An uncle and his nephew plan to open a Mexican restaurant at a vacated Moreland Plaza restaurant site, possibly by the end of the month or early July.

Edgar Vazquez, 26, and Javier Garcia, 38, are calling their new eatery Taqueria Guadalajara #2, fashioned after the Madison restaurant by the same name. It has operated in the state capital for more than a decade.

Garcia's brother, Francisco Vazquez, owns the Madison restaurant and is the silent owner of Taqueria Guadalajara #2. He has lent a hand in the putting together the menu and operations of the future Waukesha lunch and dinner destination at 801 Moreland Blvd.

The elder Vazquez  bought the restaurant space from Ride-n-Dine, which tried to make a go of the space after Made-Rite, the first restaurant to inhabit the site, went out of business, his nephew said. 

Taqueria Guadalajara will feature recipes from Jalisco, a county in Mexico, and its largest city, Guadalajara, Vazquez said.

"The recipes are from our families," Vazquez said. "It's just like food we eat at home. We eat at picnics. It's authentic."

Garcia said he has cooked in restaurants throughout southeast Wisconsin. Vazquez gained his culinary experienced in restaurants in Chicago and Janesville, he said.

"People are going to love our burritos," Garcia said.

The entree will be red, white and green, the color of the Mexican flag. Green is from guacamole, white from sour cream and red from a sauce. A mole sauce made from chocolate and huaraches are additional menu features. 

Food service will be fast because of the simplicity of the recipes and experience of the cooks, Vazquez said. Beer will be available. 

For a taste of the menu, visit the website of the Madison restaurant at www.lataqueriaguadalajara.com.

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