeter.

Through the amazing talent of Kelli Cramer, who bears uncanny resemblance to Patsy Cline both physically and vocally; 'Patsy's in Waukesha for the night'!  And quite by chance, (or is it?), this show coincides with the 48th anniversary weekend of Ms. Cline's death.

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