WAUKESHA - A $92,192.40 settlement from Advanced Disposal for three years of overcharging the city for residential garbage collection was accepted Thursday, May 18, by the public works committee. 

Advanced was accused of mixing solid waste from private accounts, namely condominium developments with solid waste from residential properties and charging the city for both, according to city memos.

The settlement will go to the common council at a later meeting for formal approval.

Advanced is contracted by the city to collect residential waste and charge taxpayers for only that service. The city does not operate a garbage collection fleet.  

Condo associations must hire their own waste haulers, mainly because the dwellings are on private streets and not on municipal roadways, said Dustin Nolan, the city's solid waste and recycling coordinator.

Advanced also provides garbage collection services to condo developments and mistakenly mixed city and private garbage, Nolan said.   

The city learned in October 2016 of the mixed waste while making an inquiry to Advance about its collection practices, Nolan said. The erroneous practice began in August 2013, he said. 

"Advanced Disposal was very cooperative during this inquiry," Nolan said. "We don't feel there was any malicious intent on their part. It was a mistake."

Through the use of inventory records, Advanced and the city were able to determine how much the city was overcharged, he said.

On average, the city pays $210,000 a month for collection and disposal of residential solid waste and recycling materials. The city is charged by the amount of tonnage collected by Advanced.

Under the proposed settlement, Advanced will repay the city in six monthly installments of $15,365.40 each. according to the memos.







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