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Why Go to Court If You Don’t Have To? Mediation Is a Great Alternative

mediation, court mediation, Waukesha criminal defense attorney, Huppertz & Powers

Whether it’s a dispute with your landlord, a business deal gone awry, going through a divorce or, perhaps, engaging in a custody battle, don’t automatically assume that the only way to get your case resolved is to go to court. Quite to the contrary, many civil cases are much more easily handled through the mediation process.

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the most important thing I'll do this year


This will be my first presidential election as chief inspector. It certainly could be one of the most important things I've ever done. The same could be said about voting. You're not only voting for the direction you'd like to see the country headed the next four years, but being a resident of a swing state in a very close election your counts so much more.

Have any doubts? Pick up the ringing phone, and six of every ten calls are political. We've had so many people call us or stop by you'd think we were popular or something. Surely Waukesha has seen more than it's share of candidates this year. Just the other day Clinton was at UWW, just blocks from here. It's gotten to the point that I wouldn't be surprised if President Obama or Michelle stopped by the house to ask for our vote.

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What's Happening: Nov 5 to Nov 12

Youth Wind Orchestra of Wisconsin

Concert by talented high school student orchestra.- Shattuck Music Center, Carroll University, 262- 524-7182,

11/07/12- 11/20/12
Carroll Art Student Union Fall Photography Exhibition

Juried photography exhibition by Carroll students. Reception Nov. 8, 4-6 p.m.- Humphrey Art Center, Carroll University, 262-524-7195,

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Hail to the Chief

It's Hail to the Chief, but I have to toot my own horn too.

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Stop and Think: Throwing That Punch Could Net You Criminal Charges

aggravated assault, battery, assault and battery, Waukesha criminal defense attorney, Huppertz & Powers

Like everyone else, I raised an eyebrow when I saw the headline trumpeting an 18 percent increase in the number of aggravated assaults in Milwaukee during the first eight months of 2012 compared to the same period last year. We’d rather not think of our society as one that’s becoming more and more violent but the numbers don’t lie. In fact, the aggravated assault / battery figure was also higher for the same period in 2010 after we saw a slight decline from 2008 to 2009.

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don't be 2801

Capacity of North's fieldhouse is 2800. You won't want to miss "Operation Honor, A Salute to Veterans" Saturday afternoon.

Program begins at 4:30 with doors opening at 3:30. U.S. Navy band "Horizon" performs at 5:00 and fantastic fireworks begin at adjacent Lowell Park at 6:30. 

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spiral house

In between watching the Waukesha Common Council's basebrawl Thursday night I caught an interesting show on HGTV I'd heard about. I don't usually watch, but one segment of their Extreme Homes episode was filmed at a Wisconsin location ...

There is no other house like this one! Basically built around the mature trees on the property, this house is tall without sprawl. The interesting curves and huge expanse of glass, along with the tree leaves, helps conceal how really large this place is. The roof also holds tons of soil which helps to insulate the home.

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thunderclapping for the Vets

Waukesha North

A few of last night's fireworks weren't unlike the sound a thousand clapping hands make when they're honoring U.S. veterans, especially the ones with the hundreds of exploding crackers. Toward the end of the 30-40 minute display the rapid bangs and pops even reminded me of clapping and cheering.

It was a sight to behold. I just hope some veterans saw it. The night  was mild and clear with a light breeze. Warmer than expected for November. The fireworks followed a patriotic program inside North's fieldhouse that welcomed many dignitaries, veterans and enlisted men and women. Also, flag bearers and a too-sparse crowd of about 200-300 civilians listened to a few great speeches and roughly an hour of blues by Navy band Great Lakes Horizon. This was a big production for North's Booster Club and was sponsored by 14 local and national businesses and produced by Waukesha's Park, Rec and Forestry Dept.

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What's Happening: November 12 to November 19

Lunch and Learn, "Tales From Around the World"

Enjoy lunch, then a presentation by Joanne Murphy on her experiences touring groups around the world, away from the typical tourist spots.  She will be sharing holiday and traditions (and pictures!) of cultures from Asia, Africa, Europe, and more!- Waukesha County Museum, (262) 521-2859,

Discovery Club, "Journey Around the Globe"

Families with children 3-5 years old will need to get their passports ready as we explore various cultures from around the world!  We will play the chopstick challenge, play African drums, build the Eiffel Tower, do the fan dance, and much more! - Waukesha County Museum, (262) 521-2859,

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nothing to do between 11:00 and 2:00?

