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"Go Mad" for HAWS this March

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This month at HAWS we have a full “bracket” of events and learning opportunities for our own brand of “March Madness.”

HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center brings “happy tails” out to the community! Highlighted stops include the annual Milwaukee Admirals Dog Day on 3/27 – tickets to support HAWS are available by using the special HAWS link and the offer code “HAWS,” or by calling Brian Martens of the Admirals at 414-227-0567. The Mobile unit will also participate in Lake Country Community Fest on 3/19. Details for all visits – like stops at area Petco stores and more – are on the Mobile Adoptions page at

Solve Common K-9 Behavior Problems on 3/14, or learn how to Raise a Puppy and Keep Your Sanity on 3/20. Both seminars are FREE but require pre-registration via or 262-542-8851, x118. All levels of Dog Training Classes will begin their 6-week runs in March; contact 262-542-8851, x114 for details.

HAWS has several active partnerships in March! On 3/10 the Milwaukee Jewish Day School’s Dancing with a Star Experience will feature B93.3 morning DJ “CV” strutting her stuff to benefit HAWS. HAWS will once again hold a festive day at the Waukesha County Museum, to Honor Working Dogs on 3/26 from 11:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Also, interested businesses can sign up to host a ‘rest stop’ on “Subie & Freeway’s Spectacular Roadtrip” – an ongoing fundraiser for HAWS co-sponsored by Subaru City of Milwaukee. Contact or for availability and details.

HAWS continues to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, hosting the annual Bunny Day on May 1st.  And now available: special Year of the Rabbit t-shirts!  Purchase yours for $15 at HAWS to support bunny care.

By the way - Here are more dates to save on your calendar!  HAWS hosts the Blood Center of Wisconsin for a community blood drive on April 4.  A grooming competition for HAWS, Extreme Makeover: HAWS Edition, will be held April 17. Of course, the Friends of HAWS are hard at work preparing for the 28th Annual Pet Walkathon on May 7, to be held this year at Sussex Village Park!

The Solution to the Wisconsin Budget Crisis

Prepare yourself- not only are we going to solve the state’s budget problem right now, but we’re going to kill another bird with this stone as well…

This unbelievably great idea came to me while on a road trip back from Arizona over this past weekend. Part of the trip takes me through a mountain pass just outside of San Diego. At its peak, the pass is a little over 4000 feet above sea level.

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JS PolitiFact Distorts Reality

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When The Journal Sentinel announced that they were launching the PolitiFact Wisconsin feature, I was skeptical. After all, like the parable about the scorpion and the turtle, people have a basic nature which can be difficult to change. Knowing that, I often find PolitiFact conclusions which I believe are not accurate, usually erring to the liberal side. Notice that I said usually. Sometimes they nail a liberal just to think that they are being "fair and balanced". Maybe they will honor me with a PolitiFact check of my statement!

Today's (Thursday) PolitiFact is one of those that gets it wrong. To refresh your memory, the statement in question is Governor Walker's "We're broke, We don't have any more money". Reporter Nelson asks some local experts, all from Madison, if that statement is true. True to the scorpion and turtle parable, they respond that it is not. Nothing is said about qualifying these experts, such as their political leanings. Remember, we are talking Madison here.

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What's Happening: Mar 7 to Mar 14

Lunch & Learn

Our Lunch & Learn series continues with a discussion of Waukesha during World War II by local historian John Schoenknecht, and museum curator Elisabeth Engel, $8 registration fee includes lunch, talk, tour, and admission to museum.- Waukesha County Museum, (262) 521-2859,

Carroll Wind Symphony and Carroll Jazz Ensemble concert

Combined concert by student ensembles.- Shattuck Music Center, 262-524-7182,

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Honoring 4 Paws Blood Drive at HAWS

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You Never Know When You'll Save a Life...How's Today?

You'll get a chance to save a life - a human life this time - at HAWS, on Monday, April 4th, from 2:30-7:30 pm when we host our 4/4 Honoring 4 Paws Blood Drive for the Blood Center of Wisconsin.

