It’s only June — not even really summer yet — and Wisconsin is already in the middle of a heatwave. Mind you, I’m not complaining about the warm weather; I’m complaining about the heat. Despite my Puerto Rican roots, hot — oh, so hot — heat and humidity are not my thing. And while water is the best way to cool off, sometimes a refreshing summer drink is just what you need. This recipe is cool and invigorating, perfect for those hot, summer nights. Remember, it’s still only June.

Helpful hints

If you can’t find pineapple-coconut rum, try coconut rum or a coconut or pineapple infused vodka or rum instead.

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Pineapple coconut splash


1 46-ounce can (not from concentrate) pineapple juice (I prefer Dole)

1 cup Country Time lemonade mix

2 cups water

2 cans Sprite

Pineapple-coconut rum, to taste (Calico, Malibu or your choice)


Pour the first four ingredients into a tall pitcher, and mix well. (Can be enjoyed by children up to this point.) Fill a highball or long drink glass with ice, add a shot (or two) of the rum, top off with the juice mixture, sit back, relax and enjoy. You’re welcome.

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