Pick up a Cookie Book ... or two!

If it seems like traffic on Northview Road is detoured into the Expo Center parking lot midday Wednesday, not to worry. It's not due to a horrible accident. It's just the local pick up for the 2012 We Energies Cookie Book.

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Drinking and Driving: Never a Good Combination

OWI, DWI, drunk driving, Waukesha defense attorney, Huppertz & Powers

Item: 18 year-old Ihor M. Sahan of St. Francis is charged with homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle and two counts of misdemeanor causing injury by intoxicated use of a vehicle after traveling at 74 mph and slamming his car into a parked Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department squad car on Interstate 94 in Brookfield. The crash killed Sahan’s 17 year-old friend, Ryan Petri, who suffered massive brain trauma and was not wearing a seat belt.  

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84 years of the Mouse

Steamboat Willie, Walt Disney's first Mickey Mouse cartoon, debuted 84 years ago today.

let's talk turkey

We picked up our 18 pound Jennie-O tom yesterday, (on sale at Pick 'N Save for $0.68 a pound with coupon). Without so much as a discussion, put first one we saw into the cart.

I drove past these four turkeys on Pine street one month ago. Circled the block and got these photos.

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there is HOPE for Thanksgiving

Hope Center, St. William, Thanksgiving, St. Vincent, Country Springs, let us pray

For 14 years the Thursday before Thanksgiving has itself been something to be thankful for. It's one night of the year when generous individuals and companies get together to help Waukesha County's less fortunate. Through bidding and donations, Waukesha's Hope Center benefits from near-capacity crowds at the Annual HOPE Thanksgiving Dinner and Auction.


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What's Happening: November 19 to November 26

11/20/12- 06/08/13
America Celebrates! Quilts of Joy & Remembrance

Nationally touring exhibition of art quilts from American fiber artists, and is a joyful, diverse, and sometimes touching look at how we see ourselves as a nation.- Waukesha County Museum, 262-521-2859,

11/22/12- 11/25/12
Country Christmas

Country Springs Hotel, 262-547-0201,

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Cell Phone, Camera Technology Can Truly Be a Double-Edged Sword

sexting, social media abuse, criminal defense attorney, Huppertz & Powers

Recently, a friend of mine was at a local YMCA to attend his son’s first swimming lessons. Without even thinking about it, he took out his camera to take a few pictures. After all, he wanted to preserve some great family memories in the same way his parents did when he was young.

Unfortunately and sadly, times have changed. He was promptly told, ‘No, you can’t do that’ and he immediately understood why. Pictures taken in this kind of setting have a high potential for being used improperly.

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i should be a fan

politics, St. Mary

I should be in support of Governor Walker's plan to eliminate same day voter registration. Ward 18 at St. Mary's had over 400 registrants, 40% of in-person voters, on Nov. 6th which produced a constant long line throughout the day.

I found new registration difficult for some students living off campus who didn't have any bills in their name with their address or didn't have it with them, and for those students who had a WI drivers license but didn't know the number and expiration date. Allowing the viewing of electronic instead of paper copies helped a little, but was used in just a very few cases.

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there's ringing in my ears

Christmas, helping, Salvation Army, Thanksgiving

Sally bells ring, are you listening?

I was one of many in the stores on Black Friday, though unlike most I didn't buy a thing.

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on the fence

Carroll, Christmas, Waukesha North, Waukesha North, 1) sound of music

I can't decide what I'd rather do next week.

Christmas at Carroll, Sat. and Sun., Dec. first and second, is always something I try to attend. It's an inexpensive way to start off the holiday season with a variety of beautiful choir and orchestral music professionally performed by Carroll students. This year's theme: Mother and Child.

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What's Happening: November 26 to December 3

Poetry reading by Madison Poet Laureate Sarah Busse

Poetry reading and discussion by Madison Poet Laureate.- Humphrey Memorial Chapel, Carroll University, 262-951-3071,

11/30/12- 12/02/12
Candy Cane Tales and Holiday Carols

Favorite holiday heroes and villains present the stories and songs of the season.- Waukesha Civic Theatre, 262-547-0708,

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