Waukesha School District is looking into a $1 million renovation to South High School's cafeteria.

In a prospect discussed at the school board's Finance and Facilities Committee on Jan. 9, district officials considered the school and funding available to improve a facility that has remain largely unaltered for more than 60 years.

The school cafeteria hasn't been touch since 1956, except for some minor cosmetic enhances and equipment replaces, officials said.

"As part of budget deliberations, the board set aside $1 million," said Darren Clark, assistant superintendent of business services for the district, pointing to money from Fund 50, for food service.

A tentative timeline was laid out during the meeting, including sending out a request for proposals to firm up the costs. Clark explained the facilities committee and school board will review the RFP results in February. If all goes well, the renovation would be completed by late summer 2017.

Committee Chairman Kurt O’Bryan said new cafeteria should attract people to the district. Clark responded by saying people outside the district use facilities at the high school for the pool and the field house.

One of the goals of the remodel is to get students through the lunch line faster so they have time to eat and relax. Clark commented that many of the newer cafeterias have a food court look.

A possible second phase of the project was discussed include expanding the cafeteria to increase seating. The second phase would include a new construction to the exterior of the building into an existing parking lot.

Clark noted the loss of parking spaces could be made up easily through the use of the main parking lot, which is never at full capacity.

The district also changed its food service providers after more than 20 years with the company Sodexo. The district began using Aramark in June 2016.

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