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» Internet access OK'd for girl charged in Slender Man stabbing 6/10

» One aspect of Waukesha County Museum's redevelopment project moves forward 6/10

» Waukesha will honor Les Paul's 100th birthday with many events this summer 6/9

» Long lines at city's recycling center 'not unusual' 6/9

» Waukesha, Wales bank robbery suspect gave stolen money to his parents 6/9

» Friday Night Live returns to downtown Waukesha 6/5

» Judge sentences wife of former Waukesha County detective to jail, probation 6/4

» Waukesha gas station robbery suspects say they were 'struggling to make rent' Updated:  6/4

» Meli, a new Mediterranean restaurant, open in downtown Waukesha 6/4

» Waukesha Police Report: June 4, 2015 issue 6/4

» Waukesha County Museum's redevelopment project coming before city 6/3

» Men pose as roof repairmen in burglary attempt in Brookfield 6/2

» Police arrest man connected to two bank robberies in Waukesha County 6/2

» Waukesha woman pleads guilty to kicking two-year-old to death 6/2

» Controversial CEO John Jazwiec returns to Milwaukee area 6/1

» Female inmate dies in Waukesha County Jail Updated:  6/1

» Waukesha police arrest two in Clark gas station robbery 6/1

» State ruling expected this summer on Waukesha's request for lake water 5/30

» Police search for man who robbed Waukesha gas station 5/30

» Man robs Tri City National Bank at gunpoint in Waukesha 5/29

» HAWS will begin adopting out hundreds of the seized chinchillas 5/28

» Waukesha Police Report: May 28, 2015 issue 5/28

» Judge in Slender Man case focuses on length of penalty in juvenile system Updated:  5/27

» Medical experts say Anissa Weier should be transferred to juvenile court system 5/27

» Psychologist: Anissa Weier was 'socially isolated' and 'desperate for a friendship' before stabbing 5/26

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