Patricia 'Pat' Ann Goetsch

Patricia “Pat” Ann Goetsch, born May 23, 1926, passed on Monday May 1, 2017, surrounded by the love of her family.

Pat was a strong, kind, compassionate woman who loved her family fiercely. She was the type of woman who could envelop you in her arms and you knew what love felt like. She was the kind of woman who could smack your fingers away from a hot pan of cookies so that you also knew that sometimes love hurts.

Pat is survived by her husband, John Goetsch, with whom she spent 70 years loving, raising children, taking rides in the country, and bickering. Pat and John had the kind of marriage that makes you take stock of your own relationships to make sure you’re doing it right.

In those years she raised six children, Scott Goetsch, Crystal Wallendal, Holly Brown, Jill Goetsch, Kari Laws, and Kurt Goetsch.  She raised her children to know when to fight and how to go with the flow, she raised them to be strong, independent, and to think for themselves. And she tried to raise them to stay off the back of a motorcycle. Each of those children will tell you that their mother loved them best, which is the mark of an excellent mother. Of course, each of them would be wrong, because she loved her grandchildren best, of whom she collected eleven with a bonus seven great grandchildren.

Pat was Patient Care Coordinator of Orthopedics at Waukesha Memorial Hospital, where they are still telling stories about her. She was an amazing cook, and nobody will be able to make it like grandma did. Her cookies, cakes, and candy (and rhubarb pie if you’re a weirdo) were legendary and birthdays won’t be the same without them.

Pat’s family celebrated her with an intimate graveside service and an epic party with plenty of Asti to make her proud. She joins her mother and father, Leroy and Bessie Morrow, in the Kingdom of Heaven where she’s dancing and singing again.

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