Just to clarify:  this is a drive for human blood, not for pet blood.  We feel it is important, because supporting the other life-saving organizations in our area just makes for a stronger community as a whole.

And who knows...the life you save might be that of another pet owner.  And that might mean another pet that doesn't end up homeless, looking for a second chance at HAWS or another shelter.

Wow.  Now THAT'S a way to make a difference!

Want to help?  Log onto to set up your account and reserve your appointment, or call us at 262-542-8851.  Then come to HAWS on April 4th - the mobile Blood Center will be waiting for you!

By the way - our Mobile Adoption Center is again participating in the Milwaukee Admirals Dog Day on Sunday, March 27th, the annual game where your dog is welcome to join you!  Buy your tickets to support HAWS, using our special link/code (instructions here) or call Brian at the Ads' office (414-227-0567) directly.  Be sure to mention HAWS and we get a donation!  We'll see and your pup at the game!

Follow Waukesha teams in tonight's sectional

Lake Country Publications and NOW Newspapers sports director JR Radcliffe will be on hand providing live commentary and updates from the Al McGuire Center on Friday, when two Waukesha area schools compete in the WIAA Division 1 boys basketball sectional semifinal.

The blog begins at 5:45 p.m., when Waukesha South meets Germantown. At 8:30 p.m., Arrowhead and Waukesha West will wage battle in a rematch of last year's semifinal. The two winners will meet Saturday evening.

good and not so good

It's been about 3 weeks. I've been busy and distracted. Didn't feel like blogging when anything I would write about the Waukesha area would pale in comparison to news coming from the state, nation and world. There's been a lot happening and I've been busy just trying to keep up. I would've liked to travel to Madison to get caught up for a few minutes in all the history in the making. I wasn't thrilled with the way things went down, but who am I? I didn't even vote!

We finally got some health insurance here after being uninsured since October. It took many months of paperwork, unanswered calls and unreturned messages, but we're happy we finally got something. We'll need it for just a few short months. We'll leave BadgerCare either when our youngest turns 19, when I find a different job offering family coverage, or when Governor Walker gets his hands on it.

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Celebrating the ARTS!

Theatre, arts, imagination, creative, plays, music, art, collaboration, celebrate

So here's the dish....

My husband Steve and I are really excited to be a part of this blog where we can promote, discuss and celebrate the arts in Waukesha. We are thrilled to share our passion of the arts with members of our community.

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What's Happening: Mar 14 to Mar 21

UW-Waukesha Spring Concert Handbell and Choir

A dual concert for the Windy Hill Handbells and UW-Waukesha Choir, featuring a variety of music, including both sacred and secular genres for handbells and choral music.- UW-Waukesha, Lunt Fontanne Theatre, 262-521-5481,

03/19/11- 03/20/11
Waukesha Expo Market

Last Show until Fall 2011. Promotional Cereal Box Items; Old Toys & Dolls; Gold and Silver Coins; Jewelry; Candles & Soaps; Avon; Watkins and other unique gift items. Concessions Available Free Parking- Waukesha County Expo Center, 262-896-8490,

For up-to-date St. Patrick's Day Celebrations:

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St Patty's Day


My favorite holiday is this week and I look forward in taking part.  St Patty's Day brings out the irish in everyone and this week will be no different.  What are your plans to celebrate?  Where will you enjoy the festivities and what food will you enjoy?  Let me know your favorite spots to celebrate and with whom you celebrate and I will put into a future post.

As for the beers to try, it is hard not to enjoy Guinness stout and their new to the US- Foreign Extra Stout.  This is the beer that is linked to Ireland and the Irish. Harp and Smithwicks are other irish beers to enjoy as well.  Murphys Stout is the only other imported stout that you may want to sample.  As for local craft beers to try take a look for Lakefront's Snake Chaser or New Glarus Coffee Stout.

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Could it be...Spring?!?!?!?!!!

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Everyone at HAWS is excited about the weather forecast for this week...and there is speculation that our snow cover will be gone by the weekend because of the mild temperatures!

Of course, that brings with it a "heads-up" (or 2) for pet owners.

1.  Along with the (brown) grass becoming visible, also becoming unburied are the little "treasures" that have accumulated over the past few months...the organic material (wink, wink), lost toys, spilled garbage, etc.  Honestly, this stuff can be downright dangerous to your pets.  Animal waste carries bacteria and germs that can still be active even after being out in the cold for some time.  The garbage that got spilled and then buried during our frequent snowfalls is now out there for your pets to "enjoy" - and you really never know what they'll find.  (Chicken bones?  Yikes!  Tossed-out anitfreeze containers?  Double Yikes.)  So the dog-owner-walker words to live by this spring:  Its a walk, not a buffet - eat at home.  Inside.

2.  Yes, it is great "dog" weather!  But please remember, if you let your dog off-leash anywhere - your yard, the park - keep an eye on them and be vigilant.  When we have a spike in temps we also have a spike in stray dogs reported and coming in to HAWS.  Make sure your best friend is safe and secure rather than wandering loose - and enjoy the weather together with an on-leash walk or a fenced-in game of fetch.

By the way - Have you bought your tickets yet?  You can take your dog to the Milwaukee Admirals game on Sunday, March 27th (no, really!) and HAWS can get a donation from your ticket purchase!  Go to the listing on our Upcoming Events website calendar for buying instructions, or call Brian at the Admirals office directly (414-227-0567) and tell him you want to help HAWS!  Pups and pucks - what fun.

National Volunteer Week is fast approaching...and Waukesha needs you!

Community, Community Happenings, County News, Observations

April 10 - 17 is National Volunteer Week, and if ever there was a reason and a season to volunteer - this is it.

Waukesha is a fairly unique Community within Wisconsin. Not really enough residents to qualify it as a big city; yet economically and socially diverse enough that it faces "Big City" challenges on many fronts. There is a huge daily outpouring of effort spent to address and meet these challenges. But the needs continue growing...

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going stir crazy

1) sound of music, 2) raindrops on roses, 3) whiskers on kittens, 4) when the dog bites, 5) when the bee stings, 6) when I'm feeling sad, 7) I simply remember, 8) my favorite things, bailey

Was invited to try a new restaurant last night for a friend's birthday. Stir Crazy is an Asian restaurant bordering Brookfield Square on the north at Bluemound. Had a bit of a wait due to the time of day and them not taking reservations, though twas a good time to meet the folks and friends. For my selection I chose the Market Bar. Market Bar is like a salad bar for the wok. You first order a protein and select rice or noodles at the table and receive two bowls. You fill one of the bowls with vegetables, legumes and fruit and the other with sauce. Hand the bowls to a wok chef and they cook it up with the protein right in front of you while you wait. I had shrimp, garlic ginger sauce and brown rice and my wok was delicious and filling without being too hot or spicy. I didn't do anything for St. Pat's day, so I washed it all down with a couple bottles of Guinness. 

The fun thing for me was seeing these guys go to work a few inches away from propane burners similar to a hot air balloon's. People informed me that on occasion, when no one is waiting in line, they'll hit the gong, turn down the lights and turn up the burners. I would've loved to see it. I imagine it's similar to hot air ballooning night glows where they sometimes fire in sequence or on cue. I wonder if they can add more oxygen to the flame to make it glow brighter like the pilots can?

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What's Happening: Mar 21 to Mar 28

03/25/11- 03/27/11
State Fair

Join Abel, Melissa, Wayne, and Margie Frake in the summer of 1946 as they leave behind the routine of the farm for an adventure at the annual Iowa State Fair.- Waukesha Civic Theatre, 262-547-0708,

Handel’s Messiah

A 30 year-old tradition of presenting a free concert for the community continues for the Waukesha Choral Union under the direction of music director Ernest Brusubardis III. Handel’s “Messiah” has become one of the most popular works in Western choral lite- Shattuck Auditorium, Carroll University, 414-297-9310,

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It's a Grand Night for a State Fair!

For more information, ticket purchases, etc. go to We'd love to see you at the theatre!

I was around 8 or 9 when I consciously experienced my first Wisconsin State Fair.  I loved the colorful sights, hearing the organ music and seeing the lights flashing; playing games and though I didn't win anything it was fun trying; walking through the building with all the "stuff"; eating roasted ears of corn, salt water taffy and of course cream puffs!  As I got older and went with my friends instead of family, it was even better as we added young romance and music to our roving repertoire.  Ah, those summer nights.  Not all of them belong to that other show, you know.

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What's Jay Walt Up To?

It'll be interesting to see Jay's next WaukeshaNOW blog post. I've noticed he's all over the news lately as the main person involved inincorporating the Town of Brookfield into a village. It looks like a sound plan. He's interested in maintaining the feel of the Town of Brookfield and didn't want to risk the Cities of Brookfield or Waukesha annexing it now that Von Maur and the huge tax base a new shopping mall in the area of the old Marcus Westpoint and old Menards will bring with it. More than four square miles is needed so a portion of the Town of Waukesha would be added to the village.

It looks good on paper and I wish him luck. Not everyone is on board and a lot of hoops have to be jumped through. It'll be interesting to see how this develops.

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What's Happening: Mar 28 to Apr 4

"rEvolve"- Recycle, reuse and resolve Art Exhibit

An exhibit featuring the works of Gailmarie Haller and Charles Wickler. Opening reception May 7th 4to10pm.
Show Runs from April 1st to May 15th.- Almont Gallery , 342 W Main Street, Waukesha 53186, 262-542-1522,

04/01/11- 04/03/11

A play sparked by the April 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., is a meeting of fact and fiction that illuminates the re- UW-Waukesha, Lunt Fontanne Theatre, 262-521-5212,

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Shining a light on COLUMBINUS at UW-Waukesha

lighting, theatre, collaboration, UW-Waukesha, Fine Arts, Columbinus

Our friend Morgan Brenner, a professional lighting designer from New York City is in town to light UW-Waukesha's spring production of Columbinus. This is tech week. Tech week is long, at times frustrating, at times glorious and the last step towards pulling a show all together before the audience sees the production. Having Morgan here makes this whole process a delight because it reminds me of how much theatre is a collaborative art form--how all the elements must be given equal importance, from the acting to the costumes to the lighting before the "magic" of theatre can take place.

My husband, Steve, the director of Columbinus has known Morgan for 11 years. They met in graduate school at Indiana University. I remember seeing Morgan walking in downtown Bloomington---this skinny guy with amazing dreadlocks and a huge smile on his face. His passion for life--infectious--his passion for theatre-- explosive. I worked at the summer theatre were Morgan was designing lights and part of his job as a graduate student was to mentor and teach the undergraduates. I would watch him describe how to light a scene, what lamps to use, what traditional, but better yet, untraditional techniques to explore--and I found myself wanting to become a lighting designer. His passion became my passion--not just for lighting, but for the process of working with other artists to put the best show up on the boards.

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a day to look forward to

Today's the day, and I'm not talking opening of baseball season. 50 years ago Mom went into labor to bring me into this world. I still have the utmost respect for her. I've learned a lot. Been through much.

How will I be celebrating? I'll be working 9 hours doing a job I enjoy with people I like who like me at a good place right here close to home in Waukesha. After work I will be donating blood at the St. William's Blood Drive because there is little I'd rather do to celebrate than to help others. I have a St. Vincent home visit to help people after the donation.

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Shakespeare Cometh Once...

For more information go to, or call the Box Office at 262-547-0708. We'd love to see you at the theatre!

Twice this spring, Shakespeare's work will be presented on Waukesha Civic Theatre's stage.  The first appearance features The ACAP PlayMakers with their fifth season production of, A Midsummer Night's Dream, produced by special arrangement with Prairie Fire Children's Theatre.  This charming tale of magic, mischief and mistaken identity runs April 15-19, 2011.

ACAP, (Adaptive Community Approach Program), "is a community based non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage people with disabilities to achieve their highest potential and acquire life-long skills. . ." 